The Eternal Love Season Two: Episodes 21-24 (A Positive Recap)

What’s better than one witty and sultry 8th Prince?   Why, TWO, of course!!  These recent episodes feature a daring rescue, noble sacrifices, bromance between the two princes (err…bromance with himself?), and kisses–lots and lots of kisses.  Read on to hear what the fangirls have to say about episodes 21-24 of The Eternal Love: Season Two!

Soul Sucking Dad

So, Tan’er gets kidnapped by her crazy father, and he did not do it because he missed his sweet daughter.  The Crown Prince accompanies Pan’er over to visit her family because he is that kind of supportive husband.  The fact that he insisted on seeing Tan’er and then leaves when he is denied the opportunity is completely irrelevant and in no way indicates he was just there to see his first love.  In the meantime, though, Daddy decides to have his minions carry a pretty big crate down to his secret lair, and 14th Prince happens to see all the commotion.   Uh oh!  It’s Tan’er, and Daddy does not have positive intentions!

Kmuse: Usually we talk about women in Chinese dramas having the crazy buggy eyes but I think we have to add this dad to the bad acting buggy eye list.   He didn’t bring much to the plot.  But I do like that it finally gave 1st Prince and Pan’er something to do.  Also, magically floating Tan’er was strangely beautiful.

Clkytta: Director: I want you to channel hysteria and mental illness. Actor: I’ll do buggy eyes, it’s the new diabolical laugh. Director:  Great!

Drama Geek: Is it bad of me that I laughed hysterically when Daddy was flipped to his death? Not as epic as the head bonk of death from season one. but still pretty satisfying.

Is this the Mind Merge We Have All Been Waiting For?

Cheng Cheng is in big trouble.  His vision is gone and his body is failing.  Nothing can save him–unless he could somehow borrow some primordial spirit sparkles from 8th Prince.

Kdrama Jen: I have been waiting for something like this to happen.  I am glad our double trouble princes have been able to see some of the experiences from their divergent timelines.  I think this sets us up well for a possible soul-melding future.

Kmuse: I like that they are taking us step by step on how 8th Prince will take Cheng Cheng’s place.  Otherwise, I would continue to have issues with the OTP shift.

Clkytta: I like the bromance that we have going on here. I think 8th Prince is finally coming around. I can’t wait for an epically cheesy merge to happen.

Drama Geek: This was the only way 8th Prince was going to buy Cheng Cheng’s story. And it has given way to some pretty epic bromance scenes so I am all for it. I am starting to wonder if there really will be a body/soul melding. The writer seems to like them has a threesome. LOL

First Prince to the Rescue?  Or is it Pan’er to the Rescue?

Tan’er tells Pan’er that she doesn’t even want First Prince, so they are not love rivals.  She somehow convinces Pan’er to get First Prince to save her.  First Prince does his best, but the love potion wine Pan’er gave him on their wedding night was all a brilliant plan by Daddy Soul Sucker to poison the prince.  That’s OK, though, Pan’er gives the ultimate sacrifice and sucks the poison into herself.

Kmuse: I really liked this part of the other couple’s story arc.  If I recall, some of the best Pan’er scenes were when she died in season 1 so it only makes sense that this would be her grand finale in season 2 as well.  I appreciated that this time Pan’er got to make the final grand gesture rather than simply being assassinated.

Clkytta: As much as I dislike Pan’er, she is very loyal to First Prince and her love for him is pure. I actually felt almost sorry for her.

Drama Geek: Since we are being positive I will stay away from talking about Pan’er and First Prince’s acting skills during the death scenes and stick with Pan’er’s character. She’s always been tragic, but I really liked what they did with her the last few episodes. She almost made me care about her.

Wait, Maybe it is Cheng Cheng to the Rescue!

