The Eternal Love Season Two: Episodes 25-28 (A Positive Recap)

We are entering the final block of episodes and the writer decided to put all the kissing on the back burner and amp up the race for the throne. Is the essence of someone put inside the body of that same someone from the past enough to make our fangirls happy that Tan’er gets her Cheng Cheng in the end? Will 8th Prince ever get a real kiss from the girl he was supposed to marry and be the love of his life? Join us to answer all of these burning questions.

The 1st Prince really stepped up these last few episodes and outwitted our boys at every turn. He sees that there are two Mo Lian Cheng’s and devises a plan to unmask the imposter. Of course, it means kidnapping Tan’er and dropping her unconscious body in a shallow pond. Cheng Cheng doesn’t think and jumps into the water, losing his mask right in front of the Emperor. Our boys are thrown in jail and have a sweet heart to heart, and a bit of fun messing with each other.

With the help of the Queen Dowager, they try to escape, but only have time to get Cheng Cheng out. He proceeds to find all the evidence needed to prove his innocence, and in doing so, he reveals his true identity to both his grandmother and his dad. Unfortunately 1st Prince was prepared for all of this and storms the palace, his father kills himself so that he doesn’t have to leave the throne to the wrong son and everyone connected to the 8th Prince is sent on the run.

Our boys devise a plan to attack the palace and oust 1st Prince, but it’s all still a trap, and 1st Prince uses that handy Soul Suppressing Orb to shoot magic light beams at 8th Prince which Cheng Cheng intercepts and therefore speeds up his death and disappearing into the ether.

Did 8th Prince See Everything?

Drama Geek: I honestly think Tan’er could sit around with the two princes for the rest of her life and let them banter back and forth and tease her. She may get miffed that 8th Prince claims he saw everything, including them making love, but she loves both of their attention. Although, she clearly still thinks of Cheng Cheng as her true love.

Kmuse: I continue being undecided if I like that they have not made there be only one Cheng Cheng.  I love the two guys working together and bantering.  But it just distracts a bit to much from my OTP…..whoever that might actually be.

Clkytta: It’s time to merge. The 8th Prince is in on the secret and Cheng Cheng keeps getting weaker and weaker. I like the bromance, but it’s time to clear up the confusion of the heart by combining Cheng Chengs. 

Kdrama Jen:  I am fine with either two 8th Princes and a lifetime of bromance and flirting or merging them into one–as long as we still keep Cheng Cheng’s memories somehow.

Stop trusting your kids!

Drama Geek: I honestly can’t remember what my feelings were toward the Emperor in the first season, but he really is a push over. If you have multiple sons vying for the throne you should probably suspect when one finds a landslide of evidence against the other. You need someone not related to you to trust, and this guy just doesn’t have anyone like that. But he was duped by the Evil Consort, so I guess he just isn’t that bright.

Kmuse: UGH.  The dad is driving me nuts. Sure, it might be a bit of a shock to discover that you have identical sons.  But I am pretty sure that some of the other stuff (like poisonous blood bugs) is a lot less believable.  For someone with such smart sons, he really is a dithering and inept father/ruler.

Clkytta: Ok, this is the only drama where the inept King hasn’t been killed off early by a scheming prince or political rival. How has he stayed alive? Also, how did he produce such hot specimens as the 1st and 8th Princes?

Kdrama Jen: Poisonous blood bugs?  Ack!  I am having Bloody Romance flashbacks.  Not. More. Bloody Bugs. Nooooo!!!   Oh, right, now I remember.  Yeah, I am not sure how that is more plausible than look alike princes.

Bosom Prison Buddies

Drama Geek: Xing Zhao Lin is delighting me with his ability to portray Cheng Cheng and 8th Prince with a slight nuance so that we can really see in his face that one has experienced a lot more loss in his life, and yet still feels the joy of Tan’er’s love, while the other is in the phase of his life where he’s learning to open up and love. When they sat back to back in the prison cell and discussed their magical connection (and 8th Prince revealed he’d “seen it all”), I loved seeing the bond they’ve formed. It’s weird to think about bonding with yourself, but as they expressed a few episodes back, it’s lonely being a prince and being Mo Lian Cheng.

