Fangirl Stalking: Lee Se Young

Do you ever have that moment where you sit back and realize that you really enjoy an actor/actress? Where you come to the realization that you have been thrilled by their performances for an extended time now and truly might be crushing on that actor/actress? Such is the situation with me and Lee Se Young. So join me as I go through her filmography and share which shows of hers need to be added to your drama queue ASAP.

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking

We will start with dramas I think are must-watch works by the actor, followed by the shows that could either way.  This means they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you could really skip and not miss much (at least in the regards to the actor/actress featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Lee Se Young.

Watch ASAP!

A Korean Odyssey – OK… I know there were some issues with this drama. It was a Hong Sister drama and when do they not have issues? That said, Lee Se Young’s performance in this show was AMAZING. I felt that she stole every scene she was in as the zombie idol and I consider her character infinitely better than that of the lead. So, while I didn’t love the show completely I still felt it was worth watching for Lee Se Young and a few of the other characters that came to life.

The Best Hit – I really enjoyed the story of a 90s time traveling idol and his reconnection with reality as well as his own ethics. I also enjoyed Lee Se Young and her relationship with both Yoon Si Yoon’s time traveling idol and his unknown son. It had a few spots where the plot dragged but all around I was glad I watched and finished this drama.

The Clowned Crown – Since this drama is still airing I can’t for sure say it is a must watch. However, Lee Se Young’s chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo is exploding off the screen and all things point towards the positive!

Depending On My Mood

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop – If you are in the need for a weekend drama and have an infinity for tailors then this is the drama for you. Its a pretty standard weekend drama with multiple romances (of which Lee Se Young plays part of one pair) and will give you the warm fuzzies.

For The Die Hard Fans

Trot Lovers – This drama had amazing music and could have been great…without the horrible wardrobe and meandering plot. Sadly, I don’t actually remember much of Lee Se Young’s performance. It was drowned out by Ji Hyun Woo’s hair color and makeup. If you want to check this out I suggest just googling the songs on Youtube. It is definitely 16 hours I wish I had back.

Vampire Detective – Lee Se Young’s performance in Vampire Detective was delightful. Sadly, the story/plot/everything else was a dismal failure on all fronts. If you want to find out how I really felt check out Drama Geek and my recaps HERE. It was a dark time in our lives and I hope to never have to remember this drama…..ever.

Do you have a favorite Lee Se Young moment? Let us know in the comments and if you have recommendations for future stalking victims let us know!

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4 thoughts on “Fangirl Stalking: Lee Se Young

  1. I love this girl! She kinda tends to elevate even the less than stellar dramas she’s been in. Also, she was in Trot Lovers? I dropped it early, so no wonder I hardly remember anything about it. 🙂 That #@&! vampire show truly is best forgotten, one of the fiew mistakes I’ve made in recent years when picking up dramas. Se Young was good in it though.

    I don’t watch dramas for actors/actresses anymore but I’m always delighted when they feature one of my faves or those I have a soft spot for.

    Crown Clown has had a pretty strong start and I hope it stays that way.

  2. Her Doctor John drama is also good and with the recent one, the Red Sleeve Cuff. She’s famous yet she’s quite beautifully simple.

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