Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land episodes 19 – 22

There’s a question of vulnerability in this week’s episodes of Where Stars Land. Can Soo Yeon allow himself to be vulnerable enough to let Yeo Reum know about his weakness? Can Yeo Reum find the courage to say the “L” word? (But not THAT “L” word. Because this IS a Korean drama.) Let’s chat about it!

Emotional Magnets

Karie the Maknae: I can’t wait for the backstory behind Soo Yeon’s arm. How in the WORLD is it magnetic? And how do his emotions affect that? I can see how it might work, especially if this was a work of science fiction, but I really want to know what the writer has in mind.

MiataMama: There’s definitely a magnetism between our two leads!  It worries me, though, that when he’s with her his devices go all wonky.  How exactly is the hardware having a negative reaction to his emotions?  My guess is that there is a special connection between her necklace, and his technology of unknown origin.  Still waiting on the details. . . .

That Bribe Ain’t No Small Potatoes

Karie the Maknae: HA! The kerfluffle over the “bribe” that turned out to be roasted sweet potatoes cracked me up. Director Kwon really needs to get over himself, as Manager Lee has pointed out. Repeatedly.

MiataMama: I absolutely ADORE Manager Lee!  I’m a little jealous of his ability to remain unflappable in any situation.  And even though Director Kwon has been a jerk towards him on so many occasions, he still considers him a friend and treats him as such.

Karie the Maknae: Yup. Manager Lee may go down as my favorite side character in this drama. He’s been spectacular.

Hey, That Homeless Guy Looks Familiar

Karie the Maknae: The playful homeless guy is Mean Hyung’s dad? Did NOT see that coming. I like that he still showed that he cared about Soo Yeon, though. It’ll be interesting to see where that story arc goes.

MiataMama: I was beginning to suspect that homeless guy might be Soo Yeon’s dad, so I was not ready when we found out he belonged to Hyung instead!?  Really??  He’s a little quirky, but seems decent enough — so how can Mean Hyung be his son??  Unfortunately, this reveal only brought about more questions.  I feel like I’m still missing a LOT of the backstory.   And I need some answers!  (Insert not-so-subtle glare in writer-nim’s direction here!)

Sometimes Telling Instead of Showing Works

Karie the Maknae: I swear, the back halls of the airport must be confessionals. That’s where all the juicy conversations happen. Anyway, instead of the viewer seeing through Mean Hyung’s actions that he’s not a good guy, instead we get a scene where he straight up told Soo Yeon that he’s not, and probably has never been. It finally gives his character motivation for the way he’s been acting, though I’m still sticking to the theory that he’s covering up a huge amount of guilt. We’ll see, huh?

MiataMama:  So I felt like there was a key moment in the middle of Mean Hyung’s I’m-a-bad-guy speech.  He shared that he was frustrated with being stuck in a life he didn’t want, and I *may* have felt a full second of sympathy for him.  BUT that was quickly replaced with annoyance (and an exasperated eye-roll) as he proceeded to justify his jerky actions under the guise of protecting Soo Yeon.  Sigh.  Mean Hyung REALLY needs to work on his communication skills.

Security Couple Has DRAMA and a Secret

Karie the Maknae: I love our kick-donkey security girl, Yeong Joo, and Hyun Moo. They have the most interesting relationship–they’re definitely sunbae and hoobae, but at times there are glimpses of just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit more, like when Hyun Moo spotted Yeong Joo eating noodles alone at a convenience store AND made sure that their teammates didn’t see. Even after she’d embarrassed him in front of the entire team! Honestly, I love the whole team and how they “oooh” and “aaah” like good little gossips. And Hyun Moo looks fantastic in his security uniform, though the two antennas poking up over his shoulders make me giggle still.

MiataMama: I’m TOTALLY shipping our security couple! Yes, yes, I realize they are not a couple. . . yet.  But they are both covertly looking out for each other and there’s no denying that sparks are beginning to fly. We can all agree that Hyun Moo and his double antennas are adorable, but Yeong Joo is the best!  It was a sisterhood moment for me when she ditched her co-workers to sit and eat ramyun (and probably watch dramas) all by herself at the convenience store!  And only Yeong Joo would get ready for work by doing the Korean Army’s daily morning exercise routine.  I started laughing as soon as I heard the music come on! (You can watch it in the video below.) Anyway,  I am definitely looking forward to more Moo-Joo moments in the remaining weeks!

Bullies Stink

Karie the Maknae: I was really proud of Yeo Reum for sticking up for herself in front of her high school bully. I think the storyline was written well and that it felt realistic–the bully lost her power once Yeo Reum overcame her fear. I *think* the story is hinting at the fact that Yeo Reum was adopted, which is not really something people do in Korea, if I recall correctly. I’m gonna have to lob that one to MiataMama for clarification. Would that be a secret that a kid would want to keep hidden?

MiataMama:  I’ve spent a fair share of my drama watching career yelling at the characters on the screen to just talk to one another already!!! Because secrets always, always lead to heartache.  Okay, setting my rant aside now. . . Yes, adoption is NOT common here in Korea.  The power of the family name and blood relations is strong.  I can’t say for certain, as I don’t personally know anyone here in Korea that was adopted, but I can imagine it would be a heavy burden, carrying that secret around. So  I may have cheered when Yeo Reum told the bully off as well as laid everything bare to Soo Yeon!!

The “L” Word and Other Weaknesses

Karie the Maknae: FINALLY. Finally Yeo Reum admits that she likes Soo Yeon too! And Soo Yeon, after wrestling with it for the entire story arc, was going to let Yeo Reum see him in his wheelchair. See? Vulnerability. Told you it was a theme.

MiataMama: My jaw dropped when I saw Soo Yeon riding in his wheelchair to meet up with Yeo Reum.  I didn’t expect him to come out and tell her the truth of his situation so soon.  But her “This is me and I like you!” speech was so raw and beautiful that I think it gave him the courage to return her earnestness and honesty in kind.  I’m really looking forward to next week to see how his confession is received!!

Until the next flight lands, we remain–

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