The Eternal Love Season Two: Episode 5-8 (A Positive Recap)

What to do when the woman you love is falling for another man? Well…. if that other man is the past version of yourself, you should probably just get out of the way and let the past play out. That’s what most people would do, but Lian Cheng is just so infatuated with his beloved that he can’t keep his hands (or mouth) off her.

Hmm, I know the plot moved forward a bit, but I’m so distracted by all the skinship that I can’t seem to remember.

An ethereal young man comes to visit the 8th Prince and encounters Xiao Tan. The world stops, the music swells, and they stare at each other for eons. When the 8th Prince enters they introduce this young man as Liu Shang, a wise layman who is here to advise the prince. He explains that when he was younger the 8th Prince saved him and that is why he is now loyal to him. Eventually the 8th Prince asks him to move into his house so that they can strategize, but we all know that it’s to keep him close and spy on him.

It’s no surprise when we later see that this beautiful young man is actually Lian Cheng wearing a face mask the white-haired man created. Now we have Lian Cheng advising himself on how to become the crown prince and deal with all the scheming going on behind his back. I guess two Lian Chengs really are better than one. It also puts him in close proximity to his beloved, and he takes advantage of it whenever he can. I’m pretty sure if he thought it wouldn’t disrupt the timeline he’d probably lock his past self in a closet somewhere and just take over, marry Xiao Tan, and bed her as soon as possible.

1000 Kisses by Horny Princes

Kmuse: I love the kisses!  So many wonderful kisses and we are only two weeks in.  I say the more kisses the less trying to make sense of the plot, the better.

Clkytta: So many kisses! I’m with Kmuse, who needs a plot when you’ve got sizzling kisses?

Kdrama Jen: There are some swoon worthy moments. I think I actually squealed when he kissed her while she was hugging someone else! That was one bold move!

Drama Geek: This actor is really, really good at kissing with a tons of passion. He just makes you get all the feelz every time his mouth lands upon hers. I am sad for the 8th Prince, he hasn’t gotten in on the action yet, but I doubt that will last much longer.

Cock-blocking 101

Kmuse: Poor Lian Cheng.  Everything he does to make Xiao Tan less desirable has the opposite effect.  Even he realizes that it is stupid to keep the past him from hooking up with the current her so that he exists.  At least I think that is how it works.  This whole time travel existence thing is very confusing.  Whatever the reason, I am getting a lot of laughs watching Lian Cheng try to keep Xiao Tan from the other him and totally failing.

Clkytta: How do you keep yourself from falling for the one you are in love with? How do you stop your one true love from falling for the other you? Eeek! That makes my brain hurt. Just kiss already!

Kdrama Jen: It is so hard for him because he KNOWS this other version of himself is going to fall for the woman he loves. It is one thing to be jealous of your rival, but he IS the rival. So confusing, but it offers so many opportunities for us to see him forget his purpose and swoop in for kisses and skinship.

Drama Geek: It’s hilarious because he knows that once 8th Prince falls for her that the bedroom will be the only thing on his mind. And that is the last thing he wants. Which… it’s YOU, but not you, so I get it. If he wants her to not fall for him, he should really stop being so swoonworthy.

Brother hug, kiss scene

Kmuse: Uhm….. HOLY HECK?  Did he just stride up to Xiao Tan and smooch her while she is in the arms of his brother?  Now that takes some serious confidence. I absolutely love it!  Feel a bit bad for 1st Prince though.  Also makes me wonder where boring Xiao Tan is hiding this season?

Clkytta: Yup, yup he did! He totally took her from his brother, kissed her, and claimed her!

Kdrama Jen: I alluded to this earlier, but that was totally bold and totally awesome. I do still secretly hope Boring Xiao Tan will get to hook up with First Prince.

Drama Geek: I just… how do you even… wow. He really only knows one way to proclaim her his person. That had to be a really funny scene to film. Let me go see if I can find some behind the scenes of this!

Kmuse: My only complaint is I could not get a good screenshot where you could see the three way/kiss hug going on.  Their heads block poor 1st Prince’s head.  Everyone is going to have to watch the scene or imagine it for themselves.

Is 1st Prince Hotter this Season?

Kmuse: I think it is hilarious that all of us have randomly asked this in our chats while we watch.  I think the answer is, Yes.  He actually is hotter this season. Not sure if it is less Botox, more plastic surgery (although, usually you can’t fix bad plastic surgery with more plastic surgery.), or just a better wig.  Whatever the case, 1st Prince is much more swoonworthy this season.

Clkytta: I asked this same question! Yes, he’s so much hotter. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it has to do with his acting. He seems to be much more confident this season so he’s got some serious smolder going on.

