The Pros & Cons: My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression

What’s better than an quirky actress and a Monster (**Cough cough **Vampire ** Cough) being in love? Watching the crazy after they broke up and she finds herself pregnant of course. Come find out if the drama is all we had hoped it would be as Kmuse & Kdrama Jen give their first impressions Pros and Cons of My Amazing Boyfriend 2.

Synopsis: So far……

When we left season 1 Tian Jing Zhi & Xue Ling Qiao had broken up (For Jing Zhi’s own good….heaven help us from noble idiocy.) and Ling Quio had disappeared. Three months have passed and Jing Zhi is still not over her love. Not only that but she suddenly finds herself falling asleep in the most inconvenient time and places. Of course that indicates that she is pregnant.

Discovering that she is pregnant leads to a lot of confusion in Jing Zhi’s life. Include the fact that Ling Quio has moved in across the street and the emergence of another vampire monster suitor (Li Yan Zhi) and things are pretty chaotic.

There are also some new big bad guys possibly emerging. Enter Bai Lou, a neighbor that seems to wear everything that Jing Zhi is wearing and an “uncle” (yet another vampire) who reemerges in her life.


A Dumped Tian Jing Zhi is an amusing Tian Jing Zhi

Poor Tian Jing Zhi is not taking the breakup well. She tries to fake it but instead turns into a watering pot on national TV…after they woke her up from her impromptu nap.

Kmuse: I couldn’t stop laughing when she woke up from her nap and was on a reality show. Poor Tian Jing is coming apart. Thank goodness she has her bestie manager Feng Dong Dong around to try and keep her from getting hurt. And kudos for him figuring out she was knocked up way before she did.

Kdrama Jen: That would be so embarrassing! She falls asleep at the most inopportune moments.  I am glad they explained why. I was starting to wonder what was really going on!

Dreaming of you (or am I)

Tian Jing Zhi continues to have vivid dreams of her ex. So vivid that she doesn’t actually realize that Xu Ling has returned which is hilarious for us viewers. Once she does realize Tian Jing Zhi becomes mortified as she recalls all the random mutterings that she did in front of “dream” Xu Ling. Including, coming into the kitchen and biting the man to prove that it was still a dream…since she didn’t feel any pain. Bwahaha.

Kmuse: Yet again, I couldn’t stop laughing. Tian Jing Zhi is just so animated and funny as the ditzy actress. She kind of is reminding me of Park Shin Hye, both in looks and mannerisms.

Kdrama Jen:  My favorite part was when she bit him!  I was getting some major My Love From Another Star flashbacks, but at least this time the set is different and the lead doesn’t look like a Kim Soo Hyun look-alike.

Sexy Stalker

Tian Jing Zhi has herself a mutant (that is what he says their kind of people are called) stalker. Enter Li Yan Zhi. 300 year old mutant who is desperate to have a child. Which explains his interest with Tian Jing Zhi who is somehow able to get pregnant by a monster vampire mutants. Let the awkward wooing and the resulting Xu Ling jealousy begin.

Kmuse: While I am sometimes annoyed with Li Yan Zhi, the 300 year old who acts like a 18 year old playboy. He does have his own type of charm. And his rose antics do a lot in moving the whole multiple mutants story-line along. I just wish that he was a tad bit smarter.

Kdrama Jen: I kind of like this petulant playboy.  I thought he was out to hurt her, but it turns out he just wants to make little vampire babies of his own.  Can you really blame him? Tian Jing Zhu is the only girl he knows who can actually give him a chance to father a child.  It’s kind of a creepy reason to stalk someone, but he is mostly harmless.



There are several issues that come with the pregnant Tian Jing Zhi story arc. One is the constant reference to abortion. Something that they speak very casually of in the first few episodes. There is also something sad about the fact that Xu Ling is back just because she is knocked up. Can’t true love find a way without this awkward plot device?

Kmuse: I originally thought it would be a cute way of keeping the two lovebirds connected. Sadly, it has mostly been a downer so far. Yes, I think that Xu Ling really loves Tian Jing Zhi. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t OK with leaving her for her own good. And at this point, I don’t know how they are going to fix that obstacle. Also, am I the only one who feels this whole situation was ripped from the pages of Twilight?

Kdrama Jen: This is a definite negative for me.  I hate it when dramas treat something serious so nonchalantly.  If the “gotta get rid of the baby” storyline last much longer, then I won’t continue watching.  

The Big Bad Organization

One of the biggest weaknesses of season 1 seems to be turning into a repeat in season 2. I really don’t enjoy the bad guys they create in this series. The hows and whys of these bad guys always seem to be murky and make little to no sense.

Kmuse: I hope that somehow these bad guys are fleshed out and have valid bad guy intentions. So far I am not feeling it.

Kdrama Jen:  And now we have another one of my big triggers.  I hate it when the bad guys seem to be running around doing bad guy things and I don’t understand their motivation.  Maybe it will get cleared up soon, but it is definitely a drawback right now.

Her BFF Mangager

Feng Dong Dong is back. But maybe a tiny bit less fabulous than before? I’m not sure if I am just imaging his personal interest in men and not women from season 1, but it sure seems like his personality has been muted a bit.

Kmuse: I am sure this character was toned down because of the censors. Which is a shame since he was hilarious in season 1. Now, not so much.

Kdrama Jen: I also remember him being a bit more flamboyant in the last show.  It has been a while, though. I suppose if the leads changed in appearance, then our supporting actor could be more toned down too.  

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: While I am still enjoying the story I have to admit it is missing that extra spark that season 1 had. I’m hoping that once they get past some of the pregnancy arc that it picks up. I do like the new actors they chose to play Xu Ling and Tian Jing Zhi. So I hope they get the story-line to match their cuteness.

Kdrama Jen:  I will probably casually watch this here and there while I wait for other shows to get subbed.  I kind of want to see where they will take it, but not enough to sub-stalk or anything like that.  It’s a filler drama for me.

There you have it. Our thoughts on My Amazing Boyfriend 2. What about you? Are you watching and have a different set of pros and cons? Let us know in the comments and be sure to come back for more first impressions on Chinese and Korean dramas.

Til our next chat,

Kmuse & Kdrama Jen

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  1. Stop! Stop!. Before you write, please get your characters correct.

    Li Yan Zhi is not a mutant nor the 300 year old that pursues Tian Jing Zhi. He is the police officer who is the same character from the First Season (and even played by the same actor, albeit with some ageing given the years in between the release of the seasons).

    The child-like mutant that is pursuing Tian JIng Zhi is Yun Zhen. Played by actor Li Ge Yang.

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