Journey Through the Classics: A Teen Reviews My Love From Another Star

Some time back I watched My Love From Another Star with my thirteen-year-old granddaughter and thought she didn’t like it. But she brought it up to me the other day, and it turns out that although she didn’t like some things I loved about that show, she really enjoyed some things that I didn’t like.

The Liveliness

This drama is famous enough that most people know the plot; a famous actress, Song Yi, meets a 400-year-old alien and hijinks ensue. The thirteen-year-old did not care for the love story, but she loved Song Yi and all her silliest scenes, especially her fights with the rival actress at the wedding and at the beauty salon. That was the first thing she mentioned, the girl fights.

She was absorbed by the alien Do Min Joon having powers like super-hearing, and how he was kept awake because Song Yi was very loud and he could hear her through the walls. She thought it was super funny that he overheard all the mean things Song Yi said about him! She loved that Min Joon was able to stop time, especially when he did it to erase a text he had sent to Song Yi that he didn’t want her to read. That was riveting for a young teen who wanted a phone!

The scene where Min Joon holds the bad guy off the edge of the building was one of her favorites. She found it satisfying for Min Joon to give him a good scare, and was old enough to not be upset by the sinister parts of the show. Perhaps that is because she quit paying attention when the characters got to talking too much. The scenes where Min Joon loses his powers, which I found engrossing, she got really tired of, although she thought it was sad when he couldn’t lift Song Yi with his powers anymore.

The Soundtrack

Her favorite thing was the soundtrack, which she looked up on Spotify and played at home. She even quoted me the theme song, You Are My Destiny. I knew she liked this show when she told me that. The thing is when she got bored she would get up and start doing cartwheels across the room. I decided it was the Talking Heads that did it because when the action on the screen picked up she would sit down and watch again.

Relating to the Characters

I was surprised to find out that she loved Song Yi’s mom. I had thought her very annoying, but my granddaughter found her hilarious; that being super dramatic made her fun to watch. She could see the mom’s point of view and enjoyed her antics.

Almost as much as she liked the mom, she was fond of Song Yi’s younger brother. Viewing him as another teenager, she thought he had a good relationship with his sister. She was tickled to see him start to like Min Joon and get excited by the telescope. She couldn’t believe me when I told her that the actor who played the brother was older than the actor who played the alien!

There is a love triangle that my granddaughter didn’t like. She felt bad for Se Mi, Song Yi’s friend who liked a guy who didn’t like her back. He instead crushed on Song Yi, who didn’t notice him at all. At thirteen, my granddaughter found him annoying and immature and said he needed to let it go. Then she thought a bit and said that Se Mi needed to let him go too. Also, she had a soft spot for Se Mi’s detective brother, who kept trying to find out what was going on but getting tricked by the alien.

Tacit Interest

One thing she mentioned was the introduction to each episode where we watch Seoul being built up and Min Joon going through the years, adapting to the changing styles and surroundings. She thought that was good, but she didn’t think the ending was good. She said it was just weird.

She did, however, approve of the scene where Song Yi is at her movie premiere and Min Joon suddenly shows up. So that was a tacit interest in the love story, wasn’t it? I found it very enlightening to see the things that a young teenager finds entertaining vs what I do. Aren’t we all different? I hope you enjoyed a look through the eyes of a thirteen-year-old!


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4 thoughts on “Journey Through the Classics: A Teen Reviews My Love From Another Star

  1. My daughter only watched this after one of her favorite fashion bloggers wrote about how she was going home to watch her beloved “You who come from the Stars” after some dental surgery. We both agreed that lingering anesthesia probably made this seem better than it was and neither of us finished it. I do agree that Song Yi was a hoot, though.

  2. Haha! I watched this as filler when I was waiting for Goblin episodes to come out. I started expecting to hate it and found that I sort of loved it in spite of itself. (It was also oddly thematic with Goblin) It helped me realize that I really like shows with ridiculous premises. I think it makes the show more enjoyable to think of the alien as ALSO magical. Like, he’s actually an alien dokkaebi.

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