Podcast #57: Discovering Other Asian Content

We look outside of South Korea for some great non Kdrama recommendations. So come join us as we chat Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, and Western (Asian influenced) content!

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Dramas Discussed in this Podcast

  • La Luna Sangre
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love
  • Kim’s Convenience
  • Searching
  • Fight Break Sphere
  • Dear Sister
  • My Mister Mermaid
  • The Story of Min Lang
  • Brave and Beautiful

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8 thoughts on “Podcast #57: Discovering Other Asian Content

  1. No Thai dramas? I know they get a bad rap for all of the slap/kiss ones, but there are some that are pretty good. My four favorites, as in I have rewatched them because they are that good: Buppae Sunniwas (time travel/body swap shenanigans), Pariwarada (arranged marriage shenanigans), Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (city mouse/country lion), Leh Lub Salub Rang (hotshot SWAT/entitled actress body swap shenanigans.

      • I was also surprised not to see any Thai lakorns mentioned. Netflix has been adding them recently and has a varied selection now. The other easy source is GMM TV YouTube channel which is consistenly subbing their dramas in English. I found family drama In Family We Trust on Netflix, which I enjoyed as it was quite different, and then cute rom com Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match on GMM TV YouTube, starring Push (who reminds me a little bit of Ji Chang Wook in the looks dept.)

        • This is great information! I will definitely check out Netflix and the YouTube channel for Thai Lakorns! It has been difficult to find them, but it makes sense that YouTube might, especially since that is where so have been watching a lot of Chinese dramas. Thank you! I foresee a Thai Lakorn podcast in the future!

          • You’re welcome. Yeah, you are right that most of the subbed lakorns are found on various fansites, so it’s been great to see lakorns on a mainstream site like Netflix. Netflix started having Thai lakorns last year (I think) and has been adding them steadily. They have some really different titles available there that you don’t see other places, like In Family We Trust. But they also have several of the classic youth dramas like Hormones and Love Sick.
            GMM TV has taken the lead to sub their dramas on their YT channel. Hopefully, the other Thai networks will follow suit. Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match was one of the first dramas they subbed in english, and it is so cute! Here’s the link to the GMM TV YT channel for anyone who wants to explore:

            I’ll definitely look forward to a future Thai Lakorn podcast!

          • I just binged Love Sick on Netflix! Wow! It was such a beautiful love story. I will be following your link next! I am so glad we have readers willing to share. Thank you!!

  2. Sorry to double post but I just found out that Ugly Duckling is now on Netflix as well as GMM TV YouTube channel! You can watch all 4 of them there now.

  3. Netflix just added a bunch of Filipino films, including Can’t Help Falling In Love, so if you have Netflix you can watch it there.

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