What the Fangirls Missed in 2018

2018 was a strange year for Korean dramas which led to many of the Fangirls not being able to watch all the dramas that Korea had to offer. What amazing performances did we all miss out on? What dramas are we still dying to see? Most importantly, what gem did you watch, that we might be blind to it’s brilliance? 

As we were compiling our End of Year posts a lot of us noticed that there were some great shows and performances that we missed out on. It is no secret that DramaFever’s demise messed with a lot of our drama watching schedules. And the effects of it are still rippling through our lives. But, they are not the only culprits, many shows weren’t picked up by legal sites where we could view the shows in America. There were several American and British adaptations that fall onto this list. Other shows we just ended up not having time in our busy blogging/podcasting schedule to fit them in. We’re all hoping we can watch some of these soon, though several are still in the DF limbo, and could be gone forever.

My Mister

Drama Geek: When this drama originally aired I was playing the -what do I have time for in my schedule- game. I watched the first episode and was impressed with IU‘s performance, but was a bit turned off by the lead guy’s character and his siblings. I chose whatever else was airing, and moved on. But then I kept hearing people rave about it on Twitter and put it back on my watch list. Sadly, I didn’t have time to fit it in before DF shut down, and now I’m beside myself because I really want to watch it. 

Kmuse: I have heard this drama was great.  That said, I am still not sure I want to watch it.  But you never know, maybe our readers will convince me otherwise… maybe.

Clkytta: I also heard it was good, but dark, and I don’t do dark.

 Kdrama Jen: I had this in my list. I heard AMAZING things about IU and I want to see everything my Come and Hug Me lead is in. This is one drama that Dramageddoon (Demise of Drama Fever) really mucked up for me!!


Drama Geek: Guys! I am beside myself for not finishing this drama before it disappeared too. Lee Bo Young and the little girl were amazing in the first two episodes, and I loved the directing. Child abuse is not an easy watch, and I needed to take it slow, but then my busy schedule sucked up my time and I didn’t go back to it.

Clkytta: I had this on my list, at least I think I did. It’s one I’ll try to come back to later. This is a heavy subject, and I’m not always able to stay with the heavier themes. 

Kdrama Jen: I love the actress, but the subject matter kept me away.

The Beauty Inside

Drama Geek: Excuse me while I curl up and cry in the corner. I’ll get back to you when I can talk without sobbing. This drama has not found a home where I can watch it subbed, and I know it could have been one of my favorites of the year, and I’m left to dream and pout all on my own. 

Clkytta: I was almost done! Almost! I loved this drama so much that I have tried repeatedly to finish it. The problem is, it’s not anywhere legal and I need a nice safe legal place to watch. I tried to go to one of the other sites and it buffered so bad I literally started crying. I just want to finish this drama!

Kdrama Jen: I found a way to finish this one and I LOVED it!!


Drama Geek: I’ve heard all the leads in this drama did a bang up job, and I’m miffed that I couldn’t watch. Park Hyun Sik in a more serious role is exactly what this girl needed in 2018.

Kmuse: I started this one and always meant to go back and watch.  Just ran out of time.  Maybe 2019 will be the year I catch up on it.

Kdrama Jen: I watched the first 6 or 7 episodes and then walked away for some reason. I was really enjoying it. Thanks for reminding me. This will be my winter break binge-watch!

Life on Mars

Drama Geek: I suppose I could read our recaps and fantasize about what this show would look like if I could watch it, but I can’t. I’m pretty sure I probably would have added the female lead to my list of favorites from some of the chats the Fangirls had, and the screenshots I saw floating around. 

Kdrama Jen: I watched most of this and then read the recaps to finish it off. I really want to go back and watch the last two episodes.

Story of Yanxi Palace

Kmuse: This drama is supposed to be pure crack and I can’t wait to watch it.  I just have to make sure it is when I don’t have other Chinese drama blog obligations.  At this point I need to focus on Ever Night and our podcast recaps (coming in January).  But as soon as I finish that drama this one is going to be binged.

Kdrama Jen: Oh!! This IS drama crack! I am still watching this, but (like Kmuse) I have a number of Chinese drama obligations.


