The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 15 Recap

Out OTP deals with the fallout from this latest secret reveal and there is angst galore.  Understandable since this isn’t really a roadblock that anyone expects to come across when falling in love.  Who knew that having our leading man have psychopathic tendencies would not be the biggest hurdle in their relationship?


We left off episode 14 with Moo Young remembering that didn’t have a brother but a sister.  A sister that looked exactly like a younger Jin Kang.  GASP!   With these fractured memories as motivation, he goes to confront Psycho CEO sister over what she had discovered regarding his past.  Moo Young’s fears were confirmed as she states that Jin Kang is indeed his lost sister.

To say Moo Young is destroyed emotionally at the news would be an understatement.  He staggers home, crying all the way over how cruel fate is.  I think we can all agree that we detest  CEO sister and the joy she had over telling Moo Young the bad news.

Consider Yourself Dumped

Moo Young has little time to process this new revelation before he is confronted with Jin Kang who had been waiting for him to come back home.  In true Moo Young fashion, he doesn’t talk out his problems but acts in what he thinks is best.  This time, he decides that the right way to go about things is to dump Jin Kang.

Jin Kang doesn’t buy his whole, I’m done with you Shtick, and refuses to leave.  She promised Moo Young that she would never leave him even if he tried to push her away and she is going to keep that promise.  It isn’t until Moo Young calls Jin Kook to come and get his sister that Jin Kang leaves.  Que more gorgeous, I mean tragically sad, angst.  Man, does Seo In Guk know how to pull all the feels out of a viewer.


Having officially broken up, both Jin Kang  & Moo Young pine from afar.  So much angsty pining.  I felt it had to be mentioned since it was so well done.  Moo Young also agrees to work for Psycho CEO and opens the new brewery, throwing himself into his work in order to dull the pain.

The real psychopath

Turns out that Jin Kang and Moo Young are, in fact, NOT siblings (So glad they deviated from the Japanese version.) and the Psycho CEO Sister was just using the lie to mess with Moo Young.  The joy she gets over doing this to Moo Young is disgusting and I officially hate her in ways I didn’t think possible.

Psycho CEO doesn’t leave it at the one lie but instead keeps on with her head games.  Going as far as to fake tell Jin Kang.  She admits that she had just told her about her brother’s involvement with Moo Young’s father’s death.  But that if Moo Young doesn’t toe the line that she will reveal it to Jin Kang with no hesitation.

We can’t fix this

You can tell that this threat is the last straw.  Moo Young grabs the gun, the same one he had borrowed from Psycho CEO earlier, and shoots the woman several times.  ACK!  Not that I don’t think that the witch deserves to die, I just wish it wasn’t by Moo Young’s hands.  This is something that you can’t fix and there is no way our OTP (One True Pair) is going to have a happy ever after now.  Especially since he is filmed on CCTV exiting the building.

The episode ends with Moo Young calling Jin Kook, I am assuming to turn himself in, and they meet at his father’s memorial site.

My Thoughts

On one hand, I am glad that they did not make our OTP related.  Considering how far things went physically, that would have been a hard pill to swallow.  Especially since these two have such amazing chemistry.  But seeing how other people’s selfishness and issues have ruined a sweet romance is killing me inside.  I kind of wish that the stupid Psycho Sister had suffered a little more before she died.

As a distanced observer of the drama, I have to admit that the plot arc works beautifully into the overall narrative.  Impulsively shooting the CEO is exactly something that borderline psychopath Moo Young would likely do.  Especially if it was to protect the one person who mattered to him.  It is just to bad that thinking ahead is not one of his strong suits since there is no hiding his actions at this point.  Which is only going to bring us more angst next episode.

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