Special Christmas Podcast: Hot Evil Bad Guys

Come join The Fangirls here at Dramas With a Side of Kimchi as we share our holiday love with our listeners & readers with this special gift.

Because we wanted to say thank you to all of you who have supported us this year we talked it over and decided that we would open up one of our exclusive Patreon episodes to everyone. So if you have a hankering to find out who we think are the hottest and most evil favorite bad guys then you all are in the right place. Just click on the link below which will take you to the episode. Also, feel free to glance at the other exclusive episodes we have available if you are interested in joining us on Patreon.


Dramas Mentioned: King 2 Hearts, Come and Hug Me, Iris, Iris 2, Last, City Hunter, Death Note (2006), Gap Dong, Chief Kim, Liar Game, Seven Day Queen, Sketch, Mask, Vampire Prosecutor, Return, My Love from Another Star, I Remember You/Hello Monster, The Scholar Who Walks the Night, Arang and the Magistrate, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, While You Were Sleeping, I Hear Your Voice, Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Cheese in the Trap, The K2, Goblin

Actors Mentioned: Lee Bum Soo, Kim Sang Joong, Lee Joon, Fujiwara Tatsuya, Lee Sung Kyung, Kim So Hyun, Junho, Shin Sung Rok, Lee Dong Gun, Yeon Jung Hoon, Park Bo Gum, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yeon Woo Jin, Yoo Seung Ho, TOP, Lee Sang Yeob, Jung Woong In, Tang Guo Zhong, Hong Jong Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Jang Ki Yong, Kim Kang Hyun, Seo In Guk, Lee Jong Suk, Yook Sung Jae, Suzy, Lee Seung Gi

Once again, we thank you all and look forward to a successful 2019. We will be off our hiatus starting in January so look forward to Season 2.


The Fangirls

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