Top 5 Kpop MVs — Spinning the B-Sides

Ok, so today’s post is technically just songs — B-sides don’t get their own MVs. I have to hunt high and low to find a YouTube version of the song, but I do it because I love it. (Ok, yes, the dance practices for some songs are ridiculously easy to find. Let me have my little exaggerations.)

**For educational purposes, back in the day, B-sides were the songs from the opposite side of the record that recording companies would send to the radio station to play on the air. A-sides were the hit songs, or potential hit songs, while B-sides were usually personally selected by the artist because they felt that it was as strong as the A-side song, and they really, REALLY hoped the DJ would like it enough to play it. **

Read on for what I consider to be some great B-side kpop songs!

SHINee — “The Reason”

I fell in love with this song for the lyrics and the rockin’ guitar solo. I love guitar solos in kpop!

Taeyang — “Let Go”

What pulled me into “Let Go” was the tempo of the song — it almost feels like a waltz. Add the tight melody and we have the recipe for a song that the Maknae never gets tired of listening to.

BTS — “Bapsae”

This is a strong hip-hop song set in a minor key–I’m totally into it! The dance video is so much fun to watch, because the boys are obviously having fun and messing with each other. Watch for Jin and his hopping leg-swing. It cracks me up every time he does it.

EXO — “The Eve”

Originally written by Henry, this song caught my attention because the bass line echoes the hook in the melody. It makes for a fascinating juxtaposition with the harmony line, which I love.

YB — “A Flying Butterfly”

I watched The Liar and His Lover when I first started watching dramas, and while I didn’t love it, this song really stood out to me. Joy started singing it in class, the rest of the students joined in, and it caught the ear of a record exec who happened to be walking the halls. Even better, the lyrics are poetic and address the act of becoming and our potential.

Tell me, drama fans, what are your favorite b-sides? I’d love to hear them!

Until the next record spins, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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