Kmuse: I am enjoying this actor portraying the two Princes.  However, I have to disagree with Drama Geek.  I find him adequate and I am enjoying the story but I have seen other actors do a better job of dual roles.  Although, I guess it would be harder if you are acting as the same person with only minor personality differences so I can give more leeway in my review. 

Clkytta: I also like their bond. While I think the actor is doing a great job in the dual role, I miss other other Lian Cheng. All this dual role is doing now is making me wish they would hurry and combine the Cheng Chengs. 

Kdrama Jen: I think I will agree with Drama Geek on this one. I can tell which Prince it is just by slight changes in expressions. I used the extremely scientific process of randomly fast-forwarding and stopping on different scenes and then trying to guess which prince it was. I was able to do this accurately every time.  I mean, I may have the advantage of having WATCHED those scenes before, but I still think it was worthwhile experience.  I was able to see Xing Zhao Lin again and again.

Slow-Mo Armor Cat Walks

Drama Geek: We were treated to two different slow-mo walks this week. 1st Prince invades the palace to force the Emperor to reinstate him as next in line for the throne. This actor isn’t the best at anything but the pissed look he wears during this scene, but I’m pretty sure he would be excellent as a model. Later, after the Emperor is dead, our princes storm the palace and do their own interpretation as a model. I really love the dark blue outfit Cheng Cheng wears in this. It echoes an earlier conversation where he told 8th Prince his clothes were too fancy, while the younger one said his were too plain.

Kmuse: How did 1st Prince get so smart?  Maybe he was to worried over Tan’er in season 1 to bother with politics.  But now that he isn’t part of the love triangle his intelligence has returned.  It’s the only explanation.

Clkytta: I have to say that 1st Prince is working for me. He’s not the most stellar actor, but he’s got swag. I like him as a villain much more than I like him mooning over Tan’er. His character seems so much smarter than any of the other villains we’ve had this season.

Kdrama Jen: This particular iteration of swaggy 1st Prince (is that a word?) is so much more savvy and intelligent that the previous season.  I agree with my fellow fangirls.  It is kind of working for me.  He is a worthy opponent for Cheng Cheng.  

“Hormones. How much does one kilo cost?”

Drama Geek: This season I’ve enjoyed the back and forth between Tan’er and white haired magical guy. They are a funny pair and I about died when Jing Xin was explaining why Tan’er was doing something and she brought up hormones.

Kmuse: Didn’t Old Wierdo used to do (in season 1) a roadrunner beep beep kind of thing when he zipped in and out.  If that was this drama, and I am pretty sure it was, I miss that.  It added depth and made him fit his weirdo moniker.

Clkytta: Old Wierdo is not my favorite character. I do like the interactions between him and Tan’er, but when he’s trying to be serious I can’t take him seriously. He reminds me too much of a troll doll. 

Kdrama Jen: I didn’t really enjoy him last season and I feel like he seems even more weak this season.  It is cool that he can transfer Prince sparkles back and forth, though.

Nothing like a bloody back to spell romance

Drama Geek: I’ve been delighted that 14th Prince and Jing Xin seemed to be cultivating a budding romance. It’s sad that it took Jing Xin getting beaten (why does the maid always have to bear the brunt of the punishment?) that 14th Prince was able to officially declare his feelings and get Jing Xin to sorta admit she liked him. I seriously do not think this loyal of a servant exists in the world. I hope they’ll get a happily ever after in this time line.

Kmuse: They are so cute and incredibly loyal.  I have a vision of them popping out at least 8 loyal babies which will create loyal grand babies and so forth and so forth.  The world would be a better place if there were more 14th Prince/ Jin Xin couples out there populating it.

Clkytta: I was so upset that poor Jing Xin was beaten again. I was also surprised that 14th spilled his guts to her. It was a pretty bold move for someone that I don’t see as bold. The two of them holding hands through the bars just broke my heart. I need them to have an HEA with lots of babies. 

