A Sexy Jang Ki Yong is Killing It in Latest Kill It Teaser

You know that feeling you get, when there’s a new drama on the horizon and you’re crossing everything crossable that it will get picked up for subbing?!?! After seeing the new teaser for Kill It, I am SO there.  Jang Ki Yong is returning to our small screens, and this fangirl is giddy with anticipation!  Check out the all-too-brief, but exciting teaser below.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t reveal much about the plot.  After doing a bit of stalking, research, I found a few more details.  Jang Ki Yong stars as Kim Soo Hyun, an elite assassin, turned veterinarian, trying to find his family.  And Nana, in her first leading role, stars as Do Hyun Jin.   She portrays a brilliant, yet cold, detective tracking down Kim Soo Hyun to find the answers to a past mystery. 

I’ve been a devoted Jang Ki Yong fangirl since Go Back Couple and Come and Hug Me.  I anticipate he’s going to excel in this role as he bounces back and forth from boy-next-door to killer depending on the situation.  I’ve not had the opportunity to see Nana in any previous dramas.  But after watching her in a few clips during the script reading for Kill It, she seems sharp and already comfortable with her character.  Plus these two have great visuals together— while I don’t expect a ton of romance with this storyline, do I foresee some good chemistry.

So there you have it drama fans. Have you already set your sights on Kill It?  Let me know in the comments below! Kill It begins airing March 16th on OCN.



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3 thoughts on “A Sexy Jang Ki Yong is Killing It in Latest Kill It Teaser

  1. Love, love Jang Ki Yong since Go Back Couple! I love his.cameo role in Touch Your Heart doing a DotS parody with Yoo In Na! Would it be cool seeing him play the second lead?..

    • JKY’s parody cameo on Touch Your Heart was awesome! I was also wishing he could have had more screen time there…
      But, I’m glad we don’t have to wait too long- we’ll soon see him in a leading role again!

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