Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 3

Have you had the fun experience of viewing a Chinese drama yet?  If not, this holiday season is the perfect time for a good long Binge.  And thanks to Netflix adding a ton of new content from China, we have a lot of great options to get you started.  So come join me as I share which Chinese shows should be on the top of your queue.

The three shows I picked are ones that I consider an easy sedgway into the Chinese drama world.  Each are easy to watch and very bingeable.  We will discuss more detailed genre dramas from China in future posts.

Love O2O

Synopsis: When a computer-science major gets dumped by her “husband” in an online role-playing game, she attracts a new proposal from the game’s top player.

This drama also happens to be based on one of my favorite Chinese romantic novels (Just One Smile is Very Alluring).  The mix of college romance and online gaming romance really works for me and I find the story & romance delightful.  If you are looking for romance with little angst than this is the drama for you.

Eternal Love (Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)

Synopsis: After the deities Bai Qian and Ye Hua meet and fallin love, their romance stands the test of three lifetimes – each an epic in its own right.

If you ask your average drama fan on the streets (or on social media) which Chinese drama was the most addicting, chances are good they would throw out the title Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.  TMOPB (titled Eternal Love on Netflix) is one of those dramas that sounds dull in synopsis but once you start watching, you can’t stop.  I suggest starting this one with a large amount of TV binge time available and prepare to have your heart stolen by our adorable OTP (one true pairing).


Synopsis: Ya-nuo’s been raised as a boy. Now at the age of 25, she’s caught the eye of a triad leader’s sister. But what happens when she reveals her true gender?

(I tried to find the trailer on youtube but had issues.  So instead of a trailer check out one of my favorite kissing scenes from the drama.  So steamy!)

Bromance has all the elements of a crack drama.  Cheesy romantic/action scenes, a cross dressing character, and a troubled rich chaebol who loves a person no matter what sex they are.  If you wan’t something that gives you that swoony feeling and doesn’t require a lot of thought, be sure to check out this drama gem.


And now for that drama you need to avoid at all costs!  This week I DON’T recommend.

Singles Villa

The synopsis made this drama seem like a sure thing but it wasn’t long before things wen’t boringly downhill.  It also didn’t help that I found the leading lady’s voice to be exceptionally screechy.

There you have it.  This week’s recommendations of what to watch now that Netflix is a major drama source.  Which shows are you going to check out next?  Let me know in the comments and check back for more recommendations next week.

Til the next recommendation,


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7 thoughts on “Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 3

  1. I should have known NOT to watch a drama with Jiro Wang as the SECOND lead 🙁 I dropped the nano-second it looked like they might demonize him cause I won’t stand for that LOL
    Stupid premise as well 🙁

    • Ooooh, you comment caused me to look him up to see what he’s been in lately and he’s in Mengfei Comes Across, which I’ve been eyeballing on YouTube because it looks like just the sort of ridiculous thing I might like…. I’ll have to make sure he’s not the second lead though! 😀

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