The Eternal Love Season Two: Episodes 17-20 (A Positive Recap)

We have MAJOR plot development this week. Yes, the fangirls pay attention to that too, and not just the kisses. Okay, we had a few doozies this week so it was hard to concentrate. Especially when Tan’er is the one initiating the make-out sessions.

**Sorry for the late post. Life, and an American holiday, kind of got in the way.**

Evil Consort is disposed of, 1st Prince becomes Crown Prince and gets himself an unwanted wife, while Tan’er turns down both princes for marriage. We are introduced to a new princess who gets to pick whoever she wants to marry. Of course, she sets her sights on 8th Prince, who wouldn’t? But Liu Shang devises a plan to distract her and she decides he’ll make the best husband. Well… girl knows what she wants, Cheng Cheng is hard to resist no matter what face he’s wearing.

During all of this Lian Cheng continues to weaken. But the stars align (literally) so they can go home, but a weak plot device later and they’re both stuck. Will Lian Cheng die leaving Tan’er to live out her days with what she considers a copy?

Nobody Tells Tan’er Who She’s Going to Marry

Drama Geek: I feel like this season’s Tan’er is even feistier and I love it. She’s not afraid to speak her mind when in the king’s presence. She turns down both princes for marriage and manages to sidestep having to go back to her family manor. Tan’er does say she has someone else in her heart, so 8th Prince correctly assumes it’s Liu Shang, but Tan’er denies it and says she made that part up. Poor 8th Prince, he really did get pushed aside by his own doppelganger and is now left to live a shell of what his life should have been.

Kmuse: I also like that she is feistier this season.  Although, I do think it is because Lian Cheng has already stolen her heart.  It makes me a little bit sad that poor 8th Prince is getting screwed this time around.  My heart still feels that he is as worthy of love as Lian Cheng and I get sad watching him be alone.  I have to admit that as much as I love our OTP I am not 100% invested because 8th Prince is so lonely.

Kdrama Jen: I have conflicting feelings about 8th Prince because he is technically Lian Cheng, but he doesn’t have all the same memories. On the other hand, we have pretty much accepted this same reality for our leading lady. She does not have the same memories as our Season 1 Tan’er, but we have accepted her as pretty much the same character. Still, I am leaning toward Cheng Cheng because he understands the full context and knows their whole history. This is confusing even for me. I can’t imagine how Tan’er feels! The only solution would be for some kind of spirit meld, so we can just love them both!

Clkytta: This version of Tan’er is nobody’s fool. I also like how feisty she is, she’s not dumb, and she catches on to things a lot faster than your typical Chinese heroine. I am really curious how the writers are going to get themselves out of the big divide they have created between Lian Cheng and 8th Prince. I have a really hard time thinking of them as the same person.

Sassy Princess

Drama Geek: I immediately took to this character and was really happy that she helped our lovers in the end. I wish there were a decent prince left for her, but I’m still hoping 14th Prince ends up with the sweet maid. Thankfully she’s not the type of girl who really cares if she ends up alone, so I’m not worried about her.

Kmuse: She is so cute.  I kind of wish that 8th Prince would fall in love with this new princess so then I wouldn’t have to feel so bad.  I’m also glad that she is independent enough to not define herself by which prince she is going to marry.

Kdrama Jen: I also loved her and wondered for a minute if she would be matched up with 8th Prince, but then I remembered that if my spirit-melding suggestion were to take place, then that would cause all kinds of chaos.

Clkytta: I liked her. I thought they were going to throw in a plot twist and make her the other Tan’er in disguise. Instead, she turned into an ally that I hope stays for a while. I like how confident and independent she is.

Jealous Tan’er Equals Yummy Make Out Sessions

Drama Geek: We thought Lian Cheng was adorable (and frisky) when he was jealous but Tan’er proves she can be his equal. She finds out that the princess picked her Cheng Cheng. She’s mad, of course. So she tosses him on the bed and then starts to disrobe him. Too bad her jealousy also stops her from taking everything. Poor, Cheng Cheng. He really thought he might finally be with his beloved.

Kmuse: Aggressive Tan’er is the best kind of Tan’er.  I would love more makeout scenes in every episode.  The writers should know that is what is keeping us watching and not the stellar plot.

