The Fangirls’ Book Review: Warcross

Long before I was a K-drama junkie, I was (and still am) a lover of books. As of the last few weeks, my viewing schedule has been light on dramas, so I decided this was the perfect time to dig into a good book— one that I’ve been wanting to read for some time!  Read on to see what I thought about Marie Lu’s book Warcross.  


Warcoss is not only a game, but a way of life that has taken the world by storm over the past 10 years.  There are professional players and professional gamblers all wanting to make a name and a profit off of Warcross. 

Emika Chen is a teenage hacker and bounty hunter, tracking down those who illegally bet on Warcross games. But being a bounty hunter is highly competitive and proves to be an unreliable way to make ends meet.  With only $13 to her name, she takes a desperate chance and hacks into the opening games of the international Warcross Championships.  But when she accidentally glitches herself into the game, she’s worried it’s game over.

Enter the enigmatic Hideo Tanaka, the young billionaire creator of Warcross.  He invites Emika to fly to Tokyo and offers her a job that will put her hacking and hunting skills to the test.  As she scrambles to track down the security threat that is compromising the upcoming tournament, Emika stumbles onto an unexpected conspiracy that threatens the world of Warcross and all those who are engaged in it.  


From the very first page, Emika Chen was instantly engaging and I found I was incapable of pulling myself away from her story.  She had so much depth— she was smart yet wary, disadvantaged yet determined, and closed off yet empathetic.  I especially loved her habit of stepping back to look at the big picture, rather than lose focus chasing after the small things.  Marie Lu did a really fantastic job, presenting a heroine I couldn’t help but cheer for!

I’m a sucker for a mysterious hero and Hideo Tanaka fit the bill perfectly! He’s brilliant, handsome and rich — his aloof persona matching his global idol status.  But there’s SO much more than first meets the eye with his character.  It’s a slow unveiling, but worth the wait as his secrets are discovered and his heart warms to Emika.  

And I can’t leave out the supporting cast of characters! I enjoyed and was impressed by their diversity.   Whether it was the fellow Warcross gamers, parental figures, or shadowy underground manipulators, ALL had an integral part and have remained memorable long after the story came to a close.


Warcross was SO incredibly captivating!  Marie Lu’s descriptions of the world around Emika were extremely vivid— I truly felt like I was IN the story with her.  I could clearly picture the real life cities of New York and Tokyo, the larger-than-life game worlds where battles took place, or the dark and twisted Warcross underground.

There were several times when real life circumstances forced me to reluctantly shove a bookmark in place and close the book.  Otherwise, I would have read this book cover to cover without stopping.  I was COMPLETELY invested in the characters, the unfolding mysteries, and the outcome of the Warcross games.

I have only one small and whiny complaint, and that is the ending.  Let’s just say, be sure you have the sequel, Wildcard, handy so you don’t have to suffer like me!  The story continues and I’m pretty sure lack of sleep and bad decisions are in my future as I read on to see what’s ahead for Emika!


Yes, yes, YES!  9.5/10 — I would definitely read it again and can’t wait to start the sequel.  I love when a book, from beginning to end, pulls me into its reality so absolutely.  Warcross did just that!

I hope you get a chance to check out this novel! If you’ve already read Warcross, share in the comments and let me know what you thought.



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