Kdrama Hidden Gem: Feel Good to Die

Sometimes there comes along a drama where you watch just for the simple reason that you need to write a first impression blog post.  You watch the first episode and think, “meh” but you have to give it a good shot so you continue watching.  And then something amazing happens.  You find yourself getting more and more drawn into the storyline line and what once was a meh drama becomes one that you have to watch each week.  Such is the drama Feel Good To Die.  So, come join me as I explain why this has made the list of a hidden gem drama.

Disclaimer: This was written when the series is half way through.  I might update it a bit after it is complete if any of my opinions change.

Slow Build Characterization

The first episode was pretty slow.  We had our plucky, put upon office worker who had a lot of issues with upper management.  Specifically, Baek Jin Sang (Kang Ji Hwan) who’s personality is very very annoying.  Thankfully, we learn that he just has no social skills what so ever.  But, that doesn’t come til later.  We start understanding exactly why everyone wants to see this person dead.  And die he does…over and over and over.  And everytime he dies our heroine, Lee Roo Da’s, day restarts.  Yup.  We have a time loop plot going on.

Before you think this is going to be a straight Groundhog Day remake, let me reassure you.  Instead of one day being done over and over, we discover that the day only resets if someone (often Lee Roo Da) wishes Baek Jin Sang’s death.  So if he manages to make it through the day without pissing anyone off time goes forward.

I personally like this concept much better because then we get character growth from multiple people and not just our leading lady.  Because it isn’t just about one person’s character growth but a whole series of coworkers who have to discover what is important in life.

So many comedic death scenes

Yes, I know it is a tad bit morbid, but I crack up seeing Baek Jin Sang die in creative and hilarious ways.  Even better is when he starts having memories of all these deaths and becomes part of the time loop.  Nothing is funnier than watching an annoying person realize all the things he is doing wrong and the consequences.  Not to mention, it provides motivation for more character growth.  Yes, I know that I have used the phrase character growth a lot in this review, but that is really what the show is all about.  Which leads to my next point…

Not OTP focused

So far there is not a ton of real romance going on.  Yes, there is some second lead interest and our leading man has decided that our heroine is worthy of liking him…but as for actually swoony romance,  Nope.  It isn’t happening.  That is not to say that it can’t happen in the future, but neither of the leading men have me shipping them with Lee Roo Da.  At this point, I am not sure how I would feel about them adding in a bunch of romance. But, with character growth, they might be able to convince me…maybe…possibly… as an abstract someday in the future kind of thing.

Favorite character

I personally am adoring Lee Roo Da played by Baek Jin Hee.  This is an actress that has been hit and miss for me.  In the past, it has really depended on the role and the director.  Thankfully, in this drama, everything has come together to make her delightful.  I love the quirky facial expressions and I, personally, consider this one of her best performances to date.

What I hope for in upcoming episodes

Hopefully, they continue keeping the focus on the various characters and how everyone has a part in creating a harmonious workplace.  Or at least, creating a safe place for others, when work becomes to much to deal with.  That really is the theme of the story and the reason for the time loop (at least in my mind.)

There you have it.  Why I think this is a drama you should all give a chance.  I know that it took me through episode 3/4 to really get hooked so I do recommend giving it a bit of time to gel into the gem it currently is.

You can find Feel Good to Die streaming HERE on Viki.

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  1. I have been enjoying this one, too!.I didn’t expect to laugh so hard about someone dying! I hope it finishes strong, but I’m enjoying the ride so far. Great recommendation!

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