A Teaser Feast: Upcoming Dramas of 2019

Every New Year’s Eve, my family has a cheese feast — lots of unique cheeses from around the world, fancy deli meats, yummy crackers . . . and fried mozzarella sticks for my one kid who won’t try ANYTHING new.

For this new year, we have an abundance of kdrama teasers for you to feast on! Don’t ask me where the fried mozzarella sticks are, though — you’ll have to judge that for yourself.

Romance is a Bonus Book

First up is Romance is a Bonus Book, starring Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young. Lee Jong Suk is a hotshot genius editor at a publishing company and Lee Na Young is a disgraced copy writer who lies about her background to get a job at the same company. And then there is ROMANCE! Starts January 26th.

Touch Your Heart

Hey look! Reaper and Sunny get their own drama! Lee Dong Wook is a lawyer and Yoo In Na is an actress who poses as a lawyer’s secretary to snag a part in a drama. That bridge scene in the teaser is very, VERY reminiscent of Goblin . . . .

Dazzling/The Light in Your Eyes

All righty, this one is a bit harder to explain. We have Han Ji Min/Kim Hye Ja as a young woman who suddenly becomes 70 and can control time. Nam Joo Hyuk is a reporter who has worked hard to get where he is, and has given up on life when he meets our heroine. HOWEVER, the teaser is about Son Ho Jun blowing out a candle and made me laugh HARD.

Spring Must Be Coming

Body-switching drama alert! Lee Yoo Ri, a selfish anchorwoman, and Uhm Ji Won, an actress-turned-homemaker, switch bodies and chaos ensues.


Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi! Lee Seung Gi! . . . Sorry. Pretty sure there’s more to the trailer than that, but I am so excited to see him in a drama again. He plays an ordinary man who gets caught up in a conspiracy, and Suzy plays . . . well, it looks like she might be a secret agent of some sort. I’m totally in for this one.


Joseon zombies. Need I say more??


Joo Ji Hoon joins Jin Se Yeon on the small screen in a profiler/prosecutor drama with a fantasy twist. It looks intense, but Joo Ji Hoon’s smirk is out in full force, which will make it fun.

The Fiery Priest

I think the other fangirls have mentioned this drama once or twice . . . It looks like a LOT of fun. Kim Nam Gil, a priest with a temper, and Kim Sung Kyung, a shameless detective, join forces to solve the mysterious murder of an older priest.


The plot description is pretty scanty for this one, but apparently a news anchor goes on vacation with his family and gets caught up in a tragic situation. Sung Dong Il is the detective who investigates his case.


An earthy detective and a psychic who tries to keep her powers hidden end up solving cases together. The teaser cracks me up, so now I might have another OCN drama to pine after.


Jung Il Woo, Go Ah Ra, Kwon Yool, and Park Hoon are four conspirators in the Joseon era fighting for reform by conspiring to raise up Jung Il Woo as the new king.

There’s the feast for you, drama fans! What are you going to add to your drama plate?

Until next time, we remain–

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