The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 12 Recap

Does anyone else feel like the story flipped?  Join me as I feel like we’ve started a brand new story because my conspiracy theories have been crushed and new ones have formed. Who is the villain and who is the victim? I don’t really know anymore.

Jin Kook has totally lost it

Our trusty Oppa has lost his mind with worry about Jin Kang. So much so, that he stabs, yes STABS, Moo Young! He goes home and writes a resignation letter, which no one will accept because the crime he committed to wasn’t reported.  Taek knows though and she’s protecting him.

What’s with the Doctor?

I thought this guy called 119,  but instead, he’s treating Moo Young himself. I’m not sure that I trust this guy, or that Moo Young does either. We know that there is a connection from Moo Young’s childhood, but the two haven’t seen each other for years. Why would he go there? This is the same doctor who is treating Yoo Ri and I’m wondering if there is a connection to Jin Kang too.

I stabbed him

Jin Kook tells his sister that he stabbed Moo Young and she should stop seeing him. So she goes into this spiel about how Jin Kook is treating Moo Young badly. Um, yeah, he freaking stabbed him! In the middle of her teary tirade, he tells her to go wash up.  He then goes to drink with Officer Taek because that’s what you do when you stab someone I guess.

A kid who lost his memory

Taek makes the connection between Moo Young, the Doctor, and Jin Kook. In the Doctor’s book, there is a chapter about a kid who lost his memory. She thinks that is Moo Young and he’s the one who witnessed Jin Kook kill his dad. She tells Jin Kook that he needs to forget about all of it and live like it never happened. Yeah, cause that’s the way life really works. My opinion of Taek has gone way down after these comments.

Everyone lies about Haesan

First, we have Jin Kook lying to Moo Young about not knowing any police officers in Haesan. Now we have the Doctor who is obviously lying about being at Haesan. This is about more than Jin Kook killing a supposed criminal. The more Moo Young looks at the picture of young Jin Kang and Jin Kook in front of Haesan hospital though, the more he feels like he was there.  He was the one who treated Moo Young’s arm when he was burned. This guy seems like he may be the key to Moo Young’s past. He ain’t talking though.

Breaking up is stupid

Jin Kang goes to Moo Young’s house and cleans it all up to make it homelike. Then she tells Jin Kook that she won’t see Moo Young again. She sees the missing kitten in the street and suddenly Moo Young is right behind her. I need this little family to stay together. Moo Young’s conversation with the cat shows that he knows Jin Kang is breaking up with him. He’s basically saying it’s ok and he will be there when she wants to come back. Oh wait, it’s not a breakup! That’s one heck of a “we’re not breaking up” kiss. I’m not sure I’m buying the whole secret dating thing, but as long as they are together, I’m happy.

A troubled past is better forgotten

The Doctor doesn’t want to tell Moo Young about his past because he says it’s better forgotten. What could be so bad that a grown man would send a child with amnesia out into the world alone? How do you even justify that? Moo Young is persistent though and he’s getting some of his memories back. The Doctor repeats the lie that Moo Young’s Dad committed suicide off a cliff. He said that’s what the nurses told him. Moo Young isn’t buying this tale though. He’s going to do his own investigating.  He knows his real name now, Kang Seon Ho.  When he and Jin Kook meet at the crossroad that name is on both of their minds.

My thoughts

First, I want to say how unfair it is that Kmuse had all the sweet scenes in her recap and I had so much anxiety this episode. That said, we are finally getting somewhere with this story. The writers totally trolled me with the whole not a breakup situation, but I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is the whole Jin Kook stabbing Moo Young storyline. So he’s going to try to kill the guy, but no one is going to do anything? Moo Young gets patched up and it’s life as usual? The Doctor is still shady as all get out. He knows way more than he says and I’m not trusting him at all. What is the connection with Haesan Hospital? Does anyone else feel like all we are getting is more secrets and lies?

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