Kdrama Jen: Clearly 14th Prince has not read the Chinese drama manual.  There is rarely a happily ever after for the loyal servant. She gets the privilege of dying for her mistress. The Eternal Love, though, has broken out of the typical Chinese drama mold before, though. Maybe there will be a future for these two.

One 1st Prince is smarter than two Cheng Chengs?

Drama Geek: Positivity? Okay, I hate when writers make the bad guy dumb just so the good guys can win, so I’m happy that 1st Prince seems to hold all the cards this time around. It does make me sad that Cheng Cheng and 8th Prince seem to always be three of four steps behind all the different bad guys that they’ve been up against this season. I prefer when our heroes aren’t constantly in reaction mode.

Kmuse: This just proves my point.  1st Prince is no longer using his little head to make his decisions so now he is a Machiavellian genius.  In contrast, the 8th Princes are only focused on love and romance and they are losing horribly.  Therefore, this drama is trying to tell us that love makes you stupid.  It is the only explanation.

Clkytta: I like that 1st is a contender this season. He’s smart and not doing all the stupid stuff everyone else is. Plus, he’s got his own hottie guard. I have to say that 1st is so much more fun when he’s scheming for the throne and peering around corners. This guy is worth boring Tan’er’s devotion. 

Kdrama Jen: I’m sorry.  All of the words left my head when I read Kmuse’s comment.  I just can’t continue.  Bwahahahaha.

Genie in a Bottle

Drama Geek: Sadly, the boys were fooled into being surround by the First Prince and he blasts Cheng Cheng with magic, which he’s taken from that orb. (Does anyone remember Tan’er unlocking the seal so First Prince could actually do this? Plot Hole???) It’s enough to finish off what little time he had left, and the poor thing doesn’t even get to say goodbye to his beloved. The white haired magic guy captures Cheng Cheng’s essence in a tube and gives it to 8th Prince so he can keep it until they find something that his soul can anchor to. 8th Prince has a light bulb moment (10 episodes after we did) and wonders if they can anchor Cheng Cheng’s soul with him.

Kmuse: I know we are supposed to be focusing on the positive but I am slightly bored with the plot at this point.  Without all the skinship to distract me the story just doesn’t hold up.

Clkytta: No kisses, no shirtless scenes, and the “real” Cheng Cheng is now mist on the wind, what’s a fangirl to do? I hate that Tan’er didn’t get to say goodbye. This is a total miss because we could have had an epic goodbye kiss. 

Kdrama Jen: This drama runs on prince dust and chemistry, so without them we are forced to see the plot holes and discrepancies.  We will keep it positive, though.  Doesn’t 8th Prince look pretty in his shiny clothes?

Final Thoughts:

Drama Geek: Where were the cute couple moments to distract me from all the plot holes and boring throne drama? This show has always been weak on plot and last season my least favorite episodes were at the end. But this season it feels even worse because they’re trying to make us care about stuff we know is pretty trivial. I know that it’s all a means to have Cheng Cheng die and then be reborn inside of 8th Prince, but I really feel like there were so many other more interesting ways to do it. Alas, we are in the final run next week and only have 2 episodes left. I’m hoping there will be a very emotional reunion after Cheng Cheng’s soul is put inside of 8th Prince, and they can find their way back to the future. Maybe? I hear there might be a 3rd Season so who knows where they’ll leave us.

Kmuse: I am glad that we only have one more week to go.  I’m ready to go on to something with a little more depth. 

Clkytta:  So we are still missing a few important plot points and I’m hoping they resolve this without making me even more frustrated. We’ve lost our way a few times with this drama (I’m still wanting to know what happened with boring Tan’er). I have heard the same rumor that there will be a season 3 so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a cliffhanger ending. 

Kdrama Jen: I am watching this because this couple has palpable chemistry.  I am clearly not watching for the plot because when they focused on the plot and took away the cute couple moments and kisses behind curtains (or anywhere they could find), then my interest fell a bit.  Still, this is a POSITIVE recap, so I will say that I am looking forward to the return of chemistry and hoping we get it in the final episodes.

Until the Last Stolen Kiss,

The Fangirls

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