Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land eps 13-18

I can’t believe it, but we are already at the halfway point for Where Stars Land this week!  Office tensions are still going strong.  More pieces of the past were unveiled, yet I continue to have so many questions!  However, worries and mysteries were pushed aside to cheer on Yeo Reum and Soo Yeon.  Their romance is quickly heating up and we were rewarded with squee-worthy kisses!  Join us as we chat about this week’s memorable moments.

**Due to a sports pre-emption last week, only two episodes were aired. So this week we will be covering episodes 13-18. **

Homeless Guys Give the Best Advice

MiataMama: In an effort to “clean up” the terminal for a looming inspection, the T2 crew is dispatched to escort the homeless folk from the airport.  Amongst the riff-raff is a rather respectable looking drifter digging through the garbage.  And to Yeo Reum’s surprise, he seems to know more about her than the average stranger.  Curious, she questions him over ice cream (I guess there’s no Subway franchise at the airport), while he offers up some sage advice on how best to live life.  This new character addition seems random, but something tells me this ahjussi might have more than just a passing interest in the airport staff. 

Karie the Maknae: I didn’t remember the homeless ahjussi until MiataMama brought him up, but I did see him dodging Mean Hyung in the parking garage. Now I *really* want to know what he’s up to.

There Is No Such Thing as Secrets at Work

MiataMama:  For goodness sakes, when is Yeo Reum going to learn?!  First thing in the morning, she pulls Soo Yeon into the storage room and begins to divulge her worries about the overnight stay at his house.  Rampant gossip spreads by lunch and false accusations fly before quitting time.  Girl should have just spent the night at the sauna.

Karie the Maknae: It’s not just Yeo Reum, either. Soo Yeon tends to have critical conversations in “back” hallways too. Maybe these two are better matched than they realized.

Puppy Friend = SLS Mode ACTIVATE

MiataMama:  Poor Eun Seob.  He is adorable and hopelessly sweet on Yeo Reum.  He’s got her back, threatening the co-worker who leaked the gossip.  He’s on the offense, pulling out all the stops in his competition with Soo Yeon.  But… she remains ABSOLUTELY OBLIVIOUS to his affection for her. 

Karie the Maknae: I dunno. I mean, yes, he seems to have entered the SLS zone, but I think he’s already launched himself into Noble Sacrifice territory, giving up ground to Soo Yeon for Yeo Reum’s happiness once he realized where her focus truly was. But I could be reading him all wrong–that does happen.

An Ex-Hyung is a Mean Hyung

MiataMama:  In Woo is a man of focus and determination.  But this hyung’s obsession with outing Soo Yeon continues to baffle me —  there is SO MUCH hatred and no reason given for it.  Why does he care so much?  Why is he bent on making Soo Yeon miserable?? WHY???

Karie the Maknae: I’m counting on that drama trick where we thought we saw the entire backstory and then there’s more to explain just what the heck In Woo’s problem is. Right now, I’m going with guilt as the driving force behind his actions, but he’s being overly vindictive even for that.

What’s With Yeo Reum’s Disappearing Dad?

MiataMama:  We got a few more glimpses of Yeo Reum’s dad this week, mostly in the form of his connection to Soo Yeon.  He saved young and broken Soo Yeon from making a bad choice.  And he ran the noodle shop for a time, back when the brothers were still being brotherly.  My biggest question though, is whether he’s still alive or has passed on? 

Karie the Maknae: Choi Won Young is one of my favorite character actors and I really, REALLY want him to be a bigger part of the storyline. He’s got the warm dad vibe down pat. WHERE IS HE?

Tasers Won’t Keep Soo Yeon Down

MiataMama:  Dude!  How is he still alive?!  With as much metal as he was wearing, I was worried that taser attack fried him for good! Or at the very least, toasted his special hardware beyond any hope of repair. 

Karie the Maknae: Playing superhero isn’t as easy as Iron Man and Batman make it look–Soo Yeon found that out the hard way. But for all that electricity flowing through him, he ended up with minimal damage. Ah, kdrama magic at its finest!