Kmuse: This was one of those dramas that was held hostage by Netflix until it was already half way over.  I find that it is hard to fit dramas in if I can’t watch them as they air.  I still have hopes that I will be able to watch this after the insanity of Christmas abates.

Drama Geek: Oh! I forgot about this one. I watched half of the first episode but didn’t get hooked and was busy with other blogging dramas. This writer took 4 episodes to hook me with their last drama then I ended up loving it, so I do think I need to try this one again.

Kdrama Jen: Kmuse and I started watching this, but it must have been at a very busy time. I just saw it on my Netflix list a couple of nights ago, so it may have to be another winter break binge-watch!

The Guest

Kmuse: Yet another drama where I watched the first few episodes for a First Impression review and then life got in the way and it went on hold.  Judging from everyone’s comments on social media, this is one I need to complete in the upcoming months.

Kdrama Jen: Is this that scary one everyone was talking about? I think I need to hear more!

Now it’s your turn. You can tell us what you missed out on OR tell us about something you think is MUST SEE that we may not know about. 

The Fangirls

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10 thoughts on “What the Fangirls Missed in 2018

  1. T_T You guys missed all the great dramas though I know how hard it is to find legal ways to watch them. Suits can definitely be skipped (sorry PHS and JDG) because it kind off fell flat later on and Beauty Inside is great if you want fluff relief with little plot, unlike the movie. The others though are phenomenal so if it’s possible please catch up on it in the future. Ugh if only dramas were more easily accessible.

  2. Both My Mister and Mother were amazing and trust me I do not do dark but the way they were both handled was amazing and both had very satisfying and happy endings. IU did an incredible job in My Mister and I truly enjoy everything I have watched that she has been in and feel she is truly underated as an actress. Her portrayal as a young woman who has basically given up on life only to find a reason to fight back and survive and thrive was so real and brought tears to my eyes so many times. I can’t say enough about either one of them although if you only had time for one then definitely Mother. My sister adopted four foster children and maybe that is why it resonated so much for me but it was beautiful and I cried so much during it and was so pleased that the ending was far superior to the Japanese version but can usually trust Koreans to improve on anything they do. Some scenes were hard to watch but based on my nieces and nephews backstory it was realistic (except for the homicidal maniac character) and important that people realize how much these innocent children need intervention and love so definitely recommend it.

  3. I BOUGHT Suits, just to watch (cause, problems with illegal sites) – I know the plot so you know I did this for the pretty, shallow person I am LOL
    I’m slowly finishing The Guest, and did finish Life on Mars (absolutely fabulous remake – almost as good as the original British, and blows the American one out of the water). Those illegal sites are a pain 🙁
    I’ve seen all the rest 😀 Life is on Netflix and I loved it 😀 but it was slow going at first. Mother and My Mister are now in my Top 5 Kdramas list…
    DramaGeddon just screwed with so many of us 🙁

  4. Just wanted to say, My Mister is on the darker side of things, but it also manages to be warm, which is very odd, but very beautiful. I’m very glad so many of my readers worked to persuade me to give it a try. It’s among my top dramas for 2018. <3

  5. I was lucky enough to start My Ahjusshi, stop it / take it slowly (it is complex and thoughtful), but get back to it in time to finish it before the DF fiasco. It did make my year-end top 3 list of the ones I actually completed, and if you have a chance to watch it, do. The relationships between the 3 brothers (headed by Lee Sun-gyun) are funny and realistic, and the way IU’s character finds redemption in that community is very touching.

    I’m still BITTER that I can’t legally see Beauty Inside or Life on Mars, or half the others you mentioned, but I’ll try and move on because there are plenty left to see. Le sigh…

    I did watch Life and it is not the barn-burner that Stranger (Forest of Secrets) was (but could anything be?), but it was a respectable outing if you like hospital/healthcare politics.

  6. I haven’t watched any drama except My mister from this list. In spite of reading all good reviews I was not ready to give it a chance because of age gap thing was a turn off for me. My sister watched and recommended it to me. Still I took a lot of time before finally deciding to watch this drama. When I finished 2 episodes I was so hooked. I finished all episodes without skipping a single scene (which is so rare for me.). I wasn’t fully satisfied with last episode but overall this drama was so so good. I can’t explain. The best drama of 2018 after Prison Playbook.

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