The Fangirls’ Favorite Secondary Characters of 2018

Just like our previous lists, there were a ton of memorable secondary characters who deserve a round of applause.  Come join The Fangirls as we discuss those performances that stuck with us long after the shows ended.

Karie the Maknae

DinDin: Totally obscure, but the idol who was doing military service in the police force on Queen of Mystery 2 cracked me up. I loved DinDin in that role.

Also, the entire KIS in Terius added so much to that drama–they were a great foil to the more dramatic NIS cast and their goings-on.

Jennifer: I think we can all agree that Jennifer from Still 17 was the most memorable secondary character of this year, though! (DG: I second this. She will be remembered for a long, long time.) 


Hyun Moo in Come and Hug Me. Talk about an awesome character arc! By the end of the show, I was so wrapped up in his story I cried as hard for him as I did for our OTP. Actually, add the mom in too, Ok Hee’s character was phenomenal. (Maknae: HOLY CRAP ALL THE YES. Such amazing stories for both of them.)


Lee Elijah pulled me in as the enigmatic secretary in Miss Hammurabi.

Defconn’s portrayal of the radiologist who can’t make up his mind in A Poem a Day turned out to be really fun.

Kim Jae Hwa: I also am loving the ex-con bestie Mi Ran and the Detective Oh in Room No. 9.

Drama Geek

Prison Playbook Entire CastThis is an ensemble cast that you can’t really define any of them as a side character. The one who stood out the most to me, and ripped my heart to shreds with his storyline was Loony played by Lee Kyu Hyung. Even with his standout performance, all the cellmates and prison guards put in amazing performances and I loved every single character. (Maknae: I agree with this wholeheartedly.)

Come and Hug Me Family: You cannot leave out any of Na Moo’s family. Even his dad, since we aren’t doing a best villain category this year, gets a nod here. Na Moo’s mom had me in tears with the sheer will in which she loved her children. His brother tore my heart out, and both the little girl and the older actress for the sister had my heart wrapped around their fingers.

Kang Ki Young: This actor played two memorable characters, first in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. His BFF role to Park Seo Joon’s narcissistic boss was sheer brilliance. Then in Terius Behind Me (which I did not finish) he played a stay-at-home dad and really stole the show in a lot of scenes. When my list is filled with clips of him and not just So Ji Sub, you know he’s doing something right.

Na Moon Hee: The drug dealing halmoni is probably one of my all time favorite side characters in any drama. Her relationship with Junho’s character was beautiful and I loved to just watch them together. The director really knew how special they were and tended to frame them together in a way that just made my heart sore.


Go Ah Sung was a delight in Life on Mars.  She was by far the most unexpected drama character.  She brought strength, intelligence to her character and had me pining for romance. (Clkytta: I loved her so much!)

I adored Ahn Jae Hyun & Lee Da Hee in Beauty Inside.  For once there were characters that had their own trials and growth that didn’t depend on what was going on with the OTP (one true pairing).  I became very invested in their story.

Be sure to share your favorite side characters in the comments and check out our other End of Year posts HERE!

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  1. Since i couldn’t complete JBL, I totally forgot about Grandma. She was such a good character infact every character in JBL was amazing. I was in drama slump this year that is why I couldn’t complete any show. Plus kudos to entire family of Na moo and Na moo and Nak won themselves for being amazing characters. All of these characters had few things in common, they wwere closer to reality, were subtly acted and had a character growth arc. Wishing for more such characters in 2019.

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