Cheng Cheng is a little better after his primordial spirit transplant, so he rushes in to save Tan’er.  Of course, he has to kiss her first.  He does confront Tan’er’s dad, but he struggles a bit during the battle.  First Prince rushes in,  but just as Daddy is about to deal a lethal blow,  Pan’er hurls herself in front of the blade.

Kdrama Jen:  I really wonder if First Prince realizes that he promises Pan’er in their next life he would love her and only her.  Now, that might seem like an empty promise, but as we have seen in this drama, the fates kind of ensure promises like this get kept.  It will be interesting.  I was kind of thinking Boring Tan’er from the past season would get a happily ever after, but maybe not if we have a pact in place for the next life…

Kmuse: With this grand gesture I think that Pan’er deserves her happy ending in the next life.  Boring Tan’er was never achieved much beyond being yawn-worthy.  Also, Yay for more Cheng Cheng couple smooches!

Clkytta: I think Pan’er and First Prince deserve each other. Maybe in another life, they will live happily with her family trying to poison him and leaving Tan’er alone.

Drama Geek: It would be epic if when our OTP got back to the present they happened upon a future First Prince and Pan’er and they were happy yet still being pestered by her horrible family.

We Have Bromance (Does it Count if it is with Your Past Self?)

Our two Mo Lian Chengs have fabulous friendship chemistry.  The 8th Prince tries very hard to stump Cheng Cheng by asking questions with obscure answers, but he gets them right every time.  As trust builds, so do the bromantic scenes!

Kdrama Jen: I love that Cheng Cheng taught 8th Prince some “future language” and focused on “My spectacular bro” as an important phrase.  These two just crack me up!

Kmuse: Awww.  This is so cute.  Also, a clever way to make 8th Prince even more like Cheng Cheng so he can step into the Cheng Cheng void when the latter ceases to exist.  I approve!

Clkytta: *sprinkles confetti* Bring on the bromance! I’m ready for these two to be on the same team. The writers are doing a pretty good job bringing this full circle. Finally, 8th Prince is wising up and not 3 beats behind.

Drama Geek: Okay, I have to admit that the two princes bonding and then also both teasing and playing with Tan’er is probably my favorite thing of all time. It does help that they’ve had the mask employed through much of it so the actor isn’t always playing off himself. He has great chemistry with that actor and it makes my heart super happy.

First Prince is Craftier Than We Thought

First Prince noticed that the 8th Prince who tried to rescue Tan’er seemed to have some vision problems.  Pan’er gave him a few hints before she died, but it seems this season’s First Prince is pretty determined to figure things out.

Kdrama Jen:  We ended this set of episodes with First Prince orchestrating an attack and then peering out as they removed Scholar’s mask.  I really don’t think he was this smart in the first season!

Kmuse: It seems that 1st Prince gobbled up all those brain cells that 8th Prince has lost this season.  I am excited that he is doing more big moves and I hope this continues.  Preferably, with no Orb or annoying magical minions.

Clkytta: I love that First isn’t a total idiot. It’s really too bad that he’s the bad guy. We know that Cheng Cheng was gutted when he died last season, but I think that may be First’s fate. I know he loves his brother and he has so many regrets, but I don’t think First is going to change for the better.

Drama Geek: If these boys weren’t so enamored with Tan’er I’d call foul on them leaving the safety of 8th Prince’s house to take her real estate shopping. But she did create fireworks just for them, so they have to really impress her now. I think Tan’er is enjoying having the two spectacular bros as much as we are.

Kisses, Kisses, Kisses!

It is not really a plot point, but can we really leave without mentioning all the ways these two manage to sneak in some smooches?

Clkytta: I love all the kisses. I’m wondering how many takes they have to go through, or if by this point, they are so used to kissing each other every take is good? I feel like we could create a drinking game based on all the kisses and we’d all be sloshed after each episode.

Drama Geek: Seriously, at 30 episodes, sometimes 4 kisses per episode, these two know each other VERY well. It’ll be interesting to see how many they can fit in during these last 6 episodes.

Until the Next Stolen Kiss,

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