Podcap: Ever Night Week 1 (ep 1-8)

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen jump into the world of Ever Night and share their thoughts on the drama over the upcoming 8 weeks in their first ever long podcapping project. Join us as we discuss well done cinematic magic scenes, cute leads, and sexy elvish princes.

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3 thoughts on “Podcap: Ever Night Week 1 (ep 1-8)

  1. I’d been kicking around the first episode of Ever Night for a while – I don’t know why I hadn’t watched more but it was probably because I was caught up in An Oriental Odyssey or Fights Break Sphere. This podcast gives me the energy to forge on! I think a good, realistic and exciting fight scene brings shows like this to another level. Also – it turns out director Yang Yang is a woman! She is also the screenwriter and will be going on to direct the second season.

  2. I loved this drama and I’m really glad to hear people talking about it! I agree that the fight scenes are awesome and I also loved a lot of the music – especially the opening credits song. Basically, I agree with everything you said and hearing you talk about it makes me want to rewatch. I’m looking forward to getting what you have to say about the rest of the drama!

  3. I just finished Ever Night and I loved it so much I’m reading Nightfall.

    I totally agree about the fight scenes. I think the reason they look so good is because a lot of the “wire fu” effects are done to the person who gets hit instead of the person who’s attacking. So we have these beautifully choreographed attacks that don’t assault our sense of physics, but the effects they have give a sense of immense power. The speed up/slow down stuff works because the director is using it to give us a sense of how battle slows down for the people who are cultivators or elite fighters. So, the slow moments are used to put the viewer in the perspective of the fighter, rather than just for “cool effect.”

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