Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land episodes 23 – 26

We’re getting close to the end, folks! The intensity is heating up and some secrets are being revealed. But are they the right secrets? Come find out in our chatty recap of Where the Stars Land.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Karie the Maknae: Love definitely makes our Soo Yeon blind–blinded with rage, that is. Talk about a ferocious temper! I do love that he essentially gets the “with great power comes great responsibility NOT TO HURT PEOPLE” from his guardian, though. That was not something I wanted to see Soo Yeon do.

MiataMama: I found this part really difficult to watch.  On the one hand, I love that Soo Yeon cares for Yeo Reum so deeply that he doesn’t hesitate to seek justice on her behalf. . . but. . . . Seeing how easily he switched over to using his “physical gift”  for revenge was unsettling for me, especially since he’s been so level-headed this whole time.  Thankfully, he is surrounded by wise mentors/guardians who quickly point out the error of his ways.

When Your Sunbae Realizes He Likes You

Karie the Maknae: Ok, Oh Dae Gi/Hyun Moo is the BEST. He didn’t exactly call out Yeong Joo on her lie, but he definitely didn’t let it stop him. I’m loving our Security Couple more and more. His phone call to her to ask her about applying the ointment? ADORABLE.

MiataMama: Now this is the kind of adorkable couple I can totally squeal over!  They’re both on the stoic side, so when they begin to crack little smiles as they discover their mutual affection, it’s TOO CUTE!!

Sometimes You Have to Find Your Own Parents

Karie the Maknae: All right, Disappearing Mom turned out to be pretty great after all. Soo Yeon may not have the best or most present parents, but Yeo Reum’s parents are doing some good by him. I’m really hoping we get more of the story with Yeo Reum’s dad before the end.

MiataMama: There is so much mystery yet with Yeo Reum’s dad, but we do know he was integral in helping Soo Yeon choose life and pursue living after being broken.  And Mom is very observant, offering key relationship advice — it’s best to lay things bare and know each other’s differences early on.  Which continues to beg the question: Why did her parents split up?!

The Best Not-a-Double-Date Ever

Karie the Maknae: I loved this impromptu date between our four main leads. They work so well together and should be friends FOREVER. The girls being able to handle the higher level of spicy food was great just for the priceless looks on the guys’ faces!

MiataMama: I don’t know what to add here – Karie pretty much summed up my feelings exactly! More double dates!!  I will just add, I REALLY want to go give those rail-bikes a try now.

Revelation Part 1 —  Cold Metal Arm, Warm Heart?

Karie the Maknae: FINALLY. Soo Yeon finally showed Yeo Reum his arm — and her reaction was perfectly acceptable, I think. It’s kind of a big deal! His complete vulnerability in this moment, and his willingness to be vulnerable leading up to this moment, have him going down as one of my favorite romantic leads of the year.

MiataMama: It was the BIG moment of truth, and poor Yeo Reum’s initial misunderstanding of the situation had me giggling.  However, as we settled into the seriousness of the unveiling, I found her response to his vulnerability raw and honest.  After the initial shock, I appreciated that we got to see her wrestling with how to respond.  How should she move forward: ask more questions or just play it cool?!  The flipping of roles and Soo Yeon showing patience towards Yeo Reum, as she pulled back to process everything, was very poignant too.

Mean Hyung is Up to No Good — Surprise, Surprise

Karie the Maknae: Honestly, this storyline is a snooze for me. Obviously, Mean Hyung is going to do something dumb and endanger everyone and probably feel bad about it, but we have to deal with the part of the story that’s going to get us there. I’m over it. Gimme more of our OTPs!! Or the tattooed valets. I’ll take either one.

MiataMama: What’s his motivation?  I want to understand.  No, really, I do! I feel like there could have been a decent redemption arc for his character.   But my hopes for that are dashed EVERY time Mean Hyung appears, acting dumb.  I vote more Moo-Yoo couple time instead!!

Matchmakers, Matchmakers, Make Me a Match

Karie the Maknae: I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED when Oh Dae Gi’s family showed up at the airport for his birthday. Between their general family cluelessness and his sheepishness, and their immediate adoration of Yeo Reum, I was absolutely tickled. I’d love to see more of them, but I’m also glad for what we got of them.

MiataMama: I LOVE that they showed up with a big lunch feast to celebrate his birthday at work with him.  Embarrassing?  Yep.  But you know, without a doubt, that he is a treasured son/grandson and it melted my heart!  And yes, I TOTALLY laughed at his family’s meddlesome matchmaker ways.

Revelation Part Two — Not All Disabilities are Visible

Karie the Maknae: WOW. For someone who was uncertain of the relationship a few episodes ago, Yeo Reum sure jumped in feet first. I get the feeling that this is just her character though — once she finally decides on a course of action, she is totally committed. I like that she pointed out her obvious flaws and asked if Soo Yeon could accept them as well as she could accept his. Solid beginning to a relationship, in my mind.

MiataMama: The push and pull between our OTP is just great!  First it was all about giving each other space and being patient.  Now, they are both being vulnerable yet courageous and pursuing this relationship with bold determination.  Will this foundation be enough to weather future storms? I hope so!!

Low Visibility Ahead

Karie the Maknae: Aw crap. Soo Yeon’s guardian tried to warn him, and has passed the warning on to the head security chief, but red streaks on your arm AND neck? NOT a good sign, my friend.

MiataMama: Nope. Not a good sign. At. All.

Until the next plane lands, we remain–

Karie the Maknae & MiataMama

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