The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown – Favorite OTP (One True Pairing) of 2018

What would the end of the year be without discussing which OTPs caught our attention? Come join us as we chat the One True Pairings that had us swooning.

Karie the Maknae

There were a TON of great OTPs this year: the Still 17 couple, the Terius potential couple, the Come and Hug Me couple, the Just Between Lovers couple, the Legend of Fu Yao couple, the I Am Not a Robot couple,  both couples involving a Secretary Kim in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, and the Security Couple from Where Stars Land. I’ve probably even forgotten one or two.

However, the standout OTP for me is the Still 17 couple — in everything, they chose each other first, again and again. That’s true love, to me, to choose each other over the other great opportunities in your life–that’s dedication. Other opportunities will come, but the chance to show your significant other that they are really important to you doesn’t come nearly as often.

I also want to highlight the main couple from Feel Good to Die. I know some people didn’t see the chemistry between Baek Jin Sang and Lee Roo Da, but let me tell you what I saw. I saw that Roo Da actually cared that her boss died — to the point of tears, even though he annoyed her to death (let me have this one pun!). I saw an arrogant Jin Sang humble himself and become vulnerable — but just Roo Da. I saw them learn to turn to each other every time events spiraled out of control, showing where their trust and their hearts were. I saw two people who were ridiculously comfortable in each other’s personal space without even thinking about it, hovering near each other, hugging each other, grabbing each other’s wrist, whispering in each other’s ears — until they realized they were attracted to each other. (It actually reminded me of Seo In Guk and Eun Ji’s relationship in Reply 1997.) To me, that kind of closeness speaks chemistry, even without skinship. I may have yelled when there wasn’t a big kiss at the end, but I will be content with what I got. My love for that OTP kept me hooked throughout the series.


There were a lot of cute couples this year but the one that made me really believe they loved each other is the OTP in Just Between Lovers, Gang Doo and Moon Soo. They are just two nice people who are sincere and work hard and care about the people around them.

Kdrama Jen

I agree with all of the other couples! I especially adored the Just Between Lovers couple! I do think our time traveling couple from The Eternal Love 2 has some of the steamiest couple scenes of the year. In addition, I really enjoyed the couple from Beauty Inside. Their relationship survived so many body swaps. That must put some major pressure on a relationship! Although this show just started, I do feel the need to give a little shout out to the promise of the Encounter couple. Park Bo Gum makes me happy.

Drama Geek

Last year at this time I remember saying that 2017 was really lacking in the OTP chemistry. There were great stories, but not standout couples. 2018 wasn’t exactly full of them, but the ones we did have felt epic. I have to agree with most of the couples that were already picked. They were all amazing, Legend of Fu Yao, Come & Hug Me and Still 17 probably being my top 3.

But since they’ve been talked about already, I will choose a few of the best side couples. In Your House Helper the main couple was cute, and I totally need him to come into my house and get things organized. But the couple that I fell for in that show was actually the noona romance. They had me the moment he let her paint his nails. I liked that Ga Ram had been through trauma and helped So Mi to heal from hers. They were adorable.

I have to agree with Kdrama Jen on the Encounter couple, and think Bo Gum’s smile could make even the worst day better, but I am thoroughly enjoying the side couples. Their bickering friends are so cute, and totally made for each other. And the driver and his long time friend who is newly divorced bring a huge smile to my face any time they take care of one another.


My favorite couple would be Han Tae Joo and Yoon Na Young from Life on MarsWe recapped this drama and I lived for the little looks and moments between these two. I gushed about the scene where they shared a glass (indirect kiss!). I also have to give honorable mention to Han Tae Joo and Kang Dong Chul, they had a bromance that was legendary. I wish this drama had been more accessible and that more people watched it.

While the drama wasn’t my favorite, I fell for the Zombie/Pig couple in Hwayugi/A Korean Odyssey. I love Lee Hong Ki and he made me believe that a pig god could fall in love with a zombie. He would have destroyed the world for her and honestly I was way more invested in this couple than I was with the main couple.


Being the last one to give my thoughts, I discovered that all my favorites had already been mentioned. So I am going to think outside of the box a bit. My OTP of the year is going to Shin Sun Rok and……..EVERYONE! The man is throwing off chemistry vibes right and left in The Last Empress. Whether it is his crazy controlling mother, his crazy controlling mistress, his crazy controlling one night stand, or even his loyal revenge driven guard…the man is a chemistry god. The Last Empress is a joy to watch because of his charisma and while there is no true one person for his character I felt he deserved to be mentioned.

I also want to give a shout out to the Loony couple in Prison Playbook. I felt that their romance (kudos to the writer for promoting a serious story arc with a gay OTP) outshines the other relationships in that drama. By the end I was crushed when it looked like they might not get their happy ever after. And while we didn’t see it in the drama I still have high hopes that they worked things out somehow.

So many great couples and so little time to watch them all! Be sure to let us know who your favorite OTPs of 2018 were in the comments.

Til next time,

The Fangirls

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One thought on “The Fangirls’ End of Year Countdown – Favorite OTP (One True Pairing) of 2018

  1. I agree with all the ones listed, so I’ll just add two: Familiar Wife, which I liked because they started out as a couple you didn’t know why they were together, but managed to convincingly make both the (new) present and the past falling in love period believable. By the end, I was super invested in their HE.

    Also, although I’m generally not a fan of tragedies (even so far as an anti-fan, perhaps?), I loved the Rise of the Phoenixes couple. They were so evenly matched: both charismatic, so in love, and also so invested in their values/goals. By the end of their relationship, it would have betrayed the characters and the story for them to have a happy ending, but they were so intensely loveable I couldn’t stand it. So I created this head cannon: the main couple from Fight for My Way is them reincarnated. I’m not sure if that adds to my feeling that they’re a top OTP or not…. but there it is 🙂

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