Rumors, Reappearances, and Role Redos

I’ve been in a bit of a drama funk lately. It astounds me because I have a decent kdrama with Yoo Seung Ho to watch (My Strange Hero) and the makjang insanity of Last Empress to keep me hooked. But neither of those dramas is really speaking to me, and as I drama-hop, a la Drama Geek, I find myself wishing to see some favorite faces on my screen. Come with me as I discuss actors and actresses I wish I could see on my screen again, rumors of dramas to come with some of my favorites, and a short list of actors and actresses whom I wish could get a redo on their latest roles.


I’ve loved Ji Soo and IU since Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. My affection for IU increased when I watched Dream High–she was absolutely adorable and funny and relatable–and I loved Ji Soo in Sassy Go Go and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I know many of my kdrama friends have lamented that Ji Soo hasn’t had a leading romantic role yet, but GUESS WHAT??? I was clicking around in, minding my own business, when I discovered that IU and Ji Soo might be starring in a drama together at the end of the year! With BOTH of them as leads!!!! That makes me incredibly happy. It’s called Hotel del Luna and seems to be about a haunted hotel. I’m crossing my fingers that it happens!

In that same wandering journey, I discovered that Lee Hong Gi and Jung Hye Sung are lined up for a drama together as well. It’s no secret that I adore Lee Hong Gi’s voice (see this post for reference) and I found him delightful in Hwayugi/A Korean Odyssey. Jung Hye Sung was funny and adorable in both Chief Kim and Love in the Moonlight/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. I think this could be a great pairing! The drama is called I Hate You Juliet and is a rom-com about a top star and a screenwriting student at the same school. I’m hoping for hijinks galore, but mostly I’m really hoping that it gets filmed!


Man alive, there’s nothing worse than anticipating my favorite actor/actress showing up in a new show and watching it slowly descend into a flaming wreck. Chae Soo Bin was so awesome in I Am Not a Robot that I had high hopes for When Stars Land. I stuck with it to the bitter end because of my love for her and Lee Je Hoon, but I really want a do-over. It looks like she has a Chinese web series coming up called My Catman. The plot description just covers that she’s in a love triangle with L from Infinite and Im Shi Wan. I might hunt it down, I might not . . . mostly because I’ve never watched a web series before!

In that same vein, Choi Won Young’s role worked out to be more of a cameo on Where Stars Land. I really wanted more, something akin to his role in Heirs or Hwarang, where he was more than just a dad, but had a full story of his own. He hasn’t had a lead role since 2016, so I guess I’ll have to go back and watch some of his other dramas to get a Choi Won Young fix.


Can I demand that certain actors reappear on my screen RIGHT NOW, even though they don’t even have the whisper of a drama in sight? I’d start with the sunny Jung Eun Ji. Between Reply 1997 and Sassy Go Go, I’ve become a solid fan of her bubbly personality and solid presence. I think she’d make a great leading lady again in something that tests her chops, but lets her eternal optimism show through. Another bubbly presence I’d like to see is Cho Hye Jung. She was the best friend on both Cinderella and Four Knights and Weightlifting Fairy. I can see some untapped range in her and I’d like to see it in a drama

Along those lines, I think I want a dramedy starring Nam Goong Min, Kim Sung Oh, and Cha Seung Won. Those three would be hilarious together! I know Nam Goong Min has a series in the works, called Doctor Prisoner, but I’m greedy. I want all three to entertain me NOW.

That’s just my short list, drama fans. There are so many excellent Korean actors and actresses that do NOT come across my screen often enough to satisfy me. What about you? Who are some favorites that you want to see in a drama soon?

Until my wishes are granted, I remain–

Karie the Maknae

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