The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown: Favorite Kpop of 2018

Here at the blog, we are not just fans of dramas; we also share a great love for all things kpop. So come join us as we share our favorite MVs of 2018.


For me it was all about the ladies this year.

First up is Blackpink — “ddu du ddu du”. This song has such a great chorus and I love blasting it while I am cleaning.

And we can’t forget the MANY great songs released from the Queens of Kpop Mamamoo.

“Starry Night”


“Wind Flower”

“No More Drama”

It wasn’t just the groups that wowed. I also adored Minseo “Is Who” MV. The classic French theme really worked for me and her vocals are amazing.

Rounding out my picks are two from Boa who brought female empowerment to the forefront in her MVs One Shot Two Shot and Woman.

And my final choice for best MV of 2018 (I promise I am almost done) is not a girl group! My lone male choice is NCT U “Baby Don’t Stop” The dancing, singing, & directing in this MV is brilliant and it deserves more love than it got by being overshadowed by other NCT projects.

Kdrama Jen

All things BTS


Another vote for BTS, but the one that really stood out to me was Jin’s solo for the Answer comeback. I don’t know if it was seeing Jin perform “Epiphany” in person that made this song really stand out, but this was one of my favorites.

I also have to mention SeungRi’s new album, which my daughter has played nonstop since it dropped. The Great Seungri had this great pop/jazz vibe to it that just makes you want to dance. I loved everything about “1, 2, 3!”.

Karie the Maknae

BTS always knocks it out of the park, so we’ll go with some other groups, shall we?

Lee Hong Gi — “Cookies” — I adore Lee Hong Gi’s playful nature, and this entry into the “haters can’t keep me down” category contrasts his playfulness with the more serious tone of the song. I find it absolutely delightful.

SHINee — “Countless” — SHINee was my gateway into non-OST kpop, and it hit me pretty hard when we lost Jonghyun. I didn’t really feel their first few songs this year, but “Countless” grabbed me, especially when Taemin stepped up and took the soaring vocals that Jonghyun normally handled. It took my breath away.

Stray Kids — “My Pace” — I LOVELOVELOVE the message of this song about being yourself and not comparing yourself with others, but MOST of all, I love the “na na na” chorus at the beginning. It cracks me up and gets me singing all at the same time.

FTIsland — “Hold the Moon” — This definitely had a different feel from previous FTIsland songs for me, and I really love the message of “I’ll go with you as you find your path.” Lee Hong Gi has had a few songs like that this year, including “Pathfinders.”

NU’EST W — “Deja Vu” — My first NU’EST W song, and my favorite so far. I love the whole tone of the song.

Pentagon — “Shine” — I’ll admit I have a weakness for playful songs and “Shine” is a stellar example of that! It also happens to be my daughter’s current favorite song and I hear it A LOT. Good thing I love it!

iKon — “Love Scenario” — Playful again!

Lee Hong Gi and Yoo Hwe Seung — “Still Love You” — I’m not really in this for the song, but for the soaring solo by Yoo Hwe Seung. It amazes me EVERY time I listen to it. I love how well he collaborates with Lee Hong Gi, too.

N.Flying — “Hot Potato” — This is the song that made me an N.Flying fan — and no surprise, it’s playful again!

Drama Geek

If you frequent the blog you know we’re all crazy about BTS and love all of their work. Going to their concert this year made a lot of their songs special, but I’m going to focus on their solo stuff. I have a place in my heart for Suga, and he really pushed himself into new territory with SeeSaw.

Another person who pushed himself was RM. I would probably say my favorite Korean Album of the year is Mono. I can’t explain how beautiful his sadness and pain come through in this album and how much it really soothed my soul in some of my darkest times this year. The album was intended to be listened to has a complete work and each song builds on the last. I’m going to post the final song of the album, what each one pushes you toward, the crescendo of his sadness. If you haven’t listened to it all the way through in one sitting, I encourage you to do so.

Earlier in the year, Kmuse mentioned that Hyukoh was coming into town and would play a small venue and the tickets were reasonably priced. My husband and I decided to buy them before we’d really even listened to their music. Next to Mono, their music has become my go-to listen when I am at my lowest. The lead’s voice has a way of lifting my spirits up almost instantly. They are a blast to watch live, and they are so down to earth. I put a live version below because I’m not sure you can appreciate them fully without seeing them perform.

To finish out my list I have to go with my girl Kpop bias Amber. She has really found herself since she’s done solo work, and this year she completed her first solo tour. I saw pictures from a friend who attended one of them and she was very up close and personal with people, and I’m really sad I didn’t get to go. Here is her latest MV that shows everything that I love about her.

Which were your favorite Kpop songs of 2018?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more great End of Year lists in the next several weeks.

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