First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: The Crowned Clown

Kdrama Jen and Drama Geek are back with a first impression and this time we have a crazy king and an adorable clown puppy to talk about. Join us as we give our thoughts on the first two episodes of The Crowned Clown.

So, Drama Geek watched and commented about this drama in a Messenger thread. Meanwhile, Kdrama Jen was tucked away in her room watching without being aware that Drama Geek was trying to entice her to watch. Below is Drama Geek’s comments in the thread mashed up with what Kdrama Jen wrote down as her unfiltered thoughts. No, we do not share a brain. (*We both expand on our unfiltered thoughts in each section and give our overall first impression.)

Kdrama Jen: Yay! We get to see Baby Oppa as a bad guy AND a good guy! Love his range!
Drama Geek: I like that in Crowned Prince I get to both love and hate Yeo Jin Goo at the same time. Kdrama Jen… are you watching this? King is crazy. And why do they keep leaving puppy’s shirt open?
Kdrama Jen: Umm… They seem to be using every opportunity to show off that body.

Kdama Jen: I became his fan while watching Moon Embracing the Sun. He has always commanded the screen, even as a young actor, but he has really honed his craft over the years. He is playing a paranoid ruler with a drug addiction to perfection, but also delighting me with the sweet and thoughtful actions of the imposter.

Drama Geek: Okay, so Baby Oppa, as Kdrama Jen likes to call him, was a huge reason why I wanted to check this drama out. He’s been the younger version of almost every sageuk actor out there, but this is his first lead role as a king. Playing a dual role of the very off-kilter monarch and a sweet street performer really plays to his skill set. He was always good at being the fresh innocent face that turned serious when the robes of nobility were placed on his shoulders. I loved the scene where he faced himself and they kept panning back and forth. (Here is a cute video from an awards show where he sang with the younger versions of the girls from I Miss You and Moon Embracing the Sun.)

Drama Geek: Zombie Girl is really pretty in her queen costumes.
Kdrama Jen: The Zombie girl is a magnificent queen.
Drama Geek: Oh my gosh, their chemistry and the directing in their first scene together was intense. Thankfully, I don’t have to not want her with him. LOL

Kdrama Jen:I loved Lee Se Young as zombie girl in Hwayugi. Actually, I have loved her in almost anything I have ever seen her in. In this role, though, she simply shines. Her beautiful and calm exterior that hides such a troubled heart creates a character I instantly fell in love with! I think the King is going to have a hard time not falling for her!

Drama Geek: Lee Se Young is blowing me away with her quiet, yet strong queen. She first caught my eye in the abysmal Vampire Detective and then ended up being one of the only things I liked about Hwayugi. She was acting circles around the lead actress and had chemistry with every single person in that show. Her character has to be very subtle with her expressions because the Queen isn’t loud or boisterous. She is conveying all the pain that comes with living in a toxic relationship and environment.

Kdrama Jen: I am shipping Fake King and the queen so much! I love watching him run around the palace.
Drama Geek: Fish out of water is one of my faves and seeing Jin Goo flounder in the palace is so fun.

Drama Geek: The highlight of episode 2 was seeing Jin Goo pretend to be the king. We get all the shenanigans of him trying to act royal while not having a clue what is going on. For me, the weirdest part would always having someone around. The king can’t poop without someone knowing if it stinks or not.

Kdrama Jen: Oh no. I hope they don’t go there. Crap! They went there.

Drama Geek: And they lost me with using the sister to push him to take being king seriously.

Drama Geek: My least favorite plot device is when a female character’s pain and anguish is used as a catalyst for the male hero to take up his mantel and fight the good fight. Here, he doesn’t really become a hero, but instead starts having a reason for revenge. Which has me worried because I really don’t like the idea of the sweet puppy turning into the bloodthirsty king. I am happy to say that after watching episode 3 that they have managed to keep his character balanced, and he does not have revenge tunnel vision. I hope that continues throughout the story.

Kdrama Jen: I did not like how they used the sister’s tragedy as a plot device, but I am pleased with the balance they achieved. He is realizing his role is going to need to be more than pushing forward his own revenge plot. Watching his come to that conclusion has kept me glued to my screen, especially every interaction with his queen!

Story and Cinematography

Drama Geek: I don’t think the story is much different from any other historical drama I’ve watched. Old men are plotting to take control of the throne by manipulating (or killing) the king. What I do think makes The Crowned Clown stand apart is the fantastic acting and directing. So many breathtaking scenes, and when it’s intense it is TENSE. I honestly kept waiting for the king the do something horrible to the queen the entire first episode. Then when they did finally meet the restrained tension was tangible and muted sparks flew between the two.

Kdrama Jen: I am a fan of Sageuks, so it stands to reason that I would like this one. I love all the plotting and planning. I also love both leads and enjoy a good fish out of water story. Still, I was not expecting to like it THIS much. There is chemistry between these two that is just making me long for on-screen kisses and cuddles.

Final Thoughts… will we keep watching?

Kdrama Jen: This is currently my favorite airing drama. I even opted to watch it first over The Last Empress, so…YES!!!

Drama Geek: Yes! I was dying for the subs on episode 4 yesterday but they still weren’t at a high enough percentage to watch before I had to go to bed. I do reserve the right to drop out at any time if the politicking gets cumbersome. But, for now, I am enthralled by this couple and want to see more scenes with them together.

Kdrama Jen: No worries. I’ve got you. If the politicking gets too annoying for you, I will simply send you the timestamps for all the OTP moments!

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  1. Was reluctant to watch this because I’ve ended up dropping so many recent sageuks. This one, however, has the right amount of humor to make it an enjoyable watch. I’m in and waiting for episode 5!
    And the episodes are good and long…1.25 hours or more.

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