The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 14 Recap

It’s Clkytta again! My kbestie Kmuse has passed the baton to me for both episodes this week. All I have to say is I am still reeling from all the plot bombs that were dropped in this drama this week! Join me as we start connecting the dots between Moo Young, Jin Kang, and Jin Kook. 

Don’t become a real murderer

Moo Young has his ill-gotten gun pointed at Jin Kook. He knows that Jin Kook killed his father, and Jin Kook isn’t helping the situation. He has so much guilt over what happened that he just stands there passively. He asks Moo Young not to let Jin Kang see it. He tells him not to become a real murderer. Moo Young is overcome with emotion and he’s already shot the poor innocent plant. Then everyone freezes.  Taek is ringing the doorbell. Thankfully she didn’t just barge in. Whew! Jin Kook was literally saved by the bell.

Son of a Murderer

Ok, here is where I always disconnect with my understanding of Korean culture. Moo Young’s father is a murderer. Apparently, Moo Young’s mom took off and joined a cult and his father killed the mom and two other people. So since Moo Young is the son of a murderer he carries the guilt of that crime too, or at least that’s how it’s always portrayed in dramas. Now poor Moo Young is undergoing extreme emotional trauma. He sees the weird doctor and the doctor explains that he is also the son of a murderer and that’s why he sent him out into the world alone. What The HECK! I hate the sins of the father trope. Doc redeems himself a little by saying he was wrong.

Grumpy Team Leader is a selfish unfeeling jerk

Creepy Sister CEO is doing what Moo Young asked and is looking for more information on what happened years ago. Hot Minion meets up with Grumpy Team Leader and tapes an interesting conversation. Grumpy Team Leader reveals that Jin Kook went in alone to try to save the victims, but he was too late. He shot Moo Young’s Dad, who was carrying an ax, not a gun. Grumpy Team Leader is put out because Jin Kook refused to cover it all up and their team was disbanded. He was even more irritated because Jin Kook lost the murderer’s son and went crazy looking for him. How can you be irritated because someone is looking for a lost child? Ugh. Moo Young makes a note that this is the same man who sent him away years ago.

He moved first, but…

Moo Young confronts Jin Kook about his father’s death now that he has overheard Grumpy Team Leader’s version of the story. He wants to know why Jin Kook kept looking for him. Jin Kook tells him more about that day and what really happened. Moo Young’s father moved first and Jin Kook shot out of instinct thinking that he was going to hurt Moo Young. When he realized that Moo Young’s dad was moving the ax out of sight, not toward Moo Young, it was too late. He had already fired his gun. Now he has to live with the guilt of shooting someone who was not a threat at that time. Yes, he was a murderer, but at the time of the shooting he was trying to hide what he had done from his kid.

Finding comfort

Moo Young and Jin Kook end up in different parts of Haesan to visit their parents. Moo Young is at the temple paying his respects to his parents for the first time. Jin Kook is at his mother’s burial mound with Taek at his side. Moo Young heads home, not just to his house, but to a waiting Jin Kang who assures him she is ok with who he is. We get several scenes of them stuck so close together you can hardly tell they are two separate people. I know we’ve said it over and over, but these two have serious chemistry. Please let them have a happy ending! I know, I know, but a fangirl can hope, right?

Creepy Sister CEO likes playing games

Moo Young returns the gun, minus the bullet that took out that poor innocent plant. He’s prepared to leave when she tells him the younger brother he remembers doesn’t exist. She starts playing games with him and telling him that she will reveal the truth later. She’s literally got him on a string and he’s both bored and intrigued. He agrees to meet her later and turns to go. This woman is just so creepy. She’s ecstatic that she has this deliciously horrible information to tell Moo Young and she’s going to drag it out as long as she can so she can watch him squirm.

Matching burn scars

Jin Kang drags Moo Young onto a roller coaster and we have a great montage of their memories. She has really dragged him out of his shell and they are so cute together. At Moo Young’s they stand in front of a mirror and look at their matching scars. Jin Kang points out that they seem to form a map.  She gets burned by boiling water and Moo Young rushes out to get medicine. Halfway back he’s hit with a flashback. He remembers why the boiling pot in his dream is so important. There is another child there when the boiling water spills and he is protecting that child from being burned. Not a brother, not a boy, but a girl.  A sister? Jin Kang?

My thoughts

Ok, so it looks like this may be heading down an uncomfortable road for some of us. The allusion to incest is pretty icky, but I think it’s going to be a bit of a bait and switch. Yes, I’ve heard spoilers about the Jdrama, no I’m not going to reveal them. I think that the Korean version isn’t going to follow that version exactly. We have three dead bodies, Moo Young’s Mom, and another couple. I’m going to bet the other couple was Jin Kang’s parents. Earlier in the series, Jin Kook mentions her parents and how sorry he was to them. Also, Jin Kook isn’t the kind of guy who is going to let his beloved little sister be having sexy times with someone who could be her biological brother. I just can’t see that from this character. We are almost to the end, do you think this will end tragically? We still have several plot points that need to be wrapped up and I’m a little concerned since we don’t have much time left.

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  1. Oh, dear. I truly hope you are correct about the little girl being the child of the other couple & since Korea is so very squeamish about even hints of cousin-by-marriage incest, let alone siblings getting it on, I think this may be the way it ends up. I’m not so sure that the rest of that tragic ending won’t happen, tho 🙁
    BTW, SIG & our leading lady certainly look alike enough to really BE siblings!!!

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