The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 16 Finale Recap

Ok, it’s the last episode. Yay for me being right and they weren’t siblings! But…now what? Moo Young killed Creepy Sister CEO and I’m not getting Happily Ever After vibes here. Join me as we wrap up the final episode of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. 

Karma Kills

Yes, I’m a bit bloodthirsty. I know this is going to cause major issues, but I’m glad Creepy Sister CEO is dead. She delighted in causing everyone pain, and I’m glad she’s taking a dirt nap. Now we begin with all the “if only’s”. If only Jin Kook had told Moo Young and Jin Kang the truth. If only Moo Young had stayed away from Creepy Sister Ceo. If only, if only, if only.

No way is she your sister

Let the heartbreak begin. Moo Young thanks Jin Kook for taking care of his sister and Jin Kook looks at him like he is crazy. Moo Young was an only child. Oh, I hate you Creepy Sister CEO! She was so twisted that she ruined everyone’s lives. I told you guys that Jin Kook would have NEVER let his sister be with Moo Young if that was the case.  She may not be Moo Young’s sister, but she most definitely is Jin Kook’s even if they aren’t biologically related.

Broken Home

Moo Young is hiding out at his old home. That’s where all of this began. Poor Moo Young has no electric, no water, and he’s cleaning out the house by candlelight. Oh man, I was right that JIn Kang’s parents were in the cult too. Moo Young grew up with her and protected her. That’s why he thought he had a sister.  In a flashback, Moo Young pleads with Jin Kook to not tell JIn Kang about her past. He wants her to be able to move forward without that burden.  Moo Young hugging Jin Kook just gutted me. Oh no, he still has the gun!

We are all Jin Kang

As she sits on the couch quietly and firmly reprimanding her brother, Jin Kang is all of us. We want to believe in Moo Young, and we are holding out hope that things won’t be how we think. Tak shows up and wants her to change the passcode. She tells Jin Kang about how Moo Young killed the plant, but he originally came to kill Jin Kook. Only, now a seed of doubt has been planted in Jin Kang. Moo Young tried to hurt her beloved Oppa. She goes to visit Yoo Ri. While she’s hearing things that may sway her belief in Moo Young, he’s trying to hold on to memories of her  to keep him sane.

Matching Scars

Jin Kook told Moo Young about how Jin Kang came running in and knocked over the kettle. Moo Young covered her as the boiling water came down on both of them. He protected her like he always had. When he went missing, she developed aphasia and didn’t speak for 3 months. She would sit and wait for Moo Young and cry. That explains why Moo Young’s scar is bigger than Jin Kang’s. While Moo Young is thinking about this, an imaginary Jin Kang lies next to him. Anyone else crying and wanting to hide them from reality?

Detective Jin Kang

Our Jin Kang is steadfast and knows what she wants. She wants Moo Young and she believes in him. Jin Kang goes looking for Moo Young. While she’s looking for him she gets a text. It’s the news article about the murder of her parents by Moo Young’s father. Jin Kook comes home to an empty house, finds her notes, and heads out after her. He gets a call that makes him worry about Moo Young. Is Moo Young going to commit suicide?


Moo Young is filled with regret. He sits writing a letter and remembering the choices he’s made. While he is thinking about his fate, Jin Kang is walking up to the house. She has memories of her own flood her as she stands there. She’s remembering being with a boy who takes care of her. She walks into the house and Moo Young is there. Wait, she has the gun! She confronts him about when he went to kill her brother. She knows he’s hiding something.

Put the gun down!

Jin Kang has the gun to her own head! She wants him to promise he won’t kill himself. She wants him to go with her, but he says to go. She’s telling him what happened when they were young. She’s trying to give him hope and telling him she will wait for him.  They move toward each other and Jin Kang lunges toward Moo Young. Gunshot! The Minion just killed Jin Kang and Moo Young! Nooo! No, No, NO! They die in each other’s arms. This is NOT what any of us wanted! Jin Kook races into the house and is sobbing. He’s too late.

My thoughts

Well, I’m crying my eyes out. I knew we weren’t going to get a happy ending, but good grief. I’m absolutely gutted. It’s like a Romeo and Juliet story. They could have been happy, but the Creepy CEO family were the real villains. We all know that Creepy CEO Dad sent Minion to kill them. My heart is broken for what could have been. I want to say though, the acting in this was so good. Not only did our leads have great chemistry, but they made me feel some seriously complex emotions. I’ve mentioned before that I like when a drama makes me feel conflicted and this one dragged me through the wringer. What do I watch next? I think I need something fluffy like a rewatch of Shopping King Louie. 

The Smile is gone,


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11 thoughts on “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Episode 16 Finale Recap

  1. The smile may left Moo Young’s eyes but it has returned to our Actors eyes, as they know that what they did with this drama is going to stick with us for the rest of our lives. What a performance? This drama would not have been this brilliant had it not been for our Actors. Seo Inguk reinvented himself.. he made me feel sorry for Moo Young, he made me yearn for more of Moo Young. He made me hate the society. He was mysterious and dangerous but he always tried to protect those he cared for. On the other hand all the suppose to be good girls and guys, they were truly prejudiced, I will never forget how Tak told Jin Kook to forget and move on when he stabbed Moo Young, she had no pity for him. The same goes for Cho Rong, when he berated Moo Young in the station and warned Jin kang not to meet him again. None of them felt any remorse for him. This drama in a strange way showed the morality of our society and how normal it is to judge someone and form opinions about them without knowing their history.

  2. This actually ended up a classic tragedy! I’m so amazed by the writers’ excellent adaptation of the deep cesspool that was the original! Wow, Seo In Guk! Always though he was an amazing actor, and this just completely confirms that 😀

  3. This was an excellent drama. After watching this one, I’m not sure what else to watch. It’s definitely going to linger on for a bit. I was a fan of both SIG and JSM already but this one made me love them more.

  4. What an emotional final episode. Thanks so much for recapping this drama. I think this version stayed true to the spirit of the Japan original while making it their own. I felt the story flowed better and the characterization and motivations were clearer in this Korean version. While I was hoping for a happy ending right up until the last moment, I can accept the sad ending because it made sense within the context of the drama. One of the best melos I have seen. Writing, Directing, Acting, Production values were all good. Acting by entire cast was well done, but I have to say special kudos to the 3 leads Park Sung Woong, Jung So Min, and especially Seo In Guk-they were amazing. Seo In Guk and Jung So Min better win Best Couple Award for 2018! Whatever your opinion of this drama itself, there is no denying that those 2 actors totally embodied their roles and were on fire together on screen, to the point where they looked and acted so much like a real couple it was hard to remember they were just acting. Nobody did it better this year, and for me this couple ranks as one of the best of all time.

  5. I was very skeptical that the original drama could be adapted for today’s audiences in Korea, even on a cable network, but from what I’ve read in summaries (yes, I just can’t dive into this drama having seen the original) it sounds like they managed to expand the plot and update it without losing sight of the original.

  6. Have the same sentiments as you. But never thought this was going to happen. I thought, moo young would surrender at the advice from jin kang. And the final scene would be her waiting for him at the gate of the jail.
    Was very confused about the shooting of those two by the secretary, because I could clearly see how repulsed he was at the glee on her face when she confessed how happy she gets messing up people. But the father didn’t pop up in my head.
    Nicely summed up.

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