The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown – Favorite Actors of 2018

It’s that time of year again where The Fangirl’s glance back over the last twelve months and choose our 2018’s hit and misses. So come join us as we discuss those men who wowed us with their acting as we countdown this year’s Favorite Actors.


Chen Kun – Rise of the Phoenixes

Chen Kun’s stage presence in the epic drama  Rise of the Phoenixes had me hooked from the get go.  I loved watching him play the political game all in an effort to win the ultimate prize…….the throne.

Seo In Guk – The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

I swear I am not just picking him because he is my personal bias.  Seo In Guk’s performance as a disturbed man who plays with other people’s emotions while falling in love was AMAZING.  I consider this his best performance to date even though I don’t think this is my personal favorite Seo In Guk drama.

Karie the Maknae

Lee Hong Ki, Lee Seung Gi, & Cha Seung Won – Hwayugi

Those three really made the drama for me. I know I haven’t been quiet about the drama’s unsatisfying ending, but I don’t regret watching it one bit *because* of these three and their solid performances. They brought a deft humorous touch that I really enjoyed.

Yoo Seung Ho – I’m Not A Robot

Yoo Seung Ho in I Am Not a Robot was a revelation to me. It was the first time I’d seen him in a drama and he completely drew me in. He did a phenomenal job of making what could have been an overbearing, arrogant character into a lonely little boy who was so easy to sympathize with. And his chemistry with Chae Soo Bin was off the charts.

Ethan Ruan – Legend of Fuyao

Ethan Ruan in The Legend of Fu Yao. This was the first Chinese drama I stuck with, due in no small part to Ethan Ruan’s ability to be smirky and intelligent. He was absolutely captivating, and he and Yang Mi were spectacular together — their fight scenes were the stuff of LEGENDS.


Honestly, I agree with all of our picks. It’s so hard as a fangirl to choose just one. I am cracking up at Karie’s inability to choose for Hwayugi though, of course, I can’t really pick only one for that drama either. 

Jang Ki Yong – Come and Hug Me

Jang Ki Yong was not on my radar before Come and Hug MeI fell in love with him and his portrayal of Na Moo. He has an intensity that just gives me shivers. I love that he can play a romantic lead, but I also see that he would make a perfect villain. We’ve talked about eye actors and he is one of my favorites. He can convey so much emotion through his eyes. Pardon me while I recover from my swoony state. 

Park Seo Joon – What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

One of my favorite dramas this year was What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. I adore Park Seo Joon. I’m not sure anyone else could have played this character and made it work. Not only does he have a killer smile, but his mannerisms are spot on. Seriously, just look at this picture, you would buy whatever he was selling, wouldn’t you?!


Junho – Just Between Lovers

The lead actor from Just Between Lovers, Lee Junho, gets my vote here. He was mesmerizing to watch and you came to really care about him and anyone else he cared about. The whole show was well done, but he was the center.

Drama Geek

The Fangirls might fight at times, but this is a time of caring and sharing. So, I’m going to agree with everyone. Ethan Ruan in Legend of Fuyoa was smirky. shirtless perfection. His Wuji won me over from the moment he lit up the screen. Park Seo Joon made me love the biggest narcissist I’ve seen in a while. And then we have Junho. That boy came out of nowhere in Just Between Lovers that I had to watch everything I could find with him in it, and made me have many GIF parties with Kdrama Jen.

Yang Se Jong – Still 17

He honestly wasn’t really on my radar but after Still 17 I can’t wait to see his cute puppy face in another drama. He was the perfect beta male lead, and I ate up every scene he was in. He has a way of being so loveable and sweet that I hope becomes more frequent for male lead characters.

Seo Kang Joon –

I have always found him pretty. Those eyes are undeniably mesmerizing, but this year he took on two different roles (well, actually three). His jerky chaebol Nam Shin and his counterpart Robo Shin were total opposites, and he did a convincing job with both of them. He made me ship a robot for the OTP pairing. His adorable smile and wink were the hook, but what surprised me was how I always knew who he was portraying. He also did a supremely dorky character in The Third Charm, which I sadly dropped. But the level of secondhand embarrassment he made me have was pretty impressive.


Kdrama Jen

Oh, heck no, Telzeytalks! I licked the Junho cookie months ago. Actually, if the Fangirls care to take a look at the notes we started for this post back in September, they would clearly see my picks were Junho, Ethan Ruan, and Yoo Seung Ho. Since I believe in sharing and caring, I will give a nod to Lee Min Ki and Park Bo Gum, though.

Lee Min Ki – Beauty Inside

Lee Min Ki was endearing in Beauty Inside and I loved the way he seemed to have chemistry with every other actor and actress in the drama.

Park Bo Gum – Encounter

Park Bo Gum just makes me smile. We only have a couple of episodes of Encounter watched, but every time his puppy smoldering awesomeness graces the screen I just feel happy.

Thanks for joining us as we remember our favorite actors of 2017!  Be sure to check out our other End of Year reviews HERE!  Also, let us know your favorite actors of 2018 are in the comments.

Til our next End of Year Review,

The Fangirls

8 thoughts on “The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown – Favorite Actors of 2018

  1. Junho was excellent in Just Between Lovers, and I also really enjoyed Yoo Seung Ho in IANAR and Seo Kang Joon in Are You Human, Too. Standout for me, though, was Lee Jong Suk in Hymn of Death (mini drama), and also Nam Da Reum, who I think played the young version in just about every drama I watched that had a young version of the lead this year. (Come and Hug Me was one of them.)

    • Same! Jung Kyung Ho was phenomenal in both Life On Mars and Prison Playbook this year. I’d also add Ahn Hyo Seop for his breakout scene stealing performance in 30 but 17 and Jung Hae In for his amazing breakout in Pretty Noona

  2. I agree with almost every pick (there’s a few dramas I haven’t watched), but Chen Kun is definitely my top pick for the year. His performance was stunning. I loved how he was able to create such layers with his character that we go from thinking he is faking his sobbing over his father or other sad emotions at the beginning to later realizing that he was using his actual emotions to his advantage… playing up real feels to create his innocent persona. To be able to convey that as an actor, I was super impressed.

  3. My most favs are Yoo Seung Ho & Jang ki yong. 😍Loved Junho in JBL but not that much this year.😊 I didn’t like Park Seo Joon before but WWWSK made me like him. Yang se jeong and Seo kang joo were just okay for me.🤔

  4. I agree with all the choices made by the fangirls but here are my top fav for the year – Junho, Seo Kang Joon and Seo In Guk. Honorable mentions go to Ji Jin Hee, Choi Jin Hyuk and Hyun Bin (though I have only seen 4 episodes so far of “Memories of …”)

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