Chatty Recap: Where Stars Land episodes 27-30

Can I use “awwwww . . . well, crap” to sum up this set of episodes? Because I kind of want to. Everything is winding down to the end, and some questions are getting answered, but others are still hanging in the wind. Just how are things going to end up for our OTPs?? And WHERE IS YEO REUM’S DAD?

Two Drunk Girls Become Friends

Karie the Maknae: Ok, I love Yeong Joo and Yeo Reum as friends. They’re so different, but underneath all their aspirations and visions of what life should be, they get each other. I guess it took a night of alcohol and snacks to help them see that?

MiataMama: Yeong Joo’s character comes across as so detached and cold, but underneath she’s a big softie!  She worries about Yeo Reum returning late and she stays up listening to Yeo Reum fret over Soo Yeon.  A night of bonding and she totally has Yeo Reum’s back, right?!  Nope.  Soo Yeon arrives the next morning and she immediately invites him in to see her passed out roomie amidst the carnage of empty cans and wrappers.  I may have laughed at this point — I love that she was keepin’ things real!

You Can’t Work When You’re Sick

Karie the Maknae: I’m so frustrated with Soo Yeon right now. IF IT’S MAKING YOU SICK, TAKE IT OFF. But then again, the last set of episodes showed us how hard his life is without his wearables, as Mr. Jang calls them. But if your wearables require a magic bullet to stop them from malfunctioning, maybe you should find a middle ground??

MiataMama: As an American, I’m accustomed to the “I’m fine – I don’t need to go see the doctor” mentality.  But that’s so out of character for a Korean!!  I can only imagine how hard it would be, to go from being handicapped, to being normal, back to being handicapped again. . .  But that infection and those nosebleeds are only getting worse.  Stop being so obstinate, Soo Yeon — go to the hospital already!!

The Newbie Clears the Gate, Clears the Air?

Karie the Maknae: I loved this segment with our second lead. He got the courage to handle a difficult work situation, so he rode that high right into straightening things out with Yeo Reum. He’s also incredibly obtuse and can’t see how attached Yeo Reum is to Soo Yeon, but that comes with being young and dumb and the second lead. He’s shaping up to be one of my favorite second leads, too, because he doesn’t go around hating on everyone just because the main girl has rejected him. And I like how Yeo Reum put it — “Are you going to be a man or are you going to be my friend?”

MiataMama: Yeo Reum was very sweet and direct in response to his obtuseness.  I loved that, even though she was dealing with her worry over Soo Yeon, she took the time to acknowledge and affirm his happy news AND clearly place him in the friend-zone before dashing off.

Gang of Thugs? No Problem

Karie the Maknae: This was an incredible sequence for me, when Soo Yeon took on Director Jo’s thugs. He was sick, but still able to fend them off and get them off his back, but he didn’t walk out unscathed. He’s definitely not a superhero, but definitely DOES know how to use those wearables to his advantage.

MiataMama: I MUCH prefer watching him use his powers for good and not evil.  He was not going to allow these thugs to back him into a corner.  But he also knew when to walk away and not hulk out in a rage this time.  Was I the only one who was worried that his wearables would malfuction under the stress of the infection though??

And the Fever Rages On

Karie the Maknae: HA! The struggle of the stubborn people. Yeo Reum tending Soo Yeon one minute, calling him a child, and then not letting him do any work because he’s sick. I laughed. Her flip-flopping opinion is totally in character.

MiataMama: I laughed as they fought over carrying those “heavy” boxes of cup ramyun.  Yeo Reum’s stubborn love and care towards the important people in her life might be the thing I love most about her character at this point.

Profit versus People–Still Not a Fan of Mean Hyung

Karie the Maknae: I like that Director Yang got involved in Seo In Woo’s business and basically put a stop to it. We finally have an explanation for all his actions — he’s had a “benefactor” and is working to get the airport privatized, which will make a lot of people’s jobs go away. So. His story makes sense, and he obviously does care about Soo Yeon, but he’s still stupid and all the fighting that Soo Yeon’s had to do is DEFINITELY his fault.

MiataMama: In Woo was trying to protect Soo Yeon after the accident all those years ago.  Okay, so he’s not a total bad guy.  But, but, but. . . He is NOT making the best life choices.  His homeless dad is sick in the hospital, thugs are beating up his brother, and yet he’s most upset that his plan to privatize the airport is going south??  AND inquiring minds want to know — what’s on that mysterious hard-drive???

Troubled Waters for Our Security Couple

Karie the Maknae: Oh dear. Our Dae Gi had to push Yeong Joo into a “define the relationship” talk when they DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A RELATIONSHIP. Silly impatient boy. Of course you were going to get rejected before you could start anything! I loved their matching couple socks, though!!

MiataMama: Those matching socks were the cutest, mostly because they are so out of character for our “tough” (yet adorably awkward) security couple!  The BEST part this week was when Yeong Joo asks what he likes about her and he launches into a list of his favorite things: “I like how curt you are” and “I find you cute when you’re cranky.”  I may have laughed and swooned all at the same time!  Sorry, Karie, but I think I *may* like Moo-Joo couple better than our lead OTP. . . .

Karie the Maknae: HA! You’re entitled to your opinion, MiataMama. I like both OTPs, especially when they’re all working together. They have just the right blend of personalities to be awesome friends.

Gang of Thugs, Part 2 — Friends Try to Do What’s Right

Karie the Maknae: THAT ENDING, THOUGH. I lovedlovedloved that Oh Dae Gi was going to protect Soo Yeon at all costs. And that Yeo Reum will do anything to help Soo Yeon get better, even if it means injecting him with a mysterious green fluid. Can we have a second season where we just follow Oh Dae Gi around? He’s a teddy bear with a spine of steel and a heart of gold — my favorite kind of main lead.

MiataMama:  I TOTALLY second another season of Oh Dae Gi as the lead!!  He has my heart.  Sigh.  But back to our cliff-hanger — What is up with the mysterious green fluid? Why does the big bad benefactor care so much about Soo Yeon that he sends his thugs after him?  Is Mean Hyung finally going to make a good choice?  Will Moo-Joo finally be a couple? And will we ever find out what happened to Yeo Reum’s dad???  Can our writer-nim wrap this story up in a satisfactory way?  I’m anxiously awaiting the finale next week!!


Until the next plane lands, we remain —

Karie the Maknae & MiataMama

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