Top 5 Kpop MVs of the Week: (G)I-dle Edition

(G)I-dle released a new comeback today with Senorita. Which makes it the perfect time to highlight this talented group with a Top 5 post. Come find out if this group needs to become your a regular on your playlists.

Senorita – We might as well start the list off with their latest comeback. It took a few replays but now I can’t get enough of this trumpet heavy hit. My only complaint is that I would love to see them get a bit more creativity to their MVs. This one was fine but a bit heavy on the green screen and the standard MV dance space.

Hann – This is my personally favorite. I love the whistle breaks and the bright colors in the MV. A great song to have on when you are busy doing housework.

LaTaTa – We have another song that has a tiny bit of a Latin feel. I personally feel they do a good job mixing it with the traditional Kpop beats.

Blow Your Mind – Senorita is not the only MV of theirs to recently be released. Last week we got this gem of an MV and as with all their other songs I have had it on constant repeat.

MAMA 2018 Performance – Sadly, this is a younger group so their level of content is still growing. So for the fifth, I am throwing in their MAMA performance. They are still newbies but I hope for great things in the future.

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