The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 11 Recap

Our OTP’s (one true pairing) romance heats up as those around them try to discourage their love.  Will true love win out or will the dark memories from the past be the doom of their fledgling relationship.

Before we jump into all the moments from this episode,  I wanted to share  Seo In Guk & Jung So Min’s contribution to the OST.  Love the song and how their voices harmonize.

Where were you last night?

As we knew it must happen, the fallout from Jin Kang & Moo Young’s relationship begins.  Jin Kook gets a call from his sister’s boss when she is supposedly “working” so the cat is out of the bag.  He promptly confronts Jin Kang upon her return and words were shouted.  Jin Kook discovers that his sister knew that she wasn’t his biological sister and feels guilty for being a burden in his life.  Nothing is solved and this only creates more pain for both sister and brother.  Poor things.

Making up is hard to do

I will give him this.  Moo Young tried.  Well, as much as Moo Young is emotionally able to try.  He tried to play nice with Jin Kook.  But Jin Kook’s hatred of Moo Young would not allow bygone to be bygones.  He calls out Moo Young for being a murderer (somewhat valid) and says he can never be good enough for his sister or for anything else.  Moo Young leaves the confrontation saying that he must have gotten Jin Kook confused with his sister.  Jin Kang is worth something.  Her brother means nothing to him.

It was heart wrenching later on when Jin Kang asks Moo Young to try and get along with her brother.  Rather than admit that he had tried and failed, Moo Young dons his prickly facade and pretends that her brother is a nuisance that he can’t be bothered with.  Ugh… so many hurt feelings.  All this angst is killing me.

What the heck is going on?

Every now and then the story will throw in another plot arc that had been put aside and I had forgotten it existed.  Such is the story of the young boy and the psychiatrist that was shared at the beginning of the drama.   Jin Kook meets the doctor at the jail where both men were visiting Yoo Ri.  Jin Kook says Moo Young’s name in passing and the doctor jumps on it and promptly leaves.  What is his deal?  Is he really just a random guy caught up in the story?  Am I the only one that thinks he is all kinds of sketchy?  I need answers.

The love bubble

Unaware that dark clouds are circling their fledgling love, Jin Kang & Moo Young decide, or at least Jin Kang does, that they need to spruce up Moo Young’s apartment.  It needs to feel like a home Jin Kang explains.  I love how she is looking after his well being and whether his environment is a happy place for him.  These two shopping is adorable and it helps me forget all the people who want to destroy their love.

Stalking much?

To say that Jin Kook is not handling his sister’s new relationship well would be an understatement.  I would even go as far as to say that he is turning into a creepy almost stalker?  The scene where he is watching our OTP (one true pairing) through the window was chilling.

OK.  Let me rephrase that.  He is on the verge of being a freaking killer.  Leaving to grab a corkscrew from the corner market, Moo Young is accosted by Jin Kook who flipping stabs him in the street!  That was a cliffhanger I did not see coming.

My Thoughts:

WOW.  I kept expecting some horrible reveal from the doctor or maybe Moo Young gaining a new memory.  I was not expecting Jin Kook to totally lose it and stab his sister’s boyfriend.  It really does bring us to a whole new level of hypocrisy.  Not only is he becoming mentally unstable but now he is close to becoming exactly what he accused Moo Young of being… a murderer.

I am really enjoying the contrast between our OTPs home life and the conflict they are facing in the real world.  It is really moving the story along well and adding tension and cute couple moments in equal doses.  With Moo Young being stabbed I feel the balance is going to shift towards the angsty side.  I also am anxious to discover Moo Young’s childhood secrets.  I really fear that Jin Kang is part of them… and not in a way that bodes well for our couple’s long-term happiness.

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