The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 13 Recap

Kmuse and I are switching it up this week and I’ll be recapping 13 and she will be recapping 14.  Moo Young’s memories are returning. Will we finally discover the connection between Moo Young, Jin Kang, and Jin Kook?

What’s in a name?

Jin Kang discovers the meaning of part of Moo Young’s new/old name while sharing some granola bars (cought*product placement*cough) with her coworkers. Apparently, Seon means “kind” and this thrills Jin Kang to no end. She shares this information with Moo Young (still gonna call him Moo Young even though he’s actually Seon Ho). She assures him that his parents must be good people since they named him that. He offers to help her find her name too, but she says she will wait on her Oppa to tell her.

Moo Young goes home

Moo Young is at the cliff where his father supposedly died, and even though he doesn’t have a good feeling about any of this, he continues on.  He’s dreaming about happier memories and he knows he’s been at the cliff before! Whoa, this opens up a whole new batch of memories as he travels along an old trail. He sees the face of his father and his little brother, Yoon. When he comes across an old run down house, all signs point to this being his home in the past. Toy robot, check, heater with kettle, check! The scared face of Jin Kook holding a gun reflected in the mirror, check. I was really hoping that wasn’t the truth.

Hiding the truth from Jin Kang

Moo Young meets up with Jin Kang and proceeds to tell her he found his home and then promptly lies and said he was just lying. Then he starts asking all sorts of questions about when she and Jin Kook moved to Seoul. I don’t know about you all, but I get the feeling that Moo  Young is either protecting Jin Kang, or he’s stomped down all his feelings for her and he’s going to use her to get to Jin Kook. I was getting kind of used to fun and happy Moo Young, angsty and angry Moo Young is back and I’m not happy.

I know what you did

Moo Young sneaks into the siblings’ home and finds the flier that Jin Kook has hidden. The flier of missing Kang Seon Ho aka Moo Young. Moo Young then shows up at Creepy Sister CEO’s workplace wanting a meeting. Why do I feel like he’s about to sell his soul to the devil? Yeah, he’s asking for a gun. He says he will do anything for her if she will get him a gun. I’m getting really bad vibes here. He knows about Jin Kook’s involvement in his Dad’s death and he’s looking for a gun, not a good combination.

You’re just you, you’re just like me

Moo Young tells Jin Kang that no matter what happens she’s just herself to him. She has no clue what he means, but we do. He means that he’s going to get his revenge on her brother, but he cares about her. Poor Moo Young keeps flashing back to when his Dad was killed. He meets Creepy Sister CEO and she gives him a gun. Why is she helping him? She wants him, like a toy. Blech. She tells him he’s just like her, and he does not look impressed with this comment. She’s got information though. She tells him Jin Kook was the one looking for him as a child.

Time for a reckoning?

Moo Young checks in with Jin Kang to see when she will be off work. Poor naive, hardworking, innocent Jin Kang will be working overtime. Then we cut to Jin Kook pondering the state of the world at the local bathhouse. He comes home all scrubbed up to see Moo Young’s sneakers at the door. He walks in and is met by a gun-toting Moo Young. And that is the cliffhanger for Episode 13!

My thoughts

We are obviously getting to the crux of the situation now.  Things have come to a head and I really hope Moo Young holds on to his sanity. I need him to ask questions before he shoots Jin Kook. We need to know the story just as much as he does.  I also need there to still be a tiny shred of hope that everyone can have some kind of decent life after this is all revealed. Not holding out any hope for Creepy Sister CEO though, I’m ok with her going down in flames. I thought we were done with her and I’m not happy she’s back in the picture.

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  1. Can you place this drama into a genre? I can’t. It has grown on me. I want to read and write about this story. Episode 13 was beautiful though, Moo Young’ s walk down the path to his past, it was intriguing and pretty. I know where the story is going because I know the Japanese version but I feel so sad for Moo Young, Seo Inguk did wonder with this character. I always go into certain type of phase after I am done with it. I think I am suffering from Moo Young fever.

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