Goodbye Superbowl, Hello Drama

Are you like me, stuck with Sunday being all about a game I don’t really care about? Watching more for the commercials than any actual sporting endeavors? Or do you just want something to sneakily watch on your tablet while everyone else around you screams “touchdown”? Then check out these addictive drama recommendations that might get you through four hours of boredom.

The Last Empress

Want something that is fun, totally crazy, and cracktastic? Then check out The Last Empress. You might start out thinking this isn’t your kind of thing, but I guarantee by episode 6 you won’t be able to push pause. This is a drama that all The Fangirls are watching and we all have our favorite crazy characters that we are rooting for, even if they might be this side of evil.

The Story of Ming Lan

This Chinese drama is an intricate and well portrayed look into the customs and lives of minor Chinese nobility. If you are wondering what that means, think Jane Austen meets historic China. The romance is a slow burn, but that doesn’t matter when you get to be immersed in the lives of the Sheng sisters and their trials living with each other and finding marriage partners. I also love that we get a closer glimpse into customs such as funerals, festivals, & weddings than we tend to get in other similar time period pieces. It is a must watch.


Do you want something that is a bit more intense and not as long as our previous recommendations? Then check out the zombie drama Kingdom on Netflix. For six hours you can watch as a Crown Prince tries to discover the truth over his father’s illness. Spoiler alert….he’s a zombie.

Spring Turns to Spring

Or if you want no intensity and just straight up funny, check out the latest drama starring comedic goddess Lee Yoo Ri: Spring Turns to Spring. There is no romance in this one, but the Freaky Friday body swapping hijinks will leave you in stitches. You can easily forget that the other TV is talking about yet another 1st down. As if that matters when one’s body & soul doesn’t stay where it should.

There you have it. All the shows that would be infinitely better than watching a boring football game. Be sure to let us know what you picked and if it helped you get through this dreaded Sunday.

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One thought on “Goodbye Superbowl, Hello Drama

  1. I am not just a drama fan; I am also a football fan and as a football fan that was one of the most boring games ever. And the entire halftime show I kept thinking that BTS could have done it better. Scratch that, ANY kpop group would have done it better, even ones I not a hardcore stan of.

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