Podcast #52 – Podcap: The Last Empress Episodes 1-24

Sometimes a drama fan just needs to watch a drama with off-the-wall comedic moments and over-the-top makjang intensity. The Last Empress is just such a drama. Come join The Fangirls as we cover our expectations going into The Last Empress, our favorite characters, where we think the story is headed, and so much more!

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4 thoughts on “Podcast #52 – Podcap: The Last Empress Episodes 1-24

  1. The Last Empress it a real “what the Hades” kind of show; you never (and I mean never) know *what* is going to be thrown at you! OTOH the Emperor needs to be punished and OTO he’s just so damn funny trying to win over his Empress that you wanna throw that dog a bone. I have no clue how this will end and I wonder if they’re not making it up on the fly just to keep everyone guessing.

    • RIGHT?? I don’t want to like him, because he’s been responsible for murders and underhanded mayhem, but you’re right — he keeps doing these adorable things and I’m just like “STAHP! I’m supposed to hate you!!”

  2. lol… I don’t know if I should blame the fan girls or thank you.. but I am now hooked on this show!
    It reminds me of Jane the Virgin or the Princess Bride in it’s over the top (sometimes hilarious) style… that somehow works given the great acting and writing. And because the drama is pretty self aware. They know what they are doing.
    I love how it’s almost like each character is in a different style of drama. The body guard is in a revenge drama, Oh Sunny is in a romcom, the Queen is in a Josen melodrama and the emperor flips back and forth from romcom, to bromance, to melodrama… poor grandma was in a murder mystery. But it works, it flows seamlessly. This was just the complete abandonment of reality that I needed! Thanks ladies!
    PS will you be recapping the rest on a podcast?

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