First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Kingdom (2018)

Do you love zombies? Do you love kdramas? Then Netflix’s Korean drama Kingdom is tailor made for you. Come find out if it was worth the hype or if this is an easy skip.

*These are our thoughts after watching 2 to 3 episodes.

The Plot

Kmuse: So… I was not expecting there to be as much politicking as there was in a zombie drama. Thankfully, it was heaviest in episode 1 and things started picking up later. Once the zombies escaped the palace, things got super intense.

Drama Geek: First, I’d like to state that I’m watching this with my significant other so the time between watching episode one & two was a lot longer than it would have been. By the time we watched two I’d forgotten what the palace dynamics were. In the end, I don’t think it matters. Zombies are spreading across Joseon and you need to RUN!

Do the Characters Work?

Kmuse: Kim Eun Hee always does an amazing job of writing strong characters that stick in your mind. This time is no different. One thing I will comment on is how much I like the bad guys. The Queen (Crown Princes’ step-mother) & her father are truly evil. You know you are a serious bad guy if you are willing to create a zombie apocalypse to keep their power.

Drama Geek: I’m going to disagree with Kmuse here. With the time lapse between episodes, it highlighted that I couldn’t remember anyone except the main leads. That being said, I really like Bae Doon Na‘s character. I find her a bit unique as a female historical character, and think her acting skill set fits well here. I also find the Crown Prince and his sidekick fun and their banter enjoyable.

Zombies Yay or Nay?

Kmuse: The longer I watched the creepier the zombies got. My favorite scene so far (zombiewise) is the beginning of episode 3. The director was able to make the zombie’s terrifying while also creating some memorable and unique visuals. I also especially love that they are only active after the sun goes down. It gives the story time to move forward without everyone just running from zombies 24/7

Drama Geek: Here is where this drama sets itself apart from most that I’ve seen. I’m not someone who scares easily but these zombies creep me out! The sound effects are so vomit inducing that it’s a bit hard for me to watch at times. I was afraid after episode one that it would devolve into everyone just running from the horde. But like Kmuse stated, they go into a type of hibernation during the day, which allows for more story to take place, and not just pandemonium.

How Scary is Kingdom?

Kmuse: This is not your usual PG rated kdrama. There is some definite gore since, ya know, zombies. The scene with the soup will haunt me for years. So if you have a weak stomach this might not be your kind of drama.

Drama Geek: I think the sound effects are the worst part for me. And they do not play around with the zombies feasting on people. I haven’t jumped from fright though. It’s more looking away at the gore.

Final Thoughts

Kmuse: I am loving this drama. My only complaint is that it is only 6 episodes and the wait for season 2 is way to long.

Drama Geek: I’m… I don’t know. After episode one I was not that interested in watching two, but after finishing the second one I am a lot more invested. I think if you like really intense, zombie filled stories, than this will be the perfect binge watch.

Til our next drama experience,

Drama Geek & Kmuse

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions & Unfiltered Thoughts: Kingdom (2018)

  1. For me it took until about midway through episode 2 to really get into the drama. After I did though, I watch the rest of the episodes in one evening. Now I want Season 2 cause that ending just…

  2. Yes…. power through episode one and then it will be hard to quit. DH and I watched in two evenings. And then I was frustrated that we will have to wait until next year for season 2.

    I enjoyed the Crown Prince and his guard. I also like that the guard (Kim Sang Ho) gets to play a bad@$$. He is a fierce fighter. This is my first time watching Ji Hoon and I am enjoying him and his character growth. The Cho Beom Pal character cracks me up with his pursuit of Bae Donna.

    I enjoyed and was entertained!

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