Kdrama Jen: I do love how this drama couple manages to end up in lip locks at least several times an episode. They have sizzling chemistry, and that is almost enough to make up for some of the plot holes.

Clkytta: Yay for chemistry! I have to say that these two make me smile so much. Who needs a solid plot when you have Cheng Cheng and Tan’er locking lips? I really like that Tan’er isn’t a passive partner in the romance, she’s just as likely to lay one on him as he is to kiss her.

Chen You Wei

Drama Geek: I think the Fangirls were all set for the 1st Prince to swoop us off our feet with his new look. Instead, I’m captivated by the actor playing Liu Shang. He captures the teasing personality of Lian Cheng and then this week when Tan’er steals the mask (to keep MLC away from the princess who wants him as a husband) the actor masterfully takes on our feisty real estate agents persona. I was dying when he was stumbling around pretending to be her.

Kmuse: I am still loving 1st Prince’s new styling.  I just wish that he had the plot arc to go along with his dashing new looks.  As for Liu Shang (aka Tan’er wearing a Liu Shang mask) trying to change the Princess’s mind was the best moment of the week.  Hilarious.

Kdrama Jen: I loved that episode! It was silly and quite ridiculous to think that just a mask and some makeup could be that realistic looking, but we suspended disbelief for Cheng Cheng wearing it, so why not Tan’er. I loved watching this actor pretend to be Tan’er pretending to be Lou Shang!

Clkytta: I’m a kid in the eye candy store, and I’m enjoying that we have a nice variety of hotness to admire. I loved how Tan’er took the mask and went out to fight for her man! Honestly, I have a huge girl crush on Tan’er, I think we could be friends. Also, the actor playing Liu Shang has completely won me over, he’s doing a great job at his multiple roles.

So over 1st Prince and His Mopey Self

Drama Geek: I’m hoping this actor gets a better role in his next drama. Both seasons have left me feeling nothing for him. He pouts about the loss of Tan’er. He’s horrid to her pathetic sister (yes, she’s awful but she’s also trying to survive so I have a wee bit of sympathy for her, plus the actress is pretty). His wedding night scene was the final turn off for me.

Kmuse: Sigh… He needs to accept Pan’er’s love and they can go mope … together….away from the camera and that stupid Orb.  Again, I wish this new version of 1st Prince had a new story arc to match the hair.

Kdrama Jen: I kind of like what he brings to the show. He is not necessary for the love rivalry (because 8th Prince competing with himself creates more than enough romantic conflict). I do think he is needed to keep the conflict for the throne alive, though.

Clkytta: So much hotness, but his acting fizzles. The thing is, I don’t really blame him for it, I blame the writers. Make him a bad guy, hot bad guys are a total thing and I love to watch them! His wishy-washiness is just so boring to watch. He could be a real contender, someone write him a scene with some teeth in it!

Tan’er’s Annoying Family and that Stupid Orb

Drama Geek: So… I may have forgotten this was a positive only recap when I put this topic in here. I will just say that they’ve actually made her step-mother pretty funny this season. Not that she means to be. That’s the fun in it, it’s totally unintentional on the character’s part. Especially when she was interacting with the new princess. The family does serve their purpose. When the stars align for Tan’er and Cheng Cheng to go home, they kidnap Jing Xin and torture her which makes Tan’er run to her aid, and miss the tiny window they had to leave. How did Cheng Cheng NOT strap her on his back and take her with him? Oops, positivity only.

Kmuse: I had forgotten that they were still alive.  Where is a good suicide via head bonk when you need one?

Kdrama Jen: I am too distracted by the punishment via needles to comment on the family. I am having Princess Weiyoung flashbacks! Ouch!

Clkytta: Ugh!! This is where the alternate reality really frustrates me. Stupid Stepmom and Dad and not any different, not a bit. I really hope they have something good in store for us and we get an epic Stupid Stepmom death, something even more outrageous than a head bonk.

You are smarter than Noble Idiocy, Cheng Cheng!

