Podcap: Ever Night Week 4 (Ep 23-30)

Ning Que’s time as a disciple begins as he studies his cultivating under both FuZi’s disciples and the Talisman Master. Meanwhile, Sang Sang starts her own side business as her master’s reputation grows. Join us as we chat this and all other things in Week 4 of Ever Night.

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3 thoughts on “Podcap: Ever Night Week 4 (Ep 23-30)

  1. I enjoyed your podcast as usual! I just wanted to comment about the ages of the main characters. I am watching ahead of you, and Ning Que has a flashback where he says he was eight years old when his family was massacred. That was 15 years ago, so he now is 23. Sang Sang of course is 15 because she was a baby when the massacre happened, and the midwife took her away from the house next door to the massacre site.

    • This is true, but later he calls himself 18. I decided to view it as a translation error and say that he said he was “over 18” so it could all still make sense.

      In the book, he’s only 4 when the massacre happens, so he’s much closer in age to Sang Sang. But it’s much less believable that he would have survived, which was presumably the reason for the show to change it.

  2. The importance of the Chicken Soup Note was that it sounded like it was written from a doting husband to wife (Ninque and SS). Since he was drunk, the calligraphy style was pure and raw. That’s why his talisman shifu sought out him based on his calligraphy and people swoon over the simple message. I read the book 🙂

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