Kdrama Jen: I actually had to check to see if it was the same actor. I do not remember him turning my head in the first season. Maybe his guyliner wasn’t as perfect as his brother’s back then?

Drama Geek: I know I noticed this almost immediately when the second season started because I was NOT attracted to him of the first season. I think it’s a better wig, less Botox, and a better character. I do hope they find a way to team up this season and save him, and okay, Boring Tan’er.

Is Lian Cheng Underestimating Himself?

Kmuse: The past Lian Cheng is already starting to suspect what is going on.  Sure he doesn’t have every little detail yet but he is gathering them up quicker than you would expect.  I can’t wait to find out what is going to happen when both versions of him know they are competing for the same girl.

Clkytta: I think he’s totally underestimating himself. He seems to forget who he’s dealing with… Regardless of which version of himself is the “real” one, he’s not an idiot and he and Xiao Tan are destined so all versions of himself are going to try to claim her heart.

Kdrama Jen: He is smart in every iteration. So my guess is he is going to somehow figure it out.

Drama Geek: Duh! He is like a second away from figuring out it’s him. It will be very interesting to see what they will do once they’re on the same page. Keep fighting over the girl or work together to get everything put back in its place? Because… there is another Xiao Tan out there who went through all of this before who needs to get back her Cheng Cheng. Right?

Jing Xin and the 14th Prince???

Kmuse: I’m just so excited that they didn’t feel the need to put 14th Prince in his little chick outfit of season 1.  It is impossible to ship a character who looks like tiny fuzzy baby chicken.

Clkytta: I ship it! There is a cute little spark between the two of them. He’s following her around like a lost puppy while she’s trying to gently but firmly keep him in his place.

Kdrama Jen: He was kind of a cute fuzzy chick… I like Jing Xin, so I am 100% fine with her hooking up with one of the brothers.

Drama Geek: I’d forgotten about the chick outfit until Kmuse reminded me. It was pretty distracting. I am super excited that these two might have a love line this season. Jing Xin was one of my favorite characters last season.

Kmuse: Costumes aside, I am totally on board with Jing Xin getting a love line.  She remains adorable and sweet and deserves all the nice things.

A New Prince is Born

Kmuse: Logically, I know that there are a least 14 princes since they give them numbers as they pop out of their mother’s womb.  But in my mind, there are 2 full princes and then fluffy chick prince.  Where the heck did this one come from?  He was for sure not in season 1 and I am completely suspicious about his motives.  Luckily, both 1st & 8th prince seem to be smarter than he is.  Let’s hope he doesn’t cause to much trouble.

Clkytta: He’s cute, so he can stay. I’m sure he’s just a plot device and we probably won’t see him for too long, so I won’t get too attached.

Kdrama Jen: More princes? Bring ’em on!

Drama Geek: He did pop in out of nowhere but we do have to replace a lot of the cast that revolved around her family last season so it makes sense. He seems to be on the wrong side, and not that bright like Kmuse pointed out.

Palace Stuff Blah, Blah, Blah

Kmuse: I have no clue what people are trying to do politically this season.  Last season it was all about the soul absorbing orb.  This season it is evil concubine and her various plotting.  Really, if it doesn’t have something to do with our leads, smooches, and maybe the 1st Prince, I just tune it out.  I will say that I enjoyed that dance the concubine/empress? (Do we know which one she is?) did during the birthday party.  Very pretty and well choreographed.

Clkytta: I like evil concubine and her plotting. It will be nice to see her get her comeuppance later on.

Kdrama Jen: I enjoy politicking when it is done well. I am not watching this drama for the politicking, though. This drama is all about the chemistry and the witty banter that occurs when a feisty realtor from modern day suddenly must adjust to ancient palace life and the affections of a lusty prince.

Drama Geek: Did someone say politicking? *Runs away* For real though, I tune these scenes out. But I did enjoy the birthday party dance. It reminded me a bit of Honey Lee’s dance in Rebel. Except hers sizzled.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I am a bit confused when it comes to timelines, and political aspirations and stuff like that.  But it is the fluffy OTP that I am watching for and they are bringing that in spades.  This drama just makes me happy.

Clkytta: I’m here for the kisses and the smirks. Past Prince is hot and smirky, Future Prince is hot and smirky, so I’m happy. The more tricks he plays on her the happier I get.

Kdrama Jen: I echo all of these sentiments. This drama is all about the OTP connection and the creative ways they find to end up in compromising positions!

Drama Geek: More compromising positions! Sorry, I got distracted. It is a pity that they aren’t married this time around. But if that look on 8th Prince’s face says anything, he’ll figure out a way to make her his bride soon enough. Now that’s a wedding night I would not want to miss. Two Lian Cheng’s trying to make sure the bride stays his.

Until the next stolen kiss,

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