The Fiery Priest Recap: Episodes 5&6

What’s better than an overly dramatic punch? Seeing ballerinas dressed as swans dancing around in front of you! It made me think of the old cartoons where someone gets knocked out and sees birds flying around their head. I love the over the top cartoonish feel this drama has. They really do a good job with balancing the absurd with the serious.

Something smells rotten and it’s more than just setting Mentor Priest up for a fake suicide and sex charges. Join me as I delve deeper into what’s going on with our Fiery Priest.

Prosecutor Park is already over all of it.

I love anytime Honey Lee is on the screen. Her facial expressions are life, I’m not even exaggerating. She comes strolling into the police station looking like she’s ready to beat someone down. You get a sense that she’s too high up on the food chain to deal with the table scraps who work at the police station. She’s there to see our jailed hero and as usual, they have a duel of words. She’s not there to arrest him though, she’s there to save him. She tells him nothing he does will change anything. Then, she lets him go and starts in on the police. It’s obvious that she knows it’s all a set up.

It’s a Code Red!

Prosecutor Park has Rookie and Officer Inept (aka Officer Goo, but I’m calling him Officer Inept) guarding the mortuary since she knows that Father Kim will be coming to get Mentor Priest’s body. Sure enough, frock coat flying in the breeze of the hallway, Father Kim comes in like an avenging angel. Officer Inept calls for backup to a Code Red, only no one really knows what a Code Red is… As Officer Inept tasers Father Kim and he and Father Han go down in a dramatic fashion, Rookie gives Officer Inept some serious side eye.

So many lies…

Hwang Cheol Bum isn’t as loyal to the gang as we think. After meeting with the leaders and roasting in a suit in a sauna, we see him meet up with Bad Wig Lady. They speak in dialect which leads me to believe they are cronies from way back. Something tells me that these two are going to cause even more serious trouble. Hwang Cheol Bum is very full of himself, he’s smart I’ll give him that. He’s created a web of lies that are in line with current issues in the Catholic Church, and he’s afflicted maximum damage to Mentor Priest’s memory and reputation.

Father Kim/Agent Kim

So that’s the story, our Fiery Priest was an agent! He meets up with an old friend who knew him from before he was a priest. It just so happens that this old friend is someone who can do an autopsy. They sneak into the mortuary right under Rookie and Officer Inept’s noses. Friend confirms it, something shady has happened to Mentor Priest. As they leave, the sheet covering Father Kim slips and Officer Inept sees his shoe. Officer Inept is about to confront him when Father Kim sneaks up on Officer Inept and proceeds to describe Hell to him. It’s living the exact same life over and over. Poor Officer Inept is now freaked out, his life is hard and he doesn’t want to live it for an eternity.

Comforting the flock

Father Kim has a flashback to his tragic past when he threw the grenade into the room only to discover it wasn’t an empty room, there were children inside. We learn that he quit the Intelligence business and his records are erased. Unable to sleep, he goes into the sanctuary and discovers the Thai worker praying. He tells Father Kim his story and how Mentor Priest took him in and helped him to find work. We also learn that Thai worker has a mother and 8 siblings he’s supporting. Showing his human side, Father Kim tells him to let him know if anyone bothers him again. The Thai worker tells him to punish the ones who did this to Mentor Priest. This is a very poignant moment as we see that Father Kim has compassion and isn’t all snark and anger. *Miatamama pointed out that I thought the friend’s name was the Thai worker’s Korean name.

Can’t turn down a handsome man

Poor Prosecutor Park is woken up from a sound sleep by Father Kim. She goes outside to meet with him thinking he has something important to tell her. He tells her the Lord is all knowing and she needs to reveal the truth. She’s like “I’m good” and groans in frustration as she heads back to bed, irritated that she got out of bed for a lecture. Father Kim changes tactics, he sends a message to Rookie asking for help. Rookie takes the bait. Now he’s off to investigate the man who said Mentor Priest was an embezzler and the woman who accused him of molesting her. He takes his taped interview full of inaccuracies about the molestation case to Prosecutor Park. Prosecutor Park tells him this changes nothing and she needs concrete evidence.

Denied a rightful burial

Ugh. The Archdioses went on television and apologized for what happened with Mentor Priest and said they would investigate. They also denied Mentor Priest a Catholic burial. So now they have to find a place to bury him. This is so sad and unfair. They can’t even mourn Mentor Priest properly. As Father Kim stands dejectedly on the cliff, we learn how Mentor Priest saved his life. When he was at his most hopeless, Mentor Priest introduced him to the priesthood and gave him something to live for.

Let’s get down to business

Hwang Cheol Bum is being recognized with a good citizen award and Father Kim decides to stop by. The thug with really bad hair heads him off and starts a fight. As he flip flops and cartwheels around, he makes fun of Father Kim. Father Kim looks at him tiredly and then takes him out with a roundhouse kick. Bad Hair is down for the count. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

Final Thoughts

I did not expect to be so emotionally involved in this drama. Yes, there are a lot of funny scenes and they make good use of comedy, but they are also addressing a lot of serious themes. I’m really upset about Mentor Priest and how all the lies have exploded and his family can’t mourn him properly. Yes, they are mourning him, but as a society, we take comfort in the rituals and traditions of our religions when someone dies and to be denied those rituals and traditions is seriously cruel to the survivors. This drama is also giving us a glimpse of the life of immigrants and the working class and I am curious how they will continue to develop that part of the story. I also like the chemistry between Father Kim and Prosecutor Park, it’s not a romance, but they have a connection and I love their verbal sparring every time they meet.

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