The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 10 Recap

What’s on the agenda for Episode 10? Secrets, lies, and shirtless scenes. We have a lot of backstory and character development in this episode and I had a really hard time not writing a novel of a recap.

I can’t stay mad at you

We open with Jin Kang being chauffeured to work by her big bad Oppa. I love the dynamic between these two. They start of awkward and then they start teasing each other and Jin Kook apologizes. We all know that things are different, but they are still a family and they love each other. You can tell by the look in Jin Kook’s eyes that he’s still going to watch her like a hawk.

It’s not business, it’s personal

Cutie Cop meets up with Jin Kook and they talk about the call log. Cutie Cop tells Jin Kook that he has broken up with Jin Kang. I’m hoping that this doesn’t change their relationship, I’ve really enjoyed the partnering of Jin Kook and Cutie Cop. Is it just me or does Cutie Cop suddenly seem older? I think the saddest part of this breakup is that we all know that Cutie Cop would have treated Jin Kang well and she could have lived a normal, happy life with him. Now he’s so toned down that I feel like I need to start using his real name and not Cutie Cop.

Secret glimpses and covert meetings

Moo Young and Jin Kang are in full-blown secret dating mode. Complete with secret glances and longing looks around corners. It’s almost like high school as they try to get on the same bus and sit next to each other. Cue the goofy smiles and beaming grins as they just enjoy being in each other’s presence. Away from prying eyes, they enjoy a normal dinner date. I think she’s throwing him for a loop because she tells him she won’t ask any questions. I’m not sure he knows what to think about that.

Learning how to be a good person

The police take Yoo Ri away for more questioning and one of the detectives tells Jin Kook to check on the “other half” meaning Moo Young. They all see Yoo Ri and Moo Young as partners in this crime. I feel halfway sorry for Yoo Ri, and I think Jin Kook does too.  I’m not sure if she is past redemption or not. I feel the same about Moo Young though. He’s still being pursued by Creepy Sister CEO. Why does she want him so bad? He tells her that he turned down her offer because he’s learning how to be a good person. Obviously, she’s bored and he’s the shiny new thing she wants to play with.  I’m ok with this because when she’s on the screen so is hot Minion Secretary.

More like Romeo and Juliet

It doesn’t take long for Jin Kook to connect the dots or in this case, mums, and discover that Jin Kang and Moo Young are a thing. So of course, he goes running to Moo Young’s to break up the lovers, except Jin Kang is really at work like she said. Moo Young arrives and we get lots of smirky looks from Moo Young as Jin Kook goes into overprotective brother mode. Oh Oppa, all you did was just push them closer together just like Romeo and Juliet. Jin Kang goes to Moo Young’s house and enters with the key he left for her under the mums. He’s in the middle of his nightmare and she wakes him up. He tells her about how he’s had this dream since the wreck and it’s from when he was a child and his dad died. He also tells her that it’s her voice that pulls him out of the dream.  We get Moo Young’s full backstory and I’m starting really wonder about some of these relationships.

And the lies keep pouring out

Jin Kang skips out on her brother and their yearly visit to the temple to spend time with Moo Young. What are they doing on a train? He’s supposed to be at the police station! So Jin Kook is going to the temple alone and Jin Kang is in Haesan with Moo Young. Jin Kang mentions that her brother was a policeman in Haesan when she was little and transferred to Seoul. Moo Young now knows that Jin Kook lied when he said he didn’t know any cops in Haesan.

Back at the police station

Cho Ryong aka Cutie Cop and the gang are talking about how Moo Young is in his hometown so his investigation is pushed back. So apparently Moo Young called and told them he was gone and they were ok with it? Since they are on the subject of people being gone, they decide to gossip about Jin Kook a little. They are talking about why he and Grumpy Team Leader don’t get alone and what caused that. Years ago Jin Kook was chasing a suspect on his own and the suspect died. Supposedly the suspect fell or jumped off of a cliff. This caused Jin Kook to feel guilty and he had a hard time with it which broke up his team.

Date at the temple

Jin Kook isn’t alone at the temple. Jin Kang had Officer Taek meet him there. We discover that she has been on the edges of this little family for years. She has even stood in for Jin Kook at Jin Kang’s sports events in elementary school. Why have these two not dated? I ship them so hard!  He even tells her that she’s pretty when she’s mad. As they talk, we discover how guilty Jin Kook feels about the death of the suspect. The suspect didn’t fall from a cliff or jump, he was shot, just like in Moo Young’s memory dream.

Date at the orphanage

Jin Kang and Moo Young are visiting the orphanage that he grew up in. The nuns seem happy to see him. He wants to know more about when the police officer was looking for him as a child. Jin Kang shares with him that she is also an orphan and her brother took her in and gave her a family. As they sit holding each other watching the sunset by the lake, Moo Young says “I want to sleep with you”.

Bring on the sexy times!

Ok, they are adorable. She’s on the bed and raising her arms for him to undress her (she’s wearing a shirt underneath) and then raising his arms so she can take off his shirt. No shy little miss here, this girl knows what she wants. Be still my heart, we have achieved the holy grail, a Moo Young SHIRTLESS SCENE! I love how playful they are. No sloppy kisses and heavy breathing, instead it’s all smiles, soft laughs, and little kisses. They look like they are having fun and honestly, I like that it’s a playful romp.

My thoughts

Let me just look at your face and not worry about the drama I know is coming…

Ok, let me pull my thoughts together because I’m getting some serious conspiracy theories that are creeping me out. There are too many coincidences to the whole Jin Kook, Jin Kang, and Moo Young triangle. It’s looking like Jin Kook was the one who killed Moo Young’s father, but none of that really makes sense. There has to be more to the story. He killed a criminal, but does that mean Moo Young’s dad was the criminal? His level of guilt is way too high for there to not be more to the story like maybe he wasn’t able to save someone the criminal killed? Remember, I haven’t watched the original, I think Kmuse has, but I have not. So for me, the whole ending is still wide open so no spoilers, please!

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  1. I got the feeling that he’s visiting the person he shot at the temple and bringining Jin kang cause he thinks she’s the daughter of that guy… For a while I thought they were switched, cause they said they found the missing child. But I am not so sure. Then again, where is the dongsaeng?
    It’s a captivating web of entanglement and this episode is a welcome relief. Our leads ate smiling and having fun. I enjoy the playful and sweet mood!

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