The Eternal Love Season 2: Episodes 29-30 and Final Thoughts (Positivity on hold)

We reached the end (?) of our kissalicious journey this week. Join us to see if The Fangirls liked the ending and felt it did our couple justice. 

FINALLY, they realize Cheng Cheng isn’t totally lost and can be merged with 8th Prince and we have exactly what we’ve wanted all along. Everything about the end goes a little too smooth and easy for my taste. Tan’er steals the all powerful block from 1st Prince, then they easily sneak 14th Prince and Jing Xi out of the loosely guarded royal prison, and they even sneak the Queen Dowager out so they can all cosplay at 1st Prince and Tan’er’s wedding. Boring Tan’er reemerges to say a final farewell to 1st Prince, pushing him off the cliff of sanity. 

Our adorable couple gets their second wedding, followed by a hilarious wedding night, and baby Yan’er is born again. Our secondary couple gets their happy ending, Jing Xi was even allowed a cute new hairdo and beautiful dress for her proposal scene. We end the show with our couple knowing their baby might contain the soul suppressing orb, and a hint that the bad guys are already on the hunt for cute the little prince. 

Did the ending make you happy? 

Drama Geek: Since we’ve been allowed to remove our positive filters, I am going to bring on the snark! The plot was so weak this season that the ending was just a paint by number good guy bad guy dilemma. Our bad guy was smart when he was supposed to be, and lazy when they needed him to be. The prince duo was inept for a long time then all the sudden everything goes their way. But I did not watch season two because of a stellar season one plot. I enjoyed the journey that our couple went on, and I was happy with the ending they received this time around. Yeah, season three will probably rip them apart again, but they are at least a happy family for now. And technically Tan’er gets both her guys in the end. 

Clkytta: Drama Geek, you know there has never really been a plot. We’ve just followed the kisses and the things that interfere with kisses. I’m so impressed we are getting a season three. 

Kdrama Jen: I never set out with high expectations for plot. I was unabashedly in it for the chemistry, kisses, and guyliner. On these points this drama delivered!

Kmuse: Uhm….I guess I am one of those people that needs a plot to truly be happy. If I wasn’t watching for this recap I would have probably dropped it around 5 episodes ago. Or at the very least, skim watched through the end.

What did you think of our OTP this season?

Drama Geek: They sizzled, they sacrificed, and they finally had sexy times. The three important S’s for any couple. I’m glad that by the end everyone remembered all they’d been through in this lifetime and before. I also think these actors need a kissing award of some kind.

Clkytta: It was all about the kisses and the body language. Who needs a plot when you’ve got 2 Cheng Chengs and Tan’er? I have to say that the kisses and steamy scenes carried this show. I was really happy that they didn’t back off on the chemistry because let’s face it, the chemistry is the show. 

Kdrama Jen: I love this OTP. They have such amazing chemistry and Cheng Cheng’s voracious kisses are some of the finest in all of Dramaland. I also love Tan’er’s modern views and how they get woven into everything she does.

Kmuse: They have great chemistry which allowed me to ignore a lot of the plot issues. And the kissing was top notch. This is a perfect example of the chemistry of an OTP being able to overshadow flaws.

Favorite Moments?

Drama Geek: I have to say, all the scenes Cheng Cheng (played by Chen You Wei), 8th Prince and Tan’er. They all had amazing chemistry with one another and the playfulness of both princes was so much fun, and set it apart from season one.

Clkytta: I loved when the mask came off and she knew it was Cheng Cheng. Actually, I loved that she suspected he was Cheng Cheng even before the mask came off. Cheng Cheng was so much fun this season, he made me laugh and smile a lot. 

Kdrama Jen: I loved the scenes where Tan’er made references to modern concepts and THIS TIME Cheng Cheng knew what she meant, but the other 8th Prince and, of course, First Prince did not. It added a fun element to this iteration.

Kmuse: I really enjoyed Cheng Cheng doing a parent trap switcheroo whenever 8th Prince was in a bind. It was one of the best plot devices used this season.

Favorite Kiss? (So many to choose from)

Drama Geek: The makeout session where Tan’er throws him on the bed then starts disrobing him sticks out in my mind. I like when it feels like the woman is involved and doesn’t just respond to the advances of the man. She was fueled by jealousy, but she’s always showed a real attraction to him, and seems to like sexy times as much as he does. 

Clkytta: Yes! Jealous Tan’er stripping down Cheng Cheng for the win! The look on her face said she was going to kiss him within an inch of his life and he’d never see another woman again. 

Kdrama Jen: I can’t remember which episode, but there was one particular hungry Cheng Cheng kiss that was pretty epic. I maybe watched it a couple of times…

Kmuse: I really enjoyed the rain/umbrella kiss. It was a beautiful bit of filming that really set the mood.

Things you would change?

Drama Geek: I really loved him masquerading as someone else and all the hijinks that brought to this season. The addition of the actor made me happy and I will be on the lookout for his future works. That being said, I do wish we’d explored new territory for this couple and didn’t just rehash most of what happened last season with just a few twists. 

Clkytta: Ok, we are going into Season 3 obviously and I’d like a little bit of a plot. Not a rehashed or reimagined plot, but an actual real plot. Both seasons so far have really been held together by steamy kisses, and I’d like to see some movement forward. 

Kdrama Jen: Yeah, some plot would help hold together the montage of steamy kisses. I do think a better crafted plot would help, but not at the expense of the chemistry! Can’t we have both?

Kmuse: I needed the mind meld to happen way before it did. By the second to last episode I just didn’t care anymore and was ready for this story to be done. They spent way to much time having two princes and it took away from the emotional investment I felt for the OTP.

Would you recommend and are you planning on watching Season 3?

Drama Geek: Yes, this couple is just to good to pass up, even with a thin plot. As for next season, I will have to see if they plan on moving forward with their story or if it’ll just be the same thing redone. I don’t think I’ll watch it if we aren’t given forward motion with their storyline.

Clkytta: Of course! This drama is total fangirl crack and I’ll be watching. I need there to be some new elements introduced though. While I’m a huge fan of our OTP and all the chemistry, I’m not sure that will carry us through 20 more episodes. 

Kdrama Jen: Absolutely! This is a couple destined to be together through many seasons and lifetimes. Also, I have to know what the Power Ranger-esque bad guys are going to do with the baby prince and the orb!

Kmuse: I would maybe recommend this one if a watcher enjoyed the first one. That said, there are a ton of Chinese dramas that I feel have a stronger plot and better OTP then this one. The second season didn’t hold my interest and by the end I was just watching to finish the drama. I will probably check out the 3rd season in hopes that it actually has a new story and isn’t the same old boring Orb trope.

Until the Next Season,

The Fangirls

Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

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  1. I watched all of season 2, whereas I had dropped season 1 about halfway through. I really liked the lack of interdimensional bad guys and orb politics in this one, so I’m a little skeptical about season 3… but I have to agree with the whole “we’re in it for the chemistry and kisses” position, so I’ll probably give it a try. I’ll probably wait till I’m sick in bed with a cold and binge 🙂

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