Korean Movie Swing Kids (2018) Releases 2nd Toe Tapping Trailer

It’s rare that a Korean movie trailer comes out that makes me want to sub stalk.  Sadly, movie theaters are not something that you can stalk like Viki so I have to pray that the drama gods allow this show to air in Portland on the 21st.  Come check out the latest trailer and see what all the hype is about.

Story taking place in Geoje prison camp during the Korean War in 1951. Ro Ki-soo (Do Kyung-soo), a rebellious North Korean soldier who falls in love with tap dancing after meeting Jackson (Jared Grimes), an officer from Broadway. Roh Ki-soo then joins Jackson’s produced dance group. Kang Byung-sam (Oh Jung-se) dances with the wind in hopes of finding his wife, Xiao Fang (Kim Min-Ho), a Chinese soldier who was born with a talent in dancing but cannot dance for more than a minute due to Angina, and Yang Pan-rae (Park Hye-su) who makes money through dancing, become a group. (Wikipedia)

Swing Kids will be released in the United States on December 21st so check your local theaters.

5 thoughts on “Korean Movie Swing Kids (2018) Releases 2nd Toe Tapping Trailer

  1. I’m new to this blog and happy that I found it through another k-drama blogger.

    I can’t wait to see Swing Kids! I adore D.O. and think he’s got some serious acting chops. The nearest theater that has Swing Kids is a 2 1/2 hour drive into another state, so I have to hope any winter weather holds off.

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