Thanksgiving Special: 5 Dramas That Will Make You Hungry

It’s Thanksgiving week and all I can think about is putting on my stretchy pants and sitting down with the family for some turkey and pumpkin pie. This got me thinking about Korean food and dramas that have made me hungry. Now, I know there will be dramas I’ve left off this list, but these are the dramas that made me seriously hungry. So grab a snack and join me on my foodie drama journey.

Let’s Eat

Number one on this list is Let’s Eat. If you can watch this drama without pausing it to go make some ramen, then you have a stronger will than I do. I don’t even like half the foods in the seafood stew she’s eating, but she’s making me hungry. This drama cultivated such a following that there are three seasons to watch and whet your appetite.

Late Night Restaurant/Midnight Diner

I watched this drama while it was airing and I learned to watch it while I ate dinner. Otherwise, I would find myself in the kitchen getting a huge snack. Each episode revolves around a certain food dish and at the end, they give a quick recipe rundown. Sadly, I’m having a hard time finding the Korean version anywhere legal right now. Luckily, Netflix has the Japanese version, Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories which I also enjoyed.

My Lovely Sam Soon

Sam Soon made me want to eat everything. She made some seriously beautiful cakes and I was jealous of her sitting down to that huge table of desserts. This is the drama that made me seek out any Korean food I could find near my town because I had to try some of the food she was eating!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Kim Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy reallys knows how to put the food away!  Tell me you can’t watch all that meat on the grill and not be starving? This scene makes me hungry and it makes me laugh. All I’m going to say is that when we had a fangirl meetup in L.A. we ordered what seemed like way too much food, but don’t worry, we ate it all! We weren’t necessarily shoveling it in our mouths, oh wait, maybe we were…

Coffee Prince

Let’s talk about all the food scenes in Coffee Prince. I don’t know about you, but it made me slightly nauseous to see her eat 4 slices of pizza at once. I was also very impressed. This drama made curious about black bean noodles, and I was not impressed the first time I made them. I asked my local Korean grocer which ones they liked, and now I think they are pretty good. So there’s the moral to my tale, ask someone who’s actually eaten the food you want to try, don’t just grab a package off the shelf.

So are you hungry yet? I am! What are your favorite Korean foods? Have dramas made you try new foods that are now a part of your pantry staples? Tell me in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Special: 5 Dramas That Will Make You Hungry

  1. I loved everything I saw in My Lovely Sam Soon too! I loved all your recommendations. The other show that made me hungry was Warm and Cozy. I didn’t love the drama, but I really wanted to eat their food and hang out while Jinyoung (from B1A4 and Moonlight Drawn by Clouds) cooked for me.

  2. I agree with Let’s Eat. I seriously wanted to eat everything foodwise in that show. And the way they ate!!!!

    My favourite korean food would be fried chicken followed by bibimbap.

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