Podcap: Ever Night Week 3 (Ep 16-22)

We finally have all the various characters put in their specific spot in the story and we discuss the chemistry between Ning Que and The Prince of Light. Not to mention some great leveling up cultivation style.

Please excuse the coughing throughout the podcast.  Kmuse was suffering from a cold but we had to continue recording to keep our schedule.  Stupid colds.

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2 thoughts on “Podcap: Ever Night Week 3 (Ep 16-22)

  1. So, the place where the Prince of Light studies I don’t think is in either country… I think of it as being like Rome… sort of a Pope Capital for the Taoist sect. They have a huge prejudice against the Demon Sect, but you guys are right, it’s more of a bad name than any proof that there’s any actual evil associated with it (we do find out more about why they get the bad name).

    I LOVE that the Empress is not evil as a stepmother or wife. It’s a bit ambiguous in the early episodes, but at this point, it’s pretty clear that the princess has put together a few impressions and ideas from when she was young and won’t budge in her interpretation of the Queen… but her interpretation is wrong.

    And that’s a major theme in this drama, and one of the reasons why the story is so rich and satisfying. Despite the fact that characters may believe that there are good and evil people, the overall story WE the audience are given is one that explores the ways in which people construct moral interpretations in relation to their own situation. These tend to break down when looking at the whole picture.

  2. I’ve started watching this more thoroughly now (up to 12 as of tonight) and the symphonic opening music reminds me of old Disney movies or even the Disney television show from Sunday night in the United States. I really do like the music!

    As for the rest of the show, I’m not totally crazy about the sects and the different kings (their clothing and hairdos seem totally not for read!) but I do like the guards and the students at the Academy. I think they spent all their money on the leading man and woman – not so much on the salaries of the other actors. Still – I’m forging on.

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