MiataMama:  YAY!!!!  Our OTP covered a LOT of emotional ground during these six episodes.  From Yeo Reum’s perspective, this relationship is moving REALLY fast.  But Soo Yeon has been in love with her from afar, for years, and is more than ready move forward.  For the record, I actually loved their first kiss best!  Her dazed reaction afterwards, as he runs off to play hero, was so cute.  

Karie the Maknae: It was adorable. It’s part of the reason I really love this drama–I think Chae Soo Bin is doing well at channeling the not-quite-all-together character of Yeo Reum, and Lee Je Hoon is great as the silent-but-attentive lead. At the beginning of one of the episodes, when they were walking to the bus stop and he kept having to pull the chattering Yeo Reum out of the way of oncoming foot traffic, I just laughed and laughed. But it’s this sweet adorableness that makes their kisses so much better.

The Bionic Man is. . . Lethally Magnetic?

MiataMama:  Now there’s a cliffhanger!  His device had shown signs of malfunction twice before— attracting Yeo Reum’s necklace and also a handful of desk supplies.  But what’s a guy to do when his arm is stuck fast to the side of a car?! I’ll admit, with this week’s episodes, I was starting to feel like my alien tech theory was losing ground.  However, after this twist, I’m definitely keeping it in the running. 

Karie the Maknae: I didn’t go into the drama really concerned about the origins of Soo Yeon’s arm, though it was fun to toss around theories. So the fact that it’s got an insanely strong magnetic force is an intriguing twist, and I really do wonder how he’s going to get out of this one. And after noticing that Yeo Reum’s dad seemed to be the original maker of the arm, I have MORE questions. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes!

Kdrama Jen: So . . . we often preach that drama watchers should give a drama at least 4 episodes before deciding to ditch it, but if it STILL isn’t drawing you in, or it is leaving you more frustrated than entertained, then it is time to determine that the drama joy quotient is just not adding up for you.  So, I am officially going to turn in my airplane wings and declare that no amount of OTP kisses can outweigh my inability to suspend my disbelief at this magical arm story.  I am officially dropping you, drama, because I don’t think you know your own identity.

Until the next plane lands, we remain–

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4 thoughts on “Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land eps 13-18

  1. Choi Won Young is one of my favorite ACTORS. Period.
    I could care less about how much sense our bionic man’s arm makes. Don’t care. I’m invested in the human interactions, and that’s very interesting! I love our sweet dorky OTP :d

  2. No matter how cute an OTP is, the rest of the show has to make sense for me to enjoy it. The passengers at the airport are so badly behaved, yelling and breaking things, and being so rude, that I am too annoyed to enjoy the show. In a real airport the security people would stop all of that right away. Strangely enough, the characters that I am the most fond of are the Security Couple. I think I will check in from time to time to see how their story line goes.

  3. I’m laid up in bed and binging this, and reading the chatty recaps at appropriate intervals and…. I’m pretty tolerant of loosely believable backstories, but the robot arm is driving me crazy!

    Why did he say he one was bullied in middle school? Are his bionic limbs not the source of his strength? Why is the magnetic pull strong enough to pull the car apart but not pull the car next to him such that he is crushed between them? Why is he so scar free? Why does the robot arm look like it goes directly into his arm with stuff exposed when its on, but his arm is fine when it’s off, without even some minor sort of “connection” point for the magical robot alien bionic limb to do it’s work? Why is his arm always a problem but not his leg? Why wasn’t his skin blistered and burned from pouring boiling water over it?

    I’m going to stick with it because it’s that or moan softly while staring at the ceiling, but its getting harder and harder to ignore the gaping holes in the arm storyline.

    For the record, although you guys have probably got this far by now, but my loose theory about the hyung is that whatever happened back then, the current plan he’s trying to rope the director into is part of a revenge plot and he’s trying to get his younger brother out of there so he doesn’t get caught up in it.

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