Top 5 Kpop MVs: Iconic Kpop

So when I chose this topic I soon realized that it is impossible to choose only 5 iconic Kpop MVS. But you have to start somewhere, so I am throwing out five older songs I think everyone should check out if you are into Kpop.

Brown Eyed Girls – “Abracadabra”

Back in 2010, you couldn’t turn around without seeing some idol doing the Brown Eyed Girls hip dance from “Abracadabra”. Add in the fact that this is a really catchy tune and you have an iconic MV.

Shinee – “Replay”

There is nothing that makes a fangirl feel older than checking back on the MVs of a group that she has been following for a ton of years. Come check out a very young-looking Shinee performing one of their earliest hits– “Replay”.

Wonder Girls – “Nobody”

One of the biggest female Kpop groups in the early 2000’s, Wonder Girls were the It group. Their song “Nobody” was a hit and even broke into the US charts. It paved the way for later artists and is definitely iconic.

Super Junior – Bonamana

It was really hard to choose which MV to pick from Super Junior’s long list of iconic songs. I decided to choose “Bonamana” since it has that classic Super Junior sound and is a bit less known than “Sorry Sorry”. Don’t worry Elf members. I plan on doing just a Super Junior post in the future so more of their songs will be covered.

Block B – Nillili Manbo

One of my all-time favorite MVs. “Nillili Mambo” is a burst of energy and was also a front runner in using their MVs to create short stories. I can’t help but bob my head to this song and it definitely lives up to the iconic moniker both in the music itself as well as the visuals.

There you have it. My Top 5 Iconic MVs that I was inspired to share. Did yours not make the list? No worry. I am positive this is a topic I will check back on in future posts. Be sure to follow us for new Kpop lists every Monday so you never miss another post.

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