The Fangirls’ Drama Log: February 2019

Wondering what we are all watching? Come find out which dramas we are fangirling over as we share our Drama Log of February 2019.

Spring Turns to Spring

Kmuse: This is one of those dramas that I wished we had committed to recap. Every episode is so quirky and unique and I could watch these two women and their hijinks for hours on end. It just makes me happy.

Clkytta: I am loving this drama so much. I also wish we had recapped this one. We haven’t had a sismance like this in forever. Every time these two switch bodies it cracks me up. The transition between characters is seamless and hilarious.

KdramaJen: I started this one and then got distracted.  I hear my Kbesties laughing about it, though, so I plan to get back to it!

MiataMama: My fellow fangirls have already used all the adjectives I wanted to use! I’ll just say, this drama’s comedic vibe reminds me of Eulachacha Waikiki. . . but with even better acting and a more in-depth storyline. It’s become my weekly mood-booster.

Telzeytalks: I watched this at first for Lee Yu Ri, who was great in Father Is Strange. I was disappointed at first in the doormat quality of the actress-housewife, because how flat should she be if she were a successful actress? But after seeing her flee down the street in a comforter leaking feathers I was on board.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Drama Geek: This is a drama I started and then backed away from. The writer made the female lead super pathetic and that can be a huge turnoff for me. Then I kept hearing there was some really great female characters and I had to give it another shot. I am SO glad I did. The story surrounds a publishing company and seeing the behind the scenes makes my writer heart happy. I’m also loving all the side characters. The romance is the slow friendship to lover kind with a splash of noona for spice, and I’m digging it.

KdramaJen: I started out feeling kind of “meh” about this one, but all of the book love and supporting cast side stories drew me in.  It took a while, but now I am really invested in the main couple too. I find myself waiting for this one each week!

Telzeytalks: There must be something about Episode 5, because I was on the fence on this drama until then, as well. I didn’t really feel the main couple. But by then I got to really like the side characters, our newbie puppy Park Hoon, flustered Ms. Seo and her ditzy husband (who seems to be typecast as the ditz lately), and our graphic artist and his dog. After the scene of the women going clubbing, I am loving Ms. Go as well!

Emperors and Me

Kmuse: I am so happy that this one got subbed! Especially since it is the fluffy escapism drama that is perfect when I don’t want to watch something serious.

Drama Geek: There is so much cuteness in this drama and I’m getting major Rooftop Prince vibes. Lots of fun.

KdramaJen: This is light and fluffy, but it is entertaining.  Since we will be chatty recapping it, I stopped watching it for a bit.  It’s not cheating if I was already in episode 12 when we decided to recap, right?

MiataMama: After only three episodes, this has become my dessert drama- it’s so fluffy and sweet! I also love that each episode is only about 30 minutes long. Now to keep from binging the whole thing . . .

Goodbye My Princess

Kmuse: I am just anticipating the romantic angst to come! There is just something so satisfying about an extremely complicated Chinese drama romance. And having multiple romances, amnesia inducing rivers, and getting remarried to the person you forgot just yells complicated and angsty to me.

KdramaJen: I love the beautiful costumes on our leading lady.  There are a whole lot of kingdoms to keep straight, and I am still not sure who is end-game, but I am watching!

May I Blackmail You?

Kmuse: Very pretty cast, quirky leading lady, and your average adventures into blackmailing has me somewhat invested. While I am not hooked on this drama I will continue to fit it in to my watching queue.

Clkytta: This is still on my list, but it’s at the bottom. Not because it’s not any good, but more because I’m pacing myself. My watch list is pretty full, and hope to catch up on this one soon.

Telzeytalks: I had heard this show was well spoken-of, but only made it through two episodes. It is quirky but doesn’t make enough sense to me to hold together. The logic trains lost me.

Sky Castle

KdramaJen: I started this before it came to Viki because all of my friends in Korea were watching.  I binged this hard! It is crazy addictive and all I wanted to do was talk about it, but none of my Kbesties were watching!  

Clean With a Passion

Kmuse: Awww. The OTP is really cute in this show. I am still watching but it is slow going because my Chinese dramas keep taking up all my time.

Drama Geek: They took forever putting out episode 3 & 4 and I haven’t seen them yet. I enjoyed the first episodes, but the second hand embarrassment is SUPER strong with this one. If I hadn’t already seen clips of the yummy kisses they share later on, I probably wouldn’t watch,

Clkytta: This drama is one of those that I found through peer pressure. My fellow fangirls were watching it and laughing, so of course, I had to watch! They had me with the elephant…

KdramaJen: I was enticed into watching this by the usual culprit, Kmuse.  I binged all of the available episodes and then there were a lot of cancellations, so I lost momentum.  I was really enjoying it. Now that it is on Viki, I will pick it back up where I left off.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2

Kmuse: I am still getting used to the switch in actors but I am enjoying it so far. Yet another fluffy filler drama.

Drama Geek: I tried, I really did, but I could not connect with this show. I didn’t watch the first season, but I thought I’d give the second a chance.

