Podcap: Ever Night Week 6 (Ep 39-46)

Power dynamics shift this week as Sang Sang discoveries long lost family and romance is on the horizon for Ning Que. Come join Kmuse & Kdrama Jen as they chat all things Week 6 of Ever Night.

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2 thoughts on “Podcap: Ever Night Week 6 (Ep 39-46)

  1. I was planing on commenting in just about every podcast post but could never find the time. I love talking about Ever Night but dang it, don’t have anyone to talk with! I also love the OST, so much so I dedicated a whole post for it. *g*

    I always thought Long Qing (Prince of Light) was full of it, ha. His self-importance and clear disdain of anyone ‘beneath’ him annoyed me from the get go. He was also really whiney. Every time things didn’t go as he’d envisioned, he went into the “why me?!!” mode, but never got the actual reason. Anyway, he was such a boring character, I tended to FF through his parts. 😛

    I started watching Ever Night when it was still without subs, so to get a clearer picture of what was going on I began reading the translated web novel. The novel is really long and wordy, literally chapter after chapter dedicated to certain scenes or detailed explanations of e.g. how Ning Que experiences he actual process of cultivating at each point. There were several pages about calligraphy as well, though I guess that actually shed some light to why people thought NQ was such a calligraphy prodigy. I continued to read the novel even after subs became available, as I realized there was lot of information the makers could not include in the drama. They’d also condensed it quite a bit, cutting off some of the excess flotsam, which was good but then of course stuff like the learning process of both NQ and Sang Sang was made to happened ‘off screen’. The first few episodes were somewhat confusing probably because they just dropped us in the middle of the story. It would have been helpful if they’d explained a little about the different sects, factions and what not. E.g. in chapter 50 of the novel there is a good piece about Haotian Taoism (the Light Sect) and how it stands in relation to the Tang Empire. The Light Sect actually consists of couple of factions; South School of Haotian, West-Hill Divine Palace (Xiling, I believe), South Gate of Haotian Taoism (State Preceptor Li Qingshan’s and talisman master Yan Se’s sect) who don’t always see eye to eye. Then there is the Judicial Department (I always think of them as the inquisition), which I believe is part of Xiling.

    I just can’t with the Light Sect. As you probably have noticed, Haotian aka the God of this universe, doesn’t really care for departures from the official teachings. In the eyes of Haotian Taoists everyone not part of the official orthodoxy are evil. But as it turns out, these holier-than-though, horrible people have done way worse things than any of the people who practice Devil’s Doctrine now (things may have been different before). The Desolate Men only want a place to live in, away from the harsh and cold north they were pushed into decades ago. They were dying there.

    Ning Que isn’t actually practicing Devil’s Doctrine but he ‘inherited’ youngest uncle Crazy Ke’s brand of cultivation aka the Haoran Sword. It has similarities with Devil’s Doctrine in a sense that it’s not part of the official orthodoxy. And Just before ‘Gollum’ (Liansheng/Master Lotus) expired inside that mountain, he passed some of his consciousness into Ning Que, so… NQ kind of inherited something of the Devil’s Doctrine too. This is how NQ ‘joined the Devil’ or became possessed as they say in the drama. Well, that is more or less how the novel tells it. In order not to be branded a devil worshiper, he now has to find a way to control his new powers and somehow make it seem more like Haotian’s Light. That’ll be tackled in some of the coming episodes.

    Oh, all the sects and the Tang Empire too have spies all over the place, LOL!

    Sang Sang was snatched very soon after she was born, so basically she was a newborn. Her father had some official business to attend to, so he was not at home and only got there when the midwife had already taken the baby away. It was also the same night the massacre at the General’s mansion across the street happened.

    The Princess and her obnoxious little brother were mainly an annoyance. Another couple of characters I tended to FF over, ha. The prince was actually barely mentioned in the novel and I seem to recall he was much younger in it too, so I don’t know why they gave him a more important role in the drama.

    Oh dear, I seen to have written a novel my own here. Sorry! 😀

    • Thanks for sharing your insights! I feel like every week we learned more, but there was just so much to keep track of!! I am glad you had a chance to comment! Kmuse and I were debating where Sang Sang came from! Thanks for listening!

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