The Fiery Priest Recap: Episode 7&8

Every episode is a delightful surprise of both splashes of comedy mixed with heart-wrenching dramatic content. A mix that is very hard to pull off. This week we get to appreciate the hardship of containing one’s temper and trying to solve a murder through the proper channels.

Fighting the good fight

I’m always a bit surprised when Hae Il contains his temper. I constantly expect him to explode which has yet to happen. That doesn’t mean we don’t continue to get glimpses of our angry hot priest. Such a moment occurs in the opening of episode 7 when Hae Il manages to knock out the mouthy thug with one kick (Can we just comment on how his kicks are a thing of beauty?) You think this is going to lead to a huge fight, right?

Rather than beat the crap out of everyone, Hae Il instead decides to take a different approach. He goes up on the podium and sarcastically blesses the award ceremony and all the slimy people that are sitting at the head table. It was a wonderful example of passive aggressive fighting and succeeded in pissing off all the bad guys without getting himself arrested. I might have slow clapped as he stomped out of the room after he made his point clear.

Random annoyance

So…I have to just get this off my chest. This nun drives me bonkers. Yes, I know that a mild-mannered nun might find Kim Hae Il’s temper objectionable. But there is something about her whining tone that just makes me cringe. I could happily do with less of her judginess on my screen.

Creating great side characters

While I might heavily dislike Whiny Nun, I happen to love the show’s creation of other memorable side characters. I especially am enjoying how the writer is using them to fill out the narrative of the neighborhood. It’s all well and good to have the Priest VS Bad Guy storyline but it is even more impactful when we see the people their fight affects. The poor, the immigrants, the orphans; the fleshing out of all these factors make the story more memorable.

And while we are talking about memorable characters. Can we take a moment to discuss the glory that is our Russian mob boss played by Kim Won Hae? He not only has guyliner that is 100% on point but comes to us wearing both a leather jacket and a full length pimping brown fur coat (this must be the new bad guy fashion since I have seen it show up in two dramas now.) He, as always, was fabulous in his over the top mafioso.

A cache of evidence

When cleaning Father Lee’s room, Hae Il finds a hidden compartment in the father’s desk. Inside was a bunch of pictures, documentation, as well as a journal describing all the illegal things that were happening in the neighborhood. It also discussed his decision to stop turning a blind eye and try to make the authorities take notice. Sadly, all those people he tried to contact were the very ones that are the head of the illegal going on. This is obviously part of the reason why Father Lee was murdered. This just renews Hae Il motivation to make the bad guys pay.

Where do we go from here?

It’s all well and good to annoy the bad guys but now Hae Il has to figure out a way to actually take them down. He is pretty much powerless with all the power players in the town firmly on team bad guy. Luckily inspiration comes from an unexpected place.

The church holds Sunday mass as usual but there are very few people present (I’m surprised that this kind of upset me. The thought that people’s faith is so shallow is heartbreaking.) Of the few people present are the local quick market clerk, his Thai buddy, and a handful of faithful women. Lastly, Park Kyung Sun sneaks into the back of the chapel. But not sneaky enough since Hae Il’s gaze finds her immediately. I find Kyung Sun’s chutzpah so amusing. Nothing is going to stop her from worshiping how she feels fit.

When confronted after the service Kyung Sun goes on the offensive, mocking Hae Il questioning what he is going to do to stop her. Call up the Pope or something? Ha! Which is exactly what he decides to do.

Hae Il painstakingly transcribes a letter to the Pope explaining what happened with his mentor and how he was framed. He then asks if the Pope will please intercede and reopen the investigation. And much to me, and everyone else’s surprise…that is exactly what happens. The Pope contacts South Korea’s president and requests that the investigation is reopened post haste. Not only that, but Hae Il has to be part of the process as a consultant to make sure justice is served!

The Odd Couple

Forced to reopen the case because of the whole Pope/President situation, our bad guys are feeling a tiny bit nervous. But they come up with an ingenious plan. Put their very worst cop on the case and order him to lead the investigation away from anything incriminating. Enter the creation of a partnership that will for sure go down in drama history…Goo Dae Young & Kim Hae Il. They have only walked out of the precinct and I am already laughing hysterically. Never has two grown men putting on glasses been so amusing. I look forward to seeing where this pairing leads us next week.

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