First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Spring Turns to Spring

We have another body swap comedy coming our way. And this time the physical comedy is turned up full throttle as Lee Yoo Ri & Uhm Ji Won switch bodies via science in Spring Turns to Spring. Come find out our first impressions and see if this drama is as funny as it looks.

Leading Lady Lee Yoo Ri

Kmuse: Lee Yoo Ri NEVER disappoints and she has outdone herself for this role. I am thrilled that she is finally getting prime time lead billing in a drama and I am 100% satisfied. She plays plucky, but messy, reporter Kim Bo-Mi. There is no problem she won’t jump at and attempt to overcome… with often hilarious results. I also love that she isn’t worried about looking less than perfect because some of the funniest moments are when Bo Mi is crying or drunk.

Clkytta: I laughed so hard I almost cried. I love Lee Yoo Ri as Kim Bo-Mi. She is that girl who falls flat on her face, jumps up, and asks you why YOU didn’t fall. She’s tough as nails and if she can win through sheer determination, then she will get the prize. I have no clue how she manages to look so put together though, her place is such a mess! When they first swap and she is playing Lee Bom and asking if she can sleep outside instead of in the messy room, I almost died laughing.

Leading Lady Uhm Ji won

Kmuse: The majority of dramas I watched Uhm Ji Won in were way back at the early stage of my drama addiction. So she has pretty much been off my radar. I checked and it looks like she has only done movies for most of the last 8 years. That said, I am shocked that she equals Lee Yoo Ri in awesomeness. I was worried that Lee Yoo Ri would steal the show (which she often does) and the other half of the body swap would be a disappointing second. But no worries are left. Her character Lee Bom is just as extreme and funny as her counterpart and I could watch these two for hours.

Clkytta: I was unfamiliar with Uhm Ji Won before this drama, but she’s on my radar now. Her character, Lee Bom, is a former actress who everyone takes for granted. I’m loving her dual role here, she is really amazing with how she is changing her posture and her voice when she changes character (actually both actresses are!). While she’s presented as naive and sweet I think there is more to her character than we know.

Body Swap Concept

Kmuse: Yay for there being a scientific reason for the body swap. That is something new to the trope. I also love that instead of just switching souls they actually switch their whole body. Which means that one second it is Lee Bom enjoying a bubble bath at her house and the next it is Bo Mi’s body in said bubble bath. I suspect that we are going to get some hilarious hijinks from this detail in the future.

Clkytta: I love the whole body swap concept. I loved Secret Garden, the whole question of “when will they switch” makes this trope so much fun. I agree with Kmuse that we are going to have some pretty hilarious scenes from this drama. The best part about body swap dramas for me though is that it’s a great plot device for character development. We get to see our characters grow and change after seeing life from a new perspective.

Side Characters

Kmuse: I have to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of many of the side characters in Episodes 1 & 2. That changed as the ladies started swapping bodies. The side characters were utilized for great comedic situations and really enhanced the story arc. I will never like the husband and his mistress but they were used well to move the story along.

Clkytta: I hope her husband and his mistress have a spectacular take down. I’m intrigued by the grumpy hot team leader guy at the network. His dream is to retire to that fancy retirement home. I’m sorry, that just cracks me up so much! Most guys that age would want a sports car, but not him, he wants to retire in style!

Does this work?

Kmuse: It took until the second hour of the drama but I am 100% hooked. It’s funny and a tiny bit brash in it’s storytelling but after hours of serious dramas in my simulcast queue, it is exactly what I need.

Clkytta: I actually liked this one straight off the bat. I had been complaining to Kmuse about how everything we all were watching was so serious, and she told me to start this drama. It’s got a Freaky Friday vibe to it that I absolutely love.

Will be watching next week?

Kmuse: I am excited to continue with this drama and look forward to Bo Mi and Lee Bom creating chaos at their homes and workplaces. It has been a long time since a comedic version of the body swap has been this entertaining and I highly recommend. I will be sub stalking Ep 5 & 6 as soon as I am done writing this post. I hope all the readers will join us in this hilarious journey.

Clkytta: Yes! It looks like this will be a fun drama that will keep us on our toes. I love that our characters are so different. I’m glad Kmuse pointed this one out to me and suggested I start it. I needed a fun drama in my life.

Thank you for joining us! You can find all the latest episodes of Spring Turns to Spring HERE on Viki.

Til next time,

Kmuse & Clkytta

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  1. Finished episode 6…this drama is absolutely hilarious! Real gut-busting comedy! Every time I thought of the last episode, even as I went to sleep, I couldn’t help burst out laughing. It’s a gem!

  2. This drama is fantastic! I love all the laughs it’s providing. I totally binged the first 8 episodes and now I have to wait patiently for more to air. SO glad ya’ll recommended watching this one!!

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