Drama Geek: When they miss their chance to leave, it’s a death sentence for Lian Cheng. So what’s a boy to do when he only has a few days (or hours) left with the love of his life? Push her into the arms of another man, of course. On the positive side, this doesn’t last for long. The princess comes to their rescue and clues Tan’er into the ruse.

Kmuse: Noble idiocy is my least favorite kind of idiocy.   Glad it all worked out but kind of wish we could just skip this kind of plot arc.

Kdrama Jen: If he has to give up his love to protect her, at least he is pushing her toward himself…err….kind of. I did not like how he went about it. I feel like he could have been honest with Tan’er and they could have come up with a plan together. It’s all about communication.

Clkytta: Dear Cheng Cheng, you are smarter than this. Please stop being so fatalistic and start coming up with a plan, I know you have one in that pretty head. I was really happy that the princess was a friend and set the record straight.

Beautiful Face to Beautiful Face

Drama Geek: I am SOOOOO sad 8th Prince didn’t figure out the secret identity Liu Shang. We do get a wonderful face-off between the two, and it will hopefully lead to them joining forces. The other thing I am sad about is the mask is no longer useful so we’ll have to say goodbye to Chen You Wei.

Kmuse: I’m excited to see where the two 8th Princes go from here.  Hopefully, they will team up and not be bitter enemies.

Kdrama Jen: I am surprised 8th Prince did not figure it out. I feel like the 8th Prince if the first season would have made the connections. Still, two princes on the same side might be fun!

Clkytta: Are we sure we are done with him? Can I put him in my pocket and take him out to look at? I need 8th Prince to get with the program, he’s Cheng Cheng, but a dumbed down Cheng Cheng. I agree with Kdrama Jen, I think our Cheng Cheng in season one would have clued in.

The Death of Cheng Cheng????

Drama Geek: Tan’er’s family manages to steal the orb, kidnap Tan’er and leave Lian Cheng dying on the ground. The white-haired guy says only 8th Prince can save him now. We know that his magic connected souls in the past, maybe he knows how to meld them together like most of the Fangirls are hoping.

Kmuse: MELD! MELD! MELD!  I need my Prince hotties to combine so I no longer feel bad that one of them doesn’t get to love Tan’er for eternity.

Kdrama Jen: Yup. This would be a great time to do some soul melding! I hope it doesn’t take long, though. I am pretty sure Daddy Orb Obsessed did not kidnap Tan’er because he missed her sweet company. Hurry, 8th Princes!

Clkytta: It’s time to combine our Cheng Chengs and get rid of that stinking Orb! I’m struggling pretty hard with the whole Cheng Cheng fading away situation. I’ve really separated Cheng Cheng and 8th Prince in my head and my heart, even though I know they are the same person. So I need them to merge into one powerful Cheng Cheng.

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: Can we please just not have any incarnation of our OTP left alone? That is all I’m asking.

Kmuse: I don’t know if it was because this has been a stressful week or the plot was just a bit weak but I wasn’t feeling it as much as I have in past weeks.  Hopefully, it was the stress of visiting family and I will be back on board next week.

Kdrama Jen: I am still loving this show. Just when I start to lose a little interest in the plot, then they throw in the modern views of Tan’er or another kiss scene that conveys their hunger for one another and I am yanked back in. Their couple chemistry keeps me invested!

Clkytta: I need to know what happened to our other Tan’er, not boring Tan’er, but our Tan’er. If we are dealing with our Tan’er, but just before we met her so the timeline has changed, I’m ok with that. I just need there to be some kind of explanation and resolution so I know if it’s ok for Cheng Cheng to merge.  I’m with Drama Geek, I don’t want any of our OTP to be alone!

Until the next stolen kiss,

The Fangirls

Drama With a Side of Kimchi

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  1. I’m finally catching up on this in a giant binge watch (I’ve been immobilized by some as yet undiagnosed nerve thingy and can’t do much besides read and watch dramas. It’s not actually the fun thing that it may sound like, and it’s leading to a major drama slump)…. I’m so glad you guys did the positive recap because I would have given this season a pass otherwise, but it turns out it’s just what I need 🙂

    I loved the (non)reaction of the 8th prince’s dude when he showed up and found two identical princes facing each other. You can see the wheels turning, like “well, this is a thing. But later. It’s a thing for later.”

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