Fangirl Movie Review: This is Not What I Expected

It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m still on a food buzz. While scrolling through Netflix I found this fun Chinese movie that I think we all need to watch as we continue to digest our turkey and ham.  I tried to keep this review spoiler free, but one or two may have slipped in.



29-year-old Gu Sheng Nan is a chef at a Western restaurant in a hotel who is in a secret relationship with the hotel’s general manager. After a financial crisis hit the hotel, the manager breaks up with her and she loses her job at the same time. In this state of distress, she meets the picky and arrogant Lu Jin, who is there to take over the hotel, and forms a relationship with him. They become a couple despite their wildly different personalities, bonding over their love for food. (Mydramalist)


Sheng Nan is a sous chef at a luxury hotel; she’s just broken up with her manager-boyfriend and is about to leave when a bigwig customer starts rejecting all their dishes. She stays to create dishes to meet his appetite. In the beginning, they are literally oil and water. He doesn’t know that the annoying girl he seems to be tripping over everywhere he goes, is the talented chef making all his meals. When he discovers who she really is, they become closer. We all know the old adage, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…


This movie did a great job with color and making the food feel like it was right in front of you. It kind of reminded me a little of how they did the cooking scenes in Let’s Eat. You can almost smell the food and now I want to know how I can try this spaghetti dish.


Gu Sheng Nan-She’s silly, but not stupid. She’s very passionate and tends to make rash decisions, but she is very good at her job. I found her to be a very strong and honest character which is refreshing. She stands up for what she wants and I find that kind of character very appealing. Plus she has an old dog that she loves and who doesn’t love a character who loves their dog?

Lu Jin-He’s your typical chaebol type. He’s there to take over the hotel, not to fall in love. Fate has a surprise in store for him when he breaks out of his comfort zone and falls for this messy young woman who turns his world upside down. I liked him because his way of wearing her down is to show up at her house with food he wants her to cook for him, and then he falls asleep after he eats. It shows he’s comfortable with her. Plus the dog likes him.


I’d give this an 8.5 out of 10. It was fun and sweet, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the side story between her friend and his secretary too. I recommend this one if you are looking for a feel-good movie that makes you smile and makes you hungry.  If you are looking for steamy love scenes, look somewhere else, this movie’s charm is in the slow romantic buildup.

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9 thoughts on “Fangirl Movie Review: This is Not What I Expected

  1. This movie was on trending list on mydramalist. I ignored it at that because I thought I might not like it. Sometimes it is difficult for me to like Chinese contemporary drama/movie. I love So I married an anti-fan. Can’t remember any other Movies right now. There’s this movie called Mr Pride & Ms Prejudice everyone liked it but I couldn’t get past 15 minutes. But I will try watching this one. Give me some recommendations if you have watches lot of cmovies.

    • I haven’t watched a lot of Chinese movies, but I liked Love O2O. Chinese shows can be hit or miss with me. Right now I’m watchingThe Eternal Love 2 with my fangirls. I highly recommend that drama.

  2. I stumbled on this and really liked it, too. It’s quirky and sweet. The leading man really grew on me. Like you said, the female lead was competent and I liked that that was what drew him to her.

  3. I love films and serials that revolve around and food and food culture, so that immediately has my interest. Your review also makes it sound like the perfect film to watch if you want to experience something feel good. 🙂

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