KdramaJen: I watched the first few episodes for a first impressions post.  I am enjoying the two new leads, but the plot is a little flat. I will reserve judgment for another couple of episodes, though.

I Will Never Let You Go

Kmuse: Easy to watch filler drama for me. Nothing to exciting but I still enjoy it when I need fluff.

KdramaJen: Zhang Bin Bin in a cape and mask?  Yes, please! This show does not take itself seriously and that is a good thing.  Ariel Lin has fabulous comedic timing, so she is able to pull off some fun scenes.  This is not Story of Ming Lan level of awesome, but I get to see Zhang Bin Bin, so I am happy.

Crowned Clown

Kmuse: I had to put this drama on hold for now. Everything is amazing from the directing, to the performances, to the story….but it stresses me out every time I push play. Not sure why but I just can’t handle the drama watcher stress with this one.

Drama Geek: This show is my life and breath right now. Okay, so I may have saved 13 until 14 is subbed because I can’t handle the cliffhanger, but this has been a substalking drama for me. The romance is SOOOOOO good. And the acting by Yeo Jin Goo is off the charts. He portrayed both the good and bad guy for the first part of the series and did it with so much intensity and distinction.

KdramaJen: This show makes me anxious.  I absolutely love it and the King and Queen, but I took a step back on purpose to wait for more episodes.  I think it is going to crush my heart.

MiataMama: I have ALL the words and NO words, all at the same time, with this drama. Never before have I been SO deeply invested in a sageuk. Everything is just perfect- the writing, the directing, the acting, the sets and costumes. I have also been substalking this one, and been left breathless at the end of every. single. episode. I’m grateful to my fellow fangirls for gushing about it early on, otherwise I would have totally missed out on this fantastic drama!

Telzeytalks: I watched this until about Episode 9 and then there was a plot twist I couldn’t take and I haven’t watched it since. It’s not that it wasn’t done well, or that the acting wasn’t great. I just kind of like my good guys to be…well…good. I ditched and started watching comedies.

Fiery Priest

Kmuse: Kim Nam Gil & Honey Lee are killing it. I could watch them and never be bored (knock on wood.)

Clkytta: Squee! I am loving this drama so much. Kmuse and I are recapping this one and I am glued to the screen every week. It’s such a good mix of comedy and seriousness.

KdramaJen: Kim Nam Gil is at his best in this one!  He has the slow walk and swoops robe thing DOWN!  I love that he is so imperfect. I am also loving Honey Lee in this too.  She is one of my girl crushes, so I am happy to see her on my screen again.

MiataMama: This is was another drama that I was going to by-pass, but after Kmuse started gushing, I caved and gave it a try. I’m LOVING it!!! The story and pacing are great. AND we get the added bonus of Kim Nam Gil’s slow walks. They are absolutely epic.

Beauty Inside

Kmuse: I got to episode 10 then got really busy with my Chinese dramas (story of my life.) Now that it is on Viki I do plan on returning since it was such a stellar drama.

KdramaJen: I finished this when it aired, so I am not currently watching. Loved it, though

Drama Geek: Did I say Crowned Clown was my life and breath? Beauty Inside is my water then. I had to stop watching when DF died and I was pretty sad, but since Viki picked it, I have been enthusiastically watching again. I love the characters, love the couple, and absolutely love the depth that they managed to create with her illness. It’s played for laughs, but it is still very heartbreaking. I may have sobbed during episode 10 over the weekend.

Clkytta: I was also watching this when DramaFever died and I’m not exaggerating when I say I cried. I tried to watch this on a sketchier channel and it buffered so much I gave up in sadness. When Viki picked this up I think I sent out a half dozen happy messages to our group chat that I could pick this back up. I’m not sure why this drama has pulled my heartstrings so much, but I’m completely emotionally involved.


KdramaJen: Yes!  I trudged through the first two episodes and now I am substalking.  We haven’t been allowed to officially talk about it (although I cheated), but I am really enjoying it!

Drama Geek: I heart this drama so much. It is not light and fluffy and can be a bit sad at times, but has a wonderful sense of humor and the family is at its heart. The brother sister relationship is hilarious and the older actress is making this show.

Touch Your Heart

Kmuse: This is such a sweet drama! Everything about this couple is simple and sweet and I can’t get enough of them. Especially when all my other shows are very intense and fast paced.

KdramaJen: I started this.  I enjoyed the DOTs reference in the beginning.  My attention wandered, though. I will probably go back to this.

MiataMama: Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook have a great chemistry together (insert hearteu eyes here). Yes, this drama really isn’t bringing us anything new, story-wise, but I like (and right now, need) a drama that is cute and just a little bit predictable. This show is the perfect fit!

Telzeytalks: This is my go-to show; I watch it first when new episodes are out. I’m a little disappointed that Lee Dong Wook isn’t a detective (a la the Goblin epilogue) but he almost is, the way he researches cases. I was a little sad that Yoo In Na is so ditzy until that squirmy attempt to pick up papers off the floor while wearing a short dress. She does seem to have some smarts after all, though.

Love Sick

KdramaJen: I can’t let a “What we are watching” post go by without sharing that I BINGED Love Sick on Netflix in one night and then watched the second season on YouTube.  This is a Thai drama and has a BL storyline (that means two boys fall in love). So, that may not be your “thing,” and to be honest it’s never been mine either. Still, I would encourage you to look past any preconceived notions you might have.  This was a really touching love story. I was surprised by how much it moved me.

Drama Geek: Love Sick is the unicorn of BL dramas. The love story is very touching and they are one of my favorite OTPs. Noh and Phun forever!

Clkytta: This drama is nothing like any drama I’ve watched before. This is one of those coming of age stories where we see the characters grow and the relationship evolve. It’s awkward and messy, but isn’t love like that for most of us? Echoing Drama Geek, Noh and Phun Forever!!

Time Taxi

Telzeytalks: This is a new Japanese drama on Viki that only has a couple of episodes subbed so far. I saw the first one and nearly died. It’s equal parts hilarious and tragic, and if it weren’t for several plot twists I would have killed the writer. It’s about a time-traveling taxi that can take passengers into the past to correct mistakes they have made in their lives. For a fee. The further back you go the more it costs. Going back half-an-hour at a time for several times is a mess.

Ever Night

Telzeytalks: I love Ever Night! I got sucked in and haven’t been spit out yet. I can hate the bad guys and side-eye the ones on the fence, and the good guys are always one up. I can’t take it when the good guys are always flattened by the villains all the time and have no chance. That’s when I tend to drop shows. The big fight scenes are great; I can’t take realistic fights where it looks like people are really getting hurt. These are magic enough and stylized enough that they are fun to watch. There are some really wonderful older actors in this. My favorite is the Grand Priest of Talismans, and how much he loves and cherishes his new-found student.

Want to watch but don’t have time…

Drama Geek: I am trying to finish Ever Night, so if you add that to all of these dramas, plus one we’re doing a separate first impressions post on, it really doesn’t leave me time to watch anything else. I have put Fiery Priest, Touch Your Heart, Spring Turns to Spring, & Sky Castle on my binge later list. I will probably start SKY once I finish Ever Night and Crowned Clown. It is THE drama to watch according to Korea so I’m very intrigued.

MiataMama: I want to watch ALL THE DRAMAS!!! But I can’t. So, Clean with a Passion and Sky Castle got bumped to my “watch later” list. I’ll (hopefully) be giving these two a try during the next drama lull.

Kmuse: I need to start Sky Castle….have heard so many good things.

There you have it. All the shows that we are watching and loving. Let us know what you are viewing right now and be sure to follow the blog for more Asian entertainment content.

Til our next dramatic moment,

The Fangirls

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4 thoughts on “The Fangirls’ Drama Log: February 2019

  1. I love this post. The fangirls are certainly watching a lot of dramas. I am currently watching The Story of Minglan, Sky Castle and Romance is a Bonus Book. Loving all three.

  2. Oh, I love this post too! I’m feeling sort of slumpy in my drama watching… although I did binge Love Sick too recently! 🙂 Funnily enough, I’ve watched a lot of BL dramas and yet not this one. Watching it made me feel like I get where the Thai coming-of-age drama comes from. It is indeed one of the best I’ve seen (once you get through the first episode, which is sort of terrible).

    Some of these I’ve wanted to watch but I hate not being able to watch at my own pace, so I’ve been putting it off until there’s more out. I’m so glad you guys are chatty recapping the Emperors and Me. It’s hilariously awesome! (I love that our main character collects a harem of Emperors. Best. Reversal. Ever.) I can’t wait to read the recaps 😀

  3. I’ve been binging on the J-doramas on Viki from Nippon TV and while they’re not all equally great, they’ve all been watchable and enjoyable and have introduced me to a whole group of new (and surprisingly tall) Japanese leading men. In just February I’ve watched “Caution, Hazardous Wife,” “Overprotected Kahoko,” “May I Blackmail You?,” and “Tokyo Tarereba Girls.” And I still managed to work in some Korean and Chinese dramas too, but those are still ‘in progress,’ including “Fiery Priest” (because as a lapsed Catholic there are many things to make me LMAO and there are Kim Nam-Gil’s things-of-beauty-kicks).

  4. Currently watching Chinese Rom Com About Is Love, which has turned into my crack drama. I watched all the episodes as soon as subs were posted and now that all eps have been subbed, it’s time for a binge rewatch because this show really is a perfect “binge watch” drama. The acting is nice, the characters are interesting and cute, the girl friendships are solid, and I love that each of the 3 roommates gets her own love story. (bonus: there are some very nice kiss scenes as well) If you are looking for a light, breezy watch, this drama is definitely worth checking out.

    Viki has finally uploaded episodes for Chinese fantasy drama Flipped. I plan to start watching the drama once more episodes are